Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fringe Kids

So, has anyone been watching "Fringe?" Cora and I have had it on the past few weeks, but it wasn't until last night's episode that it really began to draw me in. It's alot like X-Files...but without the strange Foxx-Moulder thing. Don't try looking for it for two weeks, though.

Today was third graders again. I thought yesterday was the hard one, but knowing the language did not help today. They did well during the first part of the day. After lunch, though, it was a completely different animal. Not all the kids mind you, just a few lovely little jewels. The majority suddenly got chatty and the the jewels began their chaotic dance. One started it by leaving the classroom without permission. Strike one. He had to move his popsicle stick(form of punishment). Then another, who had been annoying all day long, decided he had to get up and leave his chair...and well, I suppose he was not completely bad if you just considered it once. After 27 times, though, even Mr. H gets tired of it. He had to move his stick. Strike two. Finally, the first child decided to play tug of war with another, using a bit of instruction card. It was a purposely printed piece, something that was meant to remain and be reused with that bit of curriculum...they moved their sticks. That boy who left the classroom managed to walk his stick all the way over to "phone-a-parent." You're outta there! Their teacher is not going to be happy tomorrow. And that's after Yesterday's kid stealing a box of crayons! I didn't think anything could beat that!
To most kids, calling a parent is a little like nuclear war: They don't mind talking about it, but the reality is just way too horrible to risk!!!

Of course, there were the kids you automatically like. There are always those. They are the ones who aim to please, and, even if they fall short, you don't mind. There are always good kids. In fact, even the ones who got in troule today were good kids...maybe I should be more picky who I call good, but they are all good at heart. That's good enough for me.

Oh, I got a job for tomorrow! Thursday is NOT cursed after all! Hurray!!!

Hmmm, guess what we re doing Saturday? My sister and bro-in-law want to get in on the GPS thing. The whole treasure hunt thing IS fun. Well, my father is going to host a BBQ and send Cora and I and my sister and her husband out to find a series of geoaches that he lays this week. Hopefully they will be similar to the ones I left for him (Close to the road.). Might be a bit of fun!


Cora said...

Saturday should be fun!
Good luck tomorrow!
Hope it is better.
love ya

Erin said...

I watch fringe. It did remind me of the "new" x-files type of show. Hey just thought about that sign your family put up when you first started driving that made the paper. Is it still there?