Saturday, May 31, 2008

No Wii-grets! Saturday Purchase!

Wii bought a Wii today. Well, Cora did. She used her birthday money. Wii managed to find one in the first store we went to. About a month or so ago, my in-laws had asked us to watch for one. Wii did watch…and never did see one, not until after they found one did we see one in a store. Wii did not expect it to be so easy to find one. I am glad Wii have one, but I don’t think Wii will change because of it.

I came home and mowed lawn while Cora prepared a place for our newest arrival. She filled our final hanging basket and I ran a soaker hose around the house to water the plants we don’t get to by hand. I also rearranged the little shed we have in the backyard. It is more of an outdoor closet. Still, it’s big enough for the mower and a lot of stuff from the laundry room.

We had steaks; my own personal marinade…a sweet hot salty goodness that I probably ought to patent. Mmmmm-mmmm good. So, all in all a nice day.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Crap or Shit?

Is Crap a bad word? I have more than passing interest: as a substitute teacher it has come up on more than one occasion. Sometimes it is because students tattle on others for saying the word, others because I have accidentally used the word. My use of the word is usually, depending on the grade of course, followed by, “He said a bad word!” Of course, I mention that there are worse words and it really depends on usage and placement in a sentence…I am not sure the kindergartners get it. Today, it wasn’t my fault. “Mr. Huffman!!! Mr. Huffman!!! (So and So) said a bad word!!!” What did he say? “It starts with a “K” and means poop!” I looked at the culprit. He shrugged. I looked at the tattler, I said, “Well, it depends on usage. …and besides, it’s spelled with a ‘C’.”

I don’t really know what we are doing this weekend…we will probably work on the house. But, who knows, maybe we will take the dogs for a ride. Let them run free. They enjoy that kind of stuff.

Below is a picture of me sitting in a "Dollar Nineteen" or the C-119. This particular 119 is at the Castle AFB Museum. The 119 was also described as 400,000 rivets flying in loose formation. This picture is about 4 years old...give or take about three days. I have posted on my other site, for those of you interested in local crashes. The latest is on a B-24D that crashed near Spokane. You can find it here.

Oh, and not that I am counting, but this is my 100th post!!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Playground Bullies Are Not Always Kids!

Hot and humid. The weather was a pleasant mixture today. It rained, it got muggy, it blew, and it was sunny. My task today was to put supports on the backs of some new basketball hoops. It was not exactly an easy task and it took me sometime to figure out the ins and outs of which tool to use and when to use it. I was SOOOO lucky to have this job at the elementary. Recess seemed to come several times. Each time there were a number of children who thought it their best use of recess time to talk to me or help me. I attempted to send them on their way, but I just couldn’t do it. I had several helpers surround me when I came back down to the ground, so, since they would not go away, I employed them in moving my tools. That done, most went on their way. Those that stayed were told to stay a certain distance away so tools would not fall on them. Where were the recess teachers? They were there, just, apparently, they were happy to have another adult on the playground. I broke up one small disagreement and since I am also a teacher, they listened. It was kind of fun…even though it may have been nice if the playground teachers had been more on top of things.

That’s comparatively tame, though. Compared to the intermediate, Moxee El is heaven.

I was over at the intermediate yesterday checking the playgrounds and blowing wood chips back into the playground, when much to my displeasure recess began. My van (I drove one of the school vans to check on the playgrounds and carry my stuff) was in the way, as was I with my blower. One of the recess teachers came at me. She said it was recess time and was I done? I turned off the blower and headed for the van. I asked her if she could help make a hole for my van…then she tried to explain she did not know how I had gotten into the recess area, and where was my ID tag? I explained that I planned to go back the way I had come. She wanted me to go out the locked bus gate. She went off to unlock it with her key…I sat in the van…and noted that it was moving in a most un-van-like way. I looked back in time to see a few heads duck below the window. They were definitely on the bumper. She came back and asked the other recess teacher to unlock the gate because her key would not work. Keep in mind my van was running and I had asked her to keep the kids free of the area. She came back and proceeded to begin to give me the riot act because I was not wearing my little name tag…I have one, but everyone who is important knows me, so I have left it in my teaching bag. She said, “I would normally call Amy since you don’t have an ID tag, but you seemed to be doing something for the school” (apparently the district markings on the van and my blower were not enough of a pass). She took another breath to continue her monologue about the requirements of the school to have ID tags, I interrupted her. I said, “There are some kids on my rear bumper, could you please keep them off like I asked? It’s a matter of safety.” She ran off to tend to kids who just laughed at her, and I moved through the now open gate, severely annoyed at this lady who clearly enjoyed her “status” as keeper of the kids (even though they laughed at her when she scolded, obviously she had no ability to punish…wonder why I don’t sub at that school very often?).

I went to town after I got off work. I had to find some foam to send our stupid Hitachi External Hard Drive back to Hitachi with. They don’t allow packing peanuts, nor bubble wrap. I spent about an hour and 20 minutes hunting around town until I found a place that sold the right kind of foam that should not void my warrantee…stupid Hitachi.

I also got a Bluetooth hands-free device since some idiots can’t put their phones down to take part in accidents like the rest of us (that’s my theory as to why it is soon to be a law that cell phones must have a hands-free device in order to lawfully be used in a car.).

Cora was in town, too! She bought two movies! National Treasure II and Golden Compass! We are watching the latter now! Awesome movie!!

And for the picture of the day, this is the water tank I built for my Dad's HO scale train set up. It took me a week to build. I gave him this two Christmases ago.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Foot and Mouth

Well, my foot still hurts like a mother sore tooth stubbed toe…bad, painful, bleeding, bruised, hurt thing. I wore my boots today and avoided sharp objects. I opted to work maintenance again. I chose to work maint. because I had a dentist appointment. I could get away earlier with fewer problems.

My dentist appointment was to give me a couple temporary crowns until they can build me a bridge between the two crowns. It felt like he might have been building a real bridge in there this afternoon.

The dental assistant was a clown though. She told the doctor that I had been chewing ice and that was why my tooth had fallen out yesterday…my mouth, at the time, was full of dental instruments. I guess the look in my eyes was priceless when he said, “You were what?” Turns out we are the same age, and went to different schools together.

Well, I need to figure out something to keep my foot from hurting…it has a large bruise…apparently that post was sharp enough to go through my shoe and skin, but dull enough to rip and tear my flesh in a very bruising way. I don’t think it is infected…yet. Maybe I should stop walking barefoot in the back yard…

this picture shows how pleased I feel about visiting the dentist...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hole in My Foot!

So I worked maintenance today. I know what you are saying: “You just worked your ass off yesterday, why would you risk what remains just to work maintenance?” To that I answer: “No sub jobs. Plus, I enjoy it. Also, I am more of an ass than you realize, I have plenty to go around.” “But, don’t they work you to the bone?” you ask. “Yes, but I like the pain because I am so tough.”

Speaking of pain…I worked maintenance like I said, and mostly over at the elementary. I used the small mower to do the trim mowing (stuff the BIG mower could not get) and then changed to taking down some T-posts and some caution tape. After that I took three posts for bracing a new tree. I did not have the T-post driver, but when I got there, I noted that the ground was soft. I decided to push them down on my own. I used my hands and arms first, but that was not quite good enough. I looked at the post, which has a chevron shaped blade on the bottom. I have always assumed, being somewhat na├»ve about such things, that this chevron shaped do-hickey was of a similar use as those of a shovel, that is, you put your foot on it to help drive it down. Well, I proved that my supposition was amazingly and completely wrong. I put my left foot on the chevron and gave it an almighty push, with my arms and my foot. I heard and felt a rip/tear. Then, milliseconds later the neurons in my brain fired in the pattern they do for a pain in my left foot. It took a microsecond to process the signal. By the time that signal was decoded, my foot had already come off the chevron and there was little to do but wait. I decided that it did not hurt too badly, so I placed the other post…this time witho9ut using my foot. Then I stepped on it and it began to dawn on me that the pain was getting a little more than it should.

I immediately began to limp toward the office. The Nurse has her spot there. I sat down on her couch and asked for a bandage. She provided, after a little guffawing. I have a very good relationship with these people, and have teased some of them mercilessly. They take joy in getting back at me. I suppose I deserve it. Only three people were there, then, the eighth graders walked in. I was visible from the lobby…my foot hanging out. The eighth graders are part of a leadership class. They help teachers by doing copying and little favors and chores. Some are my ex-students. One walked into the nurse’s office and asked what happened. I did not elaborate, the girl said, “Great! Something to tease Mr. Huffman about!”

I asked the nurse if she had some Hydrogen Peroxide…she said no. I asked if she had anything to clean it up…alcohol, whatever! She said, “oh, yeah!” and she gave me some alcohol wipes. She said, this will sting. I said, “I am a man.” I thought to myself, better now than gangrene later. It did not sting as much as I expected. I then went home and used peroxide, alcohol, and Bactine. Then, after work, I used Neosporin and an ace bandage. It began to feel better once I got back to work after cleaning it at home the first time.

Funny thing about schools. If you tell one person something, or they see it, it does not take long for them to spread the news. I saw several people who seemed to know my foot was hurt. They were worried and looked hopeful. I thought it was interesting. I must be more popular than I thought.

Cora wanted to go to the cloth store…you know, where you buy material to make blankets and stuff…I went along and my foot hurt more and more. On the bright side, we got dinner at Round Table Pizza! Now, I have my feet up and am relaxing. I have a dental apt. tomorrow, which is a good thing, since part of one of the teeth I plan to have removed got loose tonight, yuck.

Well, tomorrow should be better tomorrow.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Racing Stripes and Body Parts

Well, I am alive. Barely. There are parts of me I had forgotten about that are reminding me of their existence tonight. I have some bruises I don’t remember receiving. I have a nice racing strip on my head. But…I am alive.

When I got to the place to work with my dad this morning, only he was there. The one guy who had shown up…my sister was absent…had fallen from my dad’s idea of scaffolding…some questionable ancient boards eight feet from the ground apparently held in place by a wish and since my mom was there, possibly a prayer, I added my own silent hope, and they seemed to hold…the guy had sprained his ankle and gone to the hospital. It was just me and my dad. He wanted it done today, so the race was on.

It took ten hours in the sun with great amounts of effort and sometimes some severe cursing to finish it. My dad has been known for his…well, the best description is abuse of his vehicles. He is a carpenter. He has used several types of passenger cars for work trucks in the past. Now he has a real truck. A Chevy ( do not mistake me for a Chevy fan, I simply am glad his latest truck has a bed rather than a back seat and a trunk). As with all his vehicles, however, he has added his own…touch. It has a crane. Yes, a crane. Something like fifteen feet tall, or more. It looks a little like a demented insect, with wheels.
It turned out to be extremely useful, though. He used it to move the tin up to the roof…that is a nice change from the back-breaking one at a time action we used to use. It took all of three hours to finish that 50X22 foot shed in tin. The down side was we had to put the rest of the rafters up first. Then the pearlings. That made the top of the building a lattice of wood, with 2 foot squares of open air between them. Add the fact that we were fifteen feet above ground level, there was a changing breeze, and that by mid-day we were both a little shaky from exhaustion and lack of food, it is surprising we did not end up large blobs of Huffman goo on the ground.

The sun shown down with a smile and smote my face. I was wearing a hat and sun glasses. The sun glasses make a nice white stripe on a now mostly red face. The bright side? We lived through it and my dad got his job done.

Where was Cora during all this? Off shopping with her sister…well, it sounds like they tried to make some tortilla chips from tortillas…but apparently that did not turn out well. It sounds like they enjoyed themselves, though. Now, I need to find a better position…one that does not require me to experience gravity.
Oh, and no one has stepped forward with pictures of me in womens shoes, so it obviously never happened.

Wedding SNAFUs and Things That Never Happened

Happy Anniversary Emily and Ryan!!

One year ago, as has already been noted, my sister-in-law was married. It was a great wedding and I wish all weddings could have that flavor. Of course, I am sure that some of the little hitches experienced there, are better avoided. For instance: Limos without air conditioning in the summer sun of the Tri-Cities…not a good match. Judges that do not show up at the appointed time might be better used as anchors on large freighters. Oh, and people who seem to have hallucinated (group hallucination here, a very rare instance) that I was seen doing any kind of dancing in women’s shoes.

For some reason this myth keeps circulating that I danced in the groom’s sister’s shoes. Such rumors are wholly works of fiction, and as there is no photographic proof, I contend that said actions never happened. You can see Cora's sight for pictures of things that DID happen.

I enjoyed the wedding. I would include the two of them as friends even if I weren’t related. Happy Anniversary!!

Today, I get the dubious honor of working with my Dad and Sister on a roof. It is putting tin roofing on, so it should not be that bad. I will never choose to take a roof OFF ever again. I have had my share. I don’t enjoy the dust and the heat and the nastiness of the two combined. Putting a roof on is another story…it is somewhat more pleasant (I compare it to the difference in changing a tire yourself in the heat of midsummer [topped off by a dust storm and then added to by humidity and then more dust, so as to increase the grittiness of your clothes and skin, until you feel like a lizard ready to shed his skin] and letting the nice guys at the tire center do it for you.). On the bright side, there is generally some sort of good natured hazing and verbal abuse to be endured…which is o.k., since I intend to be the one doing the verbal abuse, if not the hazing. (in the old days, this meant a slow person on the roof might get nailed down or in some other fashion attached to the roof, or his stuff may end up in high out of reach places where a plummet to certain death awaited an incautious step.) It was really great fun!
Cora is going to visit her sister in the interim...some retail therapy I believe she calls it...

I will let you know how it went.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Today, we slept in…that is to say we slept past 7am. Then we drank coffee, watched TV, and checked our e-mails. We eventually got dressed. Then we went over to check on Gracie…the cat…at my in-law’s. Then we went to town. We got groceries and ate lunch. After we got the groceries unloaded, I finished the final touches to my Improved Time Saving-Huffman Irrigatory Project (ITS-HIP)that I had been waiting for the hanging pots to finish. I think I did ok. It is handy to just turn on the faucet for a little while each evening instead of racing around with a hose and trying to make sure we get every one of the plants. I put it up last year, and it was a vast improvement over the Neverending Occupier of Time- Huffman Irrigatory Project (NOT-HIP) that was used prior and often resulted in dead plants.

Have a look:

These are the Gigantor Bleeding Hearts, which are now somewhere about 6X4X4 feet!

Cora and I went back to town for a little while to look into getting me a Bluetooth. The new Washington law goes into effect June 1st requiring cell phone users to have some sort of hands-free device when they are driving. I am not a big fan of traffic tickets, for good reason, since I have had my fair share in years passed. I would prefer to keep it that way, in the past. I think I know which one I want, but I did a little more shopping. Basically it was a great waste of time.

We did however get 39.2 miles to the gallon on Cora’s last tank…and we are getting that and better on this new tank also. The sticker in the window when we bought it said it would get 33 and 34 MPG…we have been getting better than that lately! Cora drove all the way to Portland and back and then two days of work and some more driving and she still had a quarter tank of fuel left. She had 435 miles on that tank and could have pushed it past 500! Gas was $3.73 at Costco. It was a good deal worse at other places. $4.09 at one place, and diesel was $4.99. I don’t know how others can manage it with fuel prices approaching such heights. The kid at the restaurant we had lunch at said he paid over $70 a week for gas…considering minimum wage is a little over $8/hour, he works an entire day just to pay for his week of fuel. Things won’t hold well at this rate, people won’t be able to afford going to work!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hanging Basket Case, and Broken Windows

You never know when you are going to change plans. Well, I don’t. We had planned to work on one of the bedrooms to better make things ready for Little Miss. As it happened, though, our weather looked much better than the weatherman had planned. Rather than rain, we had lovely sun and the odd cloud. I began by fixing the washing machine. Its part came in on Wednesday. After a little sweet talking (read cursing) it went together beautifully. Cora was full of helpful hints, and received some minor threats for her helpfulness. You can see the joy I was feeling toward the washing machine on my face.
Then I started shoveling the last of the dirt back over the chicken wire that has successfully kept Gypsy in the yard. Then we decided to get some plants for the hanging baskets and also get some groceries. By the time we got to the nursery, we decided against groceries and got plenty of other stuff.

When we got back, I looked at the picnic table and decided I could do better for a spot for Cora to pot her plants. I have had several 2X4s in the shed since Cora’s parents remodeled their home. I decided to use them. Turns out several had warped and were a bit under par. We decided to make another run back in to Lowe’s, where I got wood (2X4s) and she got an extra couple sections of plant fencing to keep her clamydia …clematis safe.

Cora even got in on the hammering action!

Everything turned out pretty good, even the steaks:

On the down side, while the in-laws (mine) are out of town, we check their cat. (that’s not the down side) Their neighbor came over (to our'd he know where we live?)and told us that the window in the in-law’s van got broken. They had already called the police, who showed up when we were there. We fixed the window by duct-taping the window with plastic.

We also had some "help" in the back yard...This is Sully, who did alot of overseeing and managing.
Toby was prety good, too.
and the final product:

Tomorrow, I get to hose up all the plants and Cora will attack the Bleeding Hearts...which must be among the Guiness Book of World Records...they are freaking montrous. four feet tall, six feet wide and four feet deep. Each year they come back bigger, next year we will have to cut them back just to see out the windows!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Hi, Would You Like To Buy A Paper?

Cora, Kim, and Grandma, now, have, in the past few days, brought up the subject of soliciting calls…you know the type: “Would you like seven months of Popular Mechanics?” One time I had the San Francisco paper call and ask me if I wanted a subscription. I asked the person on the other end if she knew where I was. She said, “No.” So, I asked her a question unrelated to my actual geographic location: “Do you know what time it is in Wisconsin?” “uhmm, No…I…Uh.” “Would you like me to call you while you were at dinner?” Then I asked her a hypothetical question, “why would I want a San Francisco paper if I were in Wisconsin?” “Uh…ummm…” She did NOT make a sale. As I recall we lived in Marysville, California…so selling the paper there was not a stupid idea, but she caught me in a mental state that allowed for me to take advantage of her cerebral slothfulness. She obviously did not know the area code she had dialed was local.

