Saturday, April 16, 2016

First Tooth!

 Chloe, my gorgeous, highly intelligent, friendly child, lost her first tooth on Monday, April 11.  She thought it was the best thing.  It happened at or near lunch.,  She claimed that she thought she had some leftover food in her mouth, and then when she spit it out, there was her tooth,  She and her friend Wynter went to the nurse and came back with a "treasure box"  with a tooth in it.  The Tooth Fairy left her an even five dollars for her first tooth.

It was a good day.

Update:  4-16-16:  Chloe to her mom about "Castle" a tv show we'd hoped would bore Chloe into going to bed to sleeep.

Cