Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Festivities

So, once again, I was faced with the most difficult day ever. I subbed for a math teacher at the HS. It is Homecoming this weekend...the kids were colored, which is not being racist, but, rather, observant of their hues. They were school colors...almost every one of them. They were not especially concentrating on learning today, either. Man, they were a rowdy bunch.

The teacher knew this and left simple such and such, questions 1-5...easy. OK, that was nice, but by far not the best part. They had a 15 minute pep assembly first thing off...I did not need to attend. Then, given the day, I did not see any need to force them to do stuff they did not want to do. Finally, as a nod to the day, there was another assembly during what would normally have been 6th period...sixth period was mostly moved into the 5th period time slot and the teaching day shortened accordingly. My teacher has 6th period plan...that means I left at 12:45pm. I got there at 7:30pm. I had a lunch. I got paid for the full day!!!!!

I then went into town and got some groceries. Victuals for tonight. Ahh..., the lovely aroma of tacos. Well, what did you expect? Filet Mignon?

Tomorrow we are considering going for a drive before OPEC can try to drive gas prices up again. Here is what I think of you OPEC: Bastards (read it thusly: Bee-yass-tards!)! Where are we going you may ask? Not so sure yet. Maybe the mountains with the dogs...maybe Leavenworth(NO, not the prison.)...of course, my vote is for an airplane museum...I think that may be why Cora did not give me a vote. Shoot, I might have time to convince Toby to change his vote.

Fall is totally here. I had to dump water on my windshield to get the fricking ice off. Why not scrape? Well, people, while I may get up an hour before I have to get there, I spend an inordinate amount of time checking blogs for new I get out there with the amount of time I would expect to need if the windshield was, in my rush to get moving I rinse off the windshield with the water I did not finish the day before...then it freezes and I curse the weather nd the cold. I then let the windshield wiper fluid create a blue ice sculpture, until the wipers can find enough purchase to break it off, then I have a small hole through which to see. I begin moving. Fortunately, there is little traffic at that time. By the time I get to work...well, the hole is bigger and no lives have been unnecessarily endangered (When I need to get to work...I NEED TO GET TO WORK, ITS NECESSARY!!).

Tomorrow, we will have been waiting for a child from China for 18 months. That's a year-and-a-half. Add to that that we have been trying for kids for 8 years...and we haven't even gotten ONE! Well, it stinks. I am happy that we are closer, but sad that it seems so far away.


Cora said...

Man, you have a tough job. I would swap with you but with my luck it would be "crazy day from Hell day" that I would walk into.
Can't wait for tomorrow! It will be fun, or else!!

Erin said...

I'm not first. Ha take that! (does that count for anything?) Have fun tomorrow. Hmmm here is a Random question. Why didn't we all just invest in the oil companies?