Another time, much more recently, I got a call asking me if I wanted to renew my prescription to heart medicine…it was a specific med…I told them I did not have a prescription…the person asked me what prescription I did have…I told them I was interested, but needed to call them back He stupidly gave me a number, and I asked for his address…which he gave with some reluctance and later ended up being false. One of the numbers WAS correct. I called it back several times that day. At one time claiming to be Imelda Marcos with a horrible southern accent and either a male voice or a smoker’s voice. I ended up explaining to them that I needed medical marijuana. I had begun by telling them I had gotten pills from them before and was asking for…damn, can’t remember who I wanted, but the person on the other end said he was this person’s brother, and would be happy to take my order, no need to prove my prescription status. Then I pushed it a bit far, like being named for a former Filipino head of state should not have tipped them off, and asked for medical marijuana…oh, well. I had plenty of fun that day. I could probably find the number if I tried…anyone interested?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Raccoon Bottoms

Oh, CORA’S BACK!!! I know it’s belated, but, she got home last night. I was happy to see her and even happier when she showed me the gage in the car: 39.6 mpg. That is from here to Portland and back on less than a tank of gas! She has plenty for the rest of the week. With gas prices right now, a gallon might cost $4.00 by then. I AM happy that she is back, ecstatic even, just floored by the wonderful gas mileage.

I worked maintenance again. I did a bunch of trimming, so much that my pants and shirt had a strange green fur-like appearance on one side. Cora complimented me on my Negative Raccoon look. So, my sunglasses left a pattern and I got a tan, sue me. She originally called it a Reverse Raccoon…but that sounded to me like she was comparing me with the South end of a North bound Raccoon. I don’t exactly know what a raccoon butt looks like, but I am almost positive that comparing me with one is not a compliment. Cora has a cutting sense of humor and a sharp wit, so I sometimes am a bit suspicious of her comparisons of me to Raccoon Bottoms.

Tonight it was spaghetti for dinner…I did not have enough veggies for the Yakisoba mix we bought at Costco. I used copious amounts of cheese, so it was good. Cheese and Bacon should have their own food groups, in my humble opinion. We are having BBQ pork as a snack…complete with hot mustard sesame seeds. My eyes are not dry. Only because it’s SOOOOO hot.

I have no idea what we are doing this weekend…probably working on the house. We have two rooms to make ready for our eventual little one. Not that there is a huge rush, but we have been trying for the past few weeks and it continues to be a battle…what do we store, what do we throw away? Not that junk I saved from high school! And not that junk I saved just in case I ever get around to selling something on e-bay…go figure. We must soldier on!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How Many Wheels On A Mower?

I worked maintenance today. I enjoyed a nice coffee break and then headed out to mow a lawn. The weather was cool, but not overly so. I opted to leave my jacket in the truck. I filled the fuel tank. Last time I nearly ran out of fuel. Not gonna happen again. The lawn is a few miles away from the shop. I got about three blocks down and decided I wished I had my jacket, but decided I could tough it out. When I got there, I figured on running into and away from the wind. On the way from the wind I was warm, on the way into the wind, I froze assorted parts of my body off.

I was making a right angle turn by turning away and coming around 270 degrees…it makes a nice square corner rather than a rounded one…ok, small things keep my mind busy. I began yet another turn. All of a sudden the mower made a noise…like I had ht something. I looked over my shoulder…my left shoulder. I don’t know why, just seemed the thing to do. When I looked back I noticed something. There was a lawn mower wheel in the lawn. I thought, “that’s odd.” Then realized!! CRAPPPPP!!!!!!!! I stopped immediately. Indeed, the mower had lost a wheel. I called for help. I then went inside the school and had lunch…turkey gravy and potatoes…I offered to pay, but, given my situation, they gave it to me for free.

We finally replaced the old wheel…which was cracked badly. There were a couple lug blots missing, and two totally broken off. And the wheel turned a little oddly. It seemed to work though, and I promised to return carefully. I finished the lawn and headed for the barn. I took it slow like I had said. I was within a quarter mile of the shop when the mower began to shimmy…as though the road had a washboard. It had just been graded. I looked over my shoulders, but could only see parts of the wheels. I stopped. I got off and the replacement tire was completely flat. We aired it up and I limped it into the shop. We took the wheel off and laid it on the ground, where the tire released a giant rush of air that sounded significantly like a sigh. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

In the meantime, I asked if they had any other lawn mowers they wanted me to break.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lonely, I'm So Lonely, Don't have Nobody...

Still wifeless. Still listless and lazy, I did have the energy to make dinner again tonight. More of the same. That's a picture of Cora under a CH-54 Tarhe (AKA Skyhook)

I pulled off my half and half act today without a hitch. I also got complimented. One of the IAs or Para-pros said it is sometimes more calm when I am there than when the regular teacher is there…I suspect that was just being nice, but it nevertheless made me feel good. I always get a pretty good welcome from the kids, too. Plenty of exuberance. Sometimes some cooperation, too.

Tomorrow? Don’t know yet, maybe subbing, maybe maintenance. I like both. Mowing was a nice change of pace the other day. Out in the sun there is no mental challenge except whether or not to turn early or not.

Not like I drive a B-52 or something...(See below) Looks BUFF, right? (BUFF=Big Ugly Fat Fellow)

Lonely Days, Lonely Nights, When Am I Gonna See My Woman?

I know I don't supply music with this blog, but I am certain some of my titles can get you humming...assuming you are of the right age group. I have long ago decided I need Cora to sleep. When she is gone, I stay up late and get up early. I don’t do much, so that is not useful, just annoying. She is a little like a night light that does not illuminate, but rather warms the bed. Plus, she is cuddly. The kids miss her, too. I am not the same. Toby does not get the lap he is accustomed to…my lap does not accommodate him like hers…mainly because I don’t reposition for his convenience…if he fits he can stay, if he does not, he goes to his own bed…and it is not his choice. The cat is still an annoying dirty sweater, but he is a sweater that wants food…I don’t want to feed him, aren’t cats supposed to be self-sufficient? Go kill something and eat it, kitty!

Here is a picture of Gracie, my In-laws' cat...isn't she sweet? Apart from that aura of evil...she looks cute, huh?

Below is the next picture coming out of Oakland, what you see there is just north of the Hornet Museum. The Mythbusters Team has done things here...remember the tree canon? That was on one of these runways. There is an underwater tunnel that connects Alameda with the city of Oakland, but it is somewhere just out of the picture. In the lower left hand part of the picture you can see the old Sea Plane ramp, where seaplanes were taxied onto land for maintenance.

The last is a photo of a C-141, the workhorse of Military Air Transport Command for the better part of 40 years. these used to fly over my house when I was growing up...every night at about 5:00pm.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Dirty Bachelors In Space

Well, it is just the three of us men and Gypsy. Toby, Sully, and I are doing the bachelor thing (I don’t think Gypsy really counts as a girl, since she is a dog[yes, Toby is of the Canine persuasion, but, he acts like a kid, and Sully is of the Feline persuasion, but sometimes acts like a dog…and other times as an annoying, crying, dirty sweater]). Cora had to go to Portland for some HACCP training…food safety for those of you not “in the KNOW.” She has two days of classes. I had hoped to go with her, since I love exploring new cities alone…yes, even Portland, which, as you will recall, was planned by an epileptic cartographer….hmmm, you know what, scratch that, he was a drunken, blind, epileptic cartographer with a poor sense of smell. I am not sure how valuable a sense of smell is for a cartographer, but I thought it sounds just bad enough to add a sense of worthlessness to the man…hmmm, or was he a man? Well, I had better not piss off half of the population…let’s just say this cartographer was gender neutral, not too bright, and he liked squiggly lines, and hills, lots of hills. Besides, there is that LCI museum I would love to go see.

Cora drove down the Washington side of the Gorge…Columbia Gorge for those of you out of the area. It is beautiful in spring…lots of wild flowers. She took some pictures, so I say that they (flowers) are there with some certainty. Also, her pictures are pretty darned good! You can see them here.

I promised her I would clean house…looks like I may have lied to her. Oooops. I have been watching TV. Discovery Channel is advertising a six part series, “When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions.” It is in HD and from NASA’s film vaults…I think that is cool. I have always been interested in anything from our (US, err, U.S., as in United States) early days of space flight…the Shuttle made things so HUMDRUM. I still have National Geographic magazines from that era with pictures of all the major missions…I kept them specifically for that reason. Space Rocks…no, not meteors… space is just cool. When you consider they did all that (Apollo Moon missions, Gemini, and Mercury, Pioneer, Mariner, etc.) with computers that probably could not hold a candle to a modern cell phone…well, you begin to feel the AWE that I do. I think the Cold War was good for spaceflight. I think the Cold War was good for the US…maybe not the rest of the world, nor, is it now good for us, but, at the time, we gained some major advantages in technology and wealth because of our “competition” with the Soviets.

Well, I need to finish Dirty Jobs…the show, not that I actually plan on doing any dirty job. No use me living up to what I told Cora, now that I have come to the realization (Stunning realization) that I lied, there is no use of me trying to make it right with her, I may as well, just suffer (I feel REAL bad) with my terrible-ness and not do any cleaning.

This picture is of Alameda, and you can see the USS Hornet Museum. It picked up the Apollo 12 Astronauts and their capsule. The ship still houses one of the Airstream trailers used to keep the Astronauts in quarantine. I took this out the window of the airplane after our short stop in Oakland on our way back from Arizona in April.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Coin A Praise

I used my metal detector at my in-laws. We went to check on Psycho Kitty (AKA: Gracie) and while Cora was inside, I searched the front yard. This is part of my effort to learn the intricacies of detecting and telling junk from coins. I found a Pepsi can. Oh, well. I continued and got another signal similar to the first. This one turned out to be a fifty cent piece. Yes, my second find was a fifty cent piece. Mel must have nothing better to do with his money then to throw it around outside. I did not search the entire yard, it was hot, so after finding a few pot metal fragments that may have once been a sprinkler (what is it about me and sprinklers), I went inside to cool off. Cora praised me, after much nagging (me nagging her for praise), for such a good find.

Here are a few pictures of my find.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Memorial Day Wedding Rememberance

So, this is Saturday, and what have you done? Another week over, a new one just begun. Sing that to John Lennon’s “So This Is Christmas.”

So, next weekend is Memorial Day? Wow, seems like only last year we were getting ready for my sister-in-law’s wedding. Wow! That was one of the best weddings I have been to. I remember a decent one when I was about 7 or 8 years old, but the rest have always failed to meet expectations. The weather was gorgeous , the venue was perfect, and the whole thing went smoothly…errr, wait, I think I may have one of those wrong. Hmm, yes, the judge failed to arrive. It took a short 45 minutes or an hour to get a replacement minister and then things went smoothly. I now remember the groomsmen hurry to set things right. One was attempting to get ordained over the internet, another was seriously considering a lawyer for some sort of lawsuit against the errant and stupid judge, and still others were making calls to local ministers. Luckily, the DJ had his minister on speed-dial. I wonder if my memory of the event, and my enjoyment, stems from my unofficial capacity. What was my assignment? Stay out of the way and help if necessary. I was not assigned as any sort of groomsman, bridesman, nor as the flower boy…alright, poor choice of words…well, I had no job. I was…and am…the brother-in-law. I did get to carry around and use my sister-in-law’s wedding present from one of the groomsmen…a Canon Elph…digital…well, it is the same one that we now have. I liked its small size, its enormous capability, and its user friendliness. I like to use its features, but even for a person that only wants to point and shoot, it is a great camera. I took 300 photos. Most were ok, I think. The beer and wine flowed, the people were great, and it was simply a nice wedding. Again, I stress, it was good for me since I had no capacity. I did not stress about much. I vaguely remember some sort of dancing with the groom’s sister, but, despite others’ claims of photos, I deny everything. I will not go into the specifics that MAY or MAY NOT have happened. If no one has proof, it did not happen. If Cora posts on the subject, do not believe one thing she says about me. She is given to prevarication and distortion, besides, I think she was drinking a little too much to retain an accurate memory of the was everyone else, so do not believe what anyone else says, either.

I am sure we have a full weekend planned. I know we need groceries…we’ve been living off stuff we have had in the house for a couple weeks. Not because we can’t afford it, though, jeez, things ARE getting expensive, we just have not taken the time. Cora’s been sick and I have not felt spectacular either. We need to get that back bedroom cleaned out so we can then clean out Little Misses’ room and make it acceptable. I need to mow the lawn and get a hair cut, though, I would like everyone to know I have no intention of doing both at the same time…those blades aren’t coming anywhere near my head. I also would like to get out with my metal detector and try and find some treasure…hell, I bought the damned thing, might as well try for something, right? Wish me luck, since it seems to take a good ear and a steady mind…I may be up for the former, but doubt the latter.
Here is a picture of Cora in front of the Concorde at the Boeing Museum of Flight. We were there in March of...'06? My family, the whole shebang, went. I have some pictures of my lovely little niece...which reminds me, Cora and I got a wonderful letter in the mail yesterday afternoon. My young 4 1/2 year old niece has now graduated to typing letters. She even spelled her name: "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA." I attribute the extra vowels to her desparate attempt to be heard over the vast distance between our houses. It was a wonderful addition to our day. It made both of us happy. Now, I will have to reply to her and send her something cool in the mail like she always does for us...I am always SO far behind on my letters.

Hmm, looks like a wonderful day out! I wonder when Cora is going to get up. She has had difficulty sleeping the past few evenings. I am not going to wake her. This stupid cold has affected her differently than me. It keeps her awake, despite the fact that she has been feeling pretty good during the day. I have felt great during the day. I take a little medicine before bed and sleep the whole night, then spend fifteen minutes expectorating the next morning, after which, I am done and feeling fine. Weird cold, this.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Hot Friday Movie Beer

Have you ever noticed that Friday is a day when moods shift? How people often have an extra skip in their step? How smiles appear more readily on their faces? The same thing happens in an elementary, as it happens. Even the kids seem a bit more perky…which is disturbing, given the fact that I had to attempt to teach them. It turned out alright, though.

The heat here was a wonderful oppressive weight that sat on your chest as soon as you walked outside and tried to stop your breathing. No, it wasn’t like that. Well, it was a little like that. The heat was palpable the moment you stepped outside. A bit od during this time of year.

Cora got home and we went to town to pick up a few Necessities. Also, dinner. Red Robin burgers and back home to eat. We also got a couple movies to watch tonight. 28 Dresses and Mr. McGorian’s Wonder Emporium…both Cora’s choices. So far, 28 Dresses is not such a horrid movie that I cannot watch.

Bud Light. It is a nice addition to a hot day. Time for another.
Dinner out. Here is a picture of Cora and I at the Bubba Gump's in San Francisco...which has been...what, four years? Five maybe? Doesn't Cora look SO pretty?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hot Weather, Invisible Truck

1,000 degrees and climbing. Ok, not quite that hot. Let’s just say I cleaned off the air conditioner and it has been running overtime since I turned it on. I think global warming is a bit of an understatement. Oh, and didn’t the Bush administration just put polar bears on the endangered species list because of global warming? Isn’t that a tacit…or is that blatant... admission of the peril facing the planet? Last time I paid any attention, the Bush administration was denying the existence of global warming…go fig. So, today’s weather was off the charts…hmmm, IS off the charts. A nice change from the SNOW less than a month ago…how weird!

Cora went to work and lived. I went to work and still need a nap. Same kindergarteners tomorrow. Can you believe that a few of them still think my truck is visible? I have been telling them over the past few weeks, every time they say they saw me in my truck, that my truck is invisible and that they cannot see it. They must have seen someone else. Why would I lie to them? Because, I can. Sarcasm…a double-edged sword, I suppose.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dinamic Duo, Teaching and Maintenance!

Today, I led a double life. I began the day as a maintenance guy, then about half-way through it, I changed and went to the elementary and subbed for the reading teacher that seems to like me so much. I also got lunch out of the deal. Not to mention the numerous confused looks on both students and teachers who had all seen me on the lawn mower, then saw me all “Teachered-Up” (for lack of a better term). I had a pretty good day. Mowing lets you allow your thoughts to wander and teaching lets you exercise your mental prowess against the cleverest of prey…students.

I did have a close call. When I jumped on the mower, it had about 5/8 of a tank…generally plenty. I was using the NEW Toro, though. I have not used it very much…they just got it last fall. I got over to the elementary…about a mile and a half away…when I DID, I looked at my gage and noted it was not even at ½. I began to worry. I got most of the way done with the lawn and looked at it…it was on E…well, the red bar that stands for E on that mower. As it was, I made it…barely. When I filled it up the 18 gallon tank (I thought, since I had never put more than 17.9 into it) took 19.5. I have had a history of such feats of gasoline prowess…one day, in my high school years, I COASTED into the gas station…the engine having died one hundred yards earlier. I did the same with one of the school cargo vans two years ago. I think I have a gift…or maybe it’s a curse.

I found the bowl of a spoon with my metal detector today in a five minute search between jobs at noon. I found it in the front yard…today a spoon, tomorrow the world…or something.

Cora is still sick…you would think she has grown attached to that cold. I went to town and got her some cold meds…she is sleeping. Maybe I should take something to help me sleep. Oh, well.

I am watching a classic movie. It has Candice Bergen in it…somewhere. It is called “The Day the Fish Came Out.” Made in 1967, it plays off the American spectacle at Palamores, Spain in 1966(accidentally dropped some H-bombs, oops). It begins with a Greek island. Then an American plane blunders overhead, in mechanical trouble. They decide to jettison their bombs and “Special Cargo” on land instead of the sea, since Palamores was such a fiasco. So far the Air Force has sent a special detachment to the island…they are dressed…well, GAY. The pilots of the bomber remain alive. They see the GAY tourists and wish to avoid them…so far, it is looking like a pretty funny movie.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dead Quiet, Golden Sprinkler, pathogens

Cora is still sick. Once she gets something, she does not like to let go. I told her to just let it go, but she just exhaled and smiled at me...she exhaled in my direction. I am not sure she thought I was being helpful. She stayed home today. Her voice is missing...well, it is barely hanging in. She squeaks. It is one of the cutest things! I love asking her to repeat herself...mainly because her squeaks get more and more desparate and higher in tone. I just love teasing her with purposeful missunderstanding. "You want what? A sink? You want a LOTTA DRINKS? What? Oh, a WATER to DRINK." She knows I do these things, and still she fulfills my wishes by repeating herself and squeaking! I have the best wife!

I looked up "Germ" and found "Pathogen."

I worked maintenance today. Mowed lawn and help move some chairs. I went home for lunch and made some soup for Cora...I don't know how much she ate, but she was not feeling well. It was a nice day at work, but I needed to get home to take Gypsy to the vet...also I wanted to buy my metal detector. I did. I now have a Whites Prizm II. The White's Metal Detector site is pretty cool, too. I am going to need some more practice.

I spent five minutes in the backyard. I found several nails...did not bother picking them up, since it told me what they were...and after this weekend, I know our yard is loaded with them...then I got a big hit...I took my screwdriver and began digging. It was awesome. The thrill of the hunt was spectacular! I kept getting this hot hit. I kept digging. One inch. Two inches. Finally, three inches under the ground! I found something! It was...well, it wasn't the gold piece I had hoped for...rather, it was a, well, it was not a gold piece. It was a lawn sprinkler. Presumably our predecessor acidentally lost it.

I look forward to learning my metal detector's ins and outs. I think I have several areas nearby that I can search with freedom. I will not divulge them, though. That would be like showing how a magic trick is done...and yet, I have nothing to show for it...yet.

Tomorrow, I sub. Only half a day. I gave up a full day because I was being nice to a loyal know, the one who likes me because I was not able to tell time. I DO get to mow lawn, but at noon I turn into super-sub and do my subbing magic.

About Cora's sickness, she is exquisitely cute. She squeaks and squawks, but this time I got video...though, to retain peace in my marriage, I am not allowed to post it. Too bad, too, since all of you would just say, "Ahhh, she is so cute when she is pathetic!"

Have a good day.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Dying to see the Vet

Cora is dying…or that is what she is trying to convince me of. She keeps hacking and coughing, grabbing her heart, rolling her eyes upward in a most dramatic way and falling over on her side. Only, she realizes I did not see it and repeats the process...ok, that's a lie. She still has my cold. I knew I had put it somewhere. I did not expect her to just pick it up and steal it like that. Then again, maybe I should not have just leave it lying around. I still have some of it. I am not experiencing it during the day like she does. I will give her some more meds a little later and some Airborne. Should help get her on the road to betterness.

I have to take Gypsy to the vet tomorrow…no, I am not having her put to sleep…though, that would prevent her from escaping the backyard…maybe just have her freeze dried? I doubt Cora will go for it, though. I guess I had better just have the vet give Gypsy her booster shots instead. On the bright side, we can have Petco give her a grooming, finally. (They prefer to have recent shots and records for said shots. She is still good, just I plan to pick up the records then, too.) We don’t enjoy giving her baths. It is mainly because she is part golden retriever…her coat repels water…and soap. Her coat, on the other hand, seems to absorb dirt. She has a big heart and those giant warm brown eyes…those are her only redeeming features…although the fact that she enjoys being petted by your feet…a nice thing during the winter. Also, she does not like human water. By this I mean anything we supply. If it is dirty, algae ridden, bacterially loaded, septic, and sewage-like water, she will be the first one to go for a swim. Provide her a fresh, clean kiddy pool full of cool water in the high heat of summer and she will turn her nose up to it, if not spend all her time on the opposite end of the yard from it…might get wet. Same goes for hoses, bath tubs, half-empty water bottle, sprinklers, and showers.

I began my reapplication process for school tonight. Cost fifty bucks. School is simply a set of hoops. On the other hand, a master’s degree like I am attempting only requires me to read roughly 50 books (read fifty hoops) and take an 8 hour written test (read 8 more hoops) and a 4 hour oral test (read 12 hoops: there will be at least 3 examining profs) concerning the books I read(or might have attempted to read). [in this context the hoops are suspended about 4 meters above the ground with no visible means of support, nor any safety nets]

I am going to buy my metal detector tomorrow. I have been putting money away the last few months. I am going to buy a White’s Prizm II, which is the bottom of their line, but seems to be better than most. On top of that, it means my stimulus money [in this case saved] will have gone to a U.S. company. From Oregon, actually. That’s me, economic stimulator…Ooooh, that sounds dirty. I can’t wait to bring all those treasures back to my beloved wife. Of course, given her past, she is unlikely to be able to distinguish treasure from junk…she says the things I have, such as my aircraft instruments, are junk. I don’t think she is a particularly good judge of value. Still, it’d be for her, right?

Well, Bones is on…and I think House will be on soon, too. I had best get going.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy McMothers Day!

I just want to tell all of you mothers out there, Happy Mothers Day! This morning I got up a little early…ok, I had to use the bathroom and blow my nose. (Just as an aside, I picked up another cold at school the other day and Cora got it too [unintended Mothers Day Gift]. Yesterday, I coughed up something that looked a little like a tree frog…it was green and seemed to have legs.) Cora has it a little worse than I, and so I left her to rest. I got dressed, grabbed Toby and went to town, where I got some McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches…something I think we both have a weakness for. She likes the McGriddles and I like the Sausage Egg and Cheese McMuffins. I then drove to the Starbucks and got us coffee. If you are wondering why I took Toby, well, our beloved little furry son seems to go nuts when I leave without taking Cora with me. He would have likely jumped on the bed and whined and generally have done anything to annoy Cora. I did not want her to wake up before she was ready, so I removed the problem. Unfortunately, she may need to remove some nose prints from her windows (yes, I took her car. If you knew how it drives, you would too!).

So, I let her relax and try to feel better, then, I went out to attempt to bury the chicken wire around the yard. Chicken wire has been our most recent and most successful (so far) weapon in the war against Gypsy. Gypsy is the tunneling, climbing, slithering, squeezing escape artist. I have taken four foot (about 1.16 meters [this is to welcome any international readers I may have acquired]) chicken wire and stapled it to the fence, then I buried it under about 5-6 inches (12-14 centimeters) of dirt. I did very well at first; I was separating the sod and the dirt for easier replacement. By the end, which I did not quite finish, I was throwing it back on the wire willy-nilly. I could not have cared less where it fell. Now, I only have another fifty feet or so (…errr, what is that? Decameters divided by…hectares times…how many kilometers? Well, I am past my comfort zone, sorry) of fence to bury and thereby defeat the devil dog.

I am, shall we say, out of shape. That is not to say I don’t have a shape…somewhat bulbous, actually, but I am not as fit as I would like to be. I came in shaking and sweating and hot and thirsty. I went back out a few times and finally called it good about 4pm. Cora seemed to feel a little better in the afternoon and took some pictures of her baby blankets. She makes them and hopes to sell them to help us afford some of the adoption expenses (we are adopting from China). They are really pretty cute. You can find them here. She has worked pretty hard on them. I should see if I can work e-bay well enough to sell something. I have the buying part down pat! I have some extra historic items I would like to sell. I don’t necessarily want to part with them, but space is going to be at a premium when we do finally get Little Miss home.

Well, that about does it. Cora got all of our AZ pictures on a DVD and I have played with a few of them on Corel Paint.

Meatloaf tonight and some relaxing, then we begin another week.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Desert Booty...err, beauty

This one was fun. I liked the way this huge Saguaro looked from under its arms. It looks even better in this sepia than it did in normal color. But, trust me, as the photographer, the original looks awsome, too.

This is the same cactus from a diffrent angle. I could have spent hours in the desert taking picture after picture of every cactus I saw...each one has a different personality. like people, Some are more prickly than others.

This last one is my favorite. No, I was not busy painting. I was busy doing several different steps to achieve this. the last step, obviously, was to give it the brush effect. I think the yellow sky and crimson sage is a nice touch. What say you?

No Big Planes...err, Plans

No big plans yet today. We did get our “stimulus” check. So, spend or save? Or just use it on gas? We need a lawn mower, but after the last time, I will not go for anything expensive. I’d like a metal detector (to detect all those wrecked airplanes I have been wanting to check out) and I think we were considering one of those Aquapods or some sort of fish tank. There were a few other things we been needing. Who knows?

IN the mean time, here are a few pics I altered the other night.

Friday, May 9, 2008

An International Education

So, I put up my new little counter and I see now that I have had some international visitors! Awesome! Welcome ALL!!!! My only question is how did you find my pathetic little BLOG? Was it Aviation? History? Teaching? Or Dr. Who? Or did you come from my wife’s site? Oh, well, doesn’t matter. I like that I have an international readership…it’s too cool. Only, please let me know where you are from when you comment…and you will comment, won’t you?

Today I taught again. Ended up being SPED. One of the other subs did not show. I had an OK day, the kids were hopped up on something and very difficult to get settled down. The teachers there are awesome though, and are always supportive and friendly.

Cora and I went for Pizza…and Beer. Can’t have pizza without beer, right? Now it is a quiet night of watching Dr. Who, the Sarah Jane Chronicles, Battlestar Gallactica, and the rest of Friday night’s lineup. Sci-fi or BBC, it’s gotta be decent.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cowboy and the Whale

Today, I was at the elementary. I have been and will be all week. We watched Cowboy Buck and Elizabeth at an assembly. I had listened to the CDs on Monday when I subbed for the music teacher. That was A LOT of Cowboy Buck. As I walked in, with instructions to help the kids dance and sing (hoping that was not actually to be my lot), I met Elizabeth. I mentioned my Monday experience to her. She apologized. We both kind of laughed. I went on in and figured she had forgotten me. I was wrong.

There were eight or nine subs in today because of testing. A few were men, a few were women. I did not hear students call out any of their names as they walked the halls…they do that for me…something about my star qualities, I suppose.

I walked in looking for some kids to help sing and dance…I was glad to find none in need. So, I stood back and enjoyed the show, while keeping an eye on the kids…doing my job as a mature individual. The two singers got to a point where they needed student volunteers. It was funny. The kids loved it and all was well. That is until they called for some teachers. I am JUST a sub. No one should even consider me…should be the full-timers, right? Well, I was wrong. Elizabeth, forgive me for being on a first-name basis with this lady, but I don’t know her last name, called out for some teachers. There were several children attempting to volunteer their teachers…more than a few cast their eyes at me. Elizabeth called three female teachers, then looked for “a male teacher.” She looked in my direction. I slipped sideways, behind a seated male sub. She said, and pointed in my direction, “How about the music teacher?” I waved my hands and indicated I was not the music teacher. She changed her tack, “the substitute for the music teacher.” The older gentleman in front of me apparently believed she was talking to him and must have only heard the substitute part. He stood up and began to walk up to the front. I indicated that they had only called for one “volunteer” and shrugged my shoulders grateful for the old man’s denseness and deafness. Some of the kids continued to look expectantly at me, but the decision had been made and I saw no way of going up there without causing some sort of scene (confusion counts as a scene, right?). They did their little skit and all was well. A few, even the principal, expressed their disappointment that I did not get up there in front of everyone and make a fool of myself. One of the kinder teachers, the one I have subbed for several times, said she would never look at me the same. She said it with a smile. I sub again for her next week for two days, so I hope she was not too serious.

I had a good day. Cora needed gas in her car, so we went to town and refueled her car and then bought dinner, from Ki Ki’s restaurant. When we got home we ate and I began checking my emails and stuff. I found a site…ok, it’s in my favorites…it was about a particular airplane. I know, that was a big surprise, me reading about an airplane.

This particular airplane, the A-3, was used for a long time. Its original role was to deliver nuclear weapons. It later became a tanker and an electronic warfare aircraft. In its original role, though, it flew in at high speed, very low. It would pull up near the target and just before it began to turn over on its back, it would release the bomb and the bomb would loft over some 20 miles or more toward the target while the airplane completed its turn and left the area at high speed to avoid the blast. They used to practice this. In the early days, before radar bombing ranges made it possible to practice bombing without using bombs, they used concrete filled shapes and actually practiced lofting them. There was a target ship they aimed for. Other aircraft orbited the ship and watched for the splash. One day, and you can find the story here, there was no splash, they assumed it was a direct hit and congratulated the pilot. Later his mechanic found that there was a malfunction with the old analog computer. He calculated that the bomb actually landed 40 miles off target. The next day a New Jersey paper ran an article about a Meteorite that destroyed a garage and created a large crater. Hmmm.

Oh, I also got this...finally, from ebay. It is a North American Aviation stock certificate...they built the X-15, the XB-70, the F-86, and the P-51!
Oh, and here is a piece of advice to all people who ever have the chance to play on Survivor: NEVER, EVER, give up the idol. Erik, that was just stupid.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Phine Photo Phinishing

So, I played with Corel Paint a little bit tonight. I like it, but I apparently have no imagination. I do some cropping and I almost always increase the contrast, and sometimes I adjust the colors a little, but I never feel the need to do all those other little options…like: Why in the world would I want to solarize a picture that I went to great lengths to compose? I took that photo with the idea of showing the subject in the way I found it…or with some minor adjustments. Why would I want to see it in negative? I suppose it is a nice option to have, but does that REALLY come up? “George, I like this picture you took, but to me the colors are all wrong. Try reversing them!” Well, here are a couple of pictures I worked on tonight.

This is the FORD...that is F4D

This is a Constellation...not the star type.

And this fine one is a Pratt and Whitney R-3350. This particular one is mounted on the B-29 at the Pima Air Museum.
OK, maybe having a picture like this in negative IS kind of cool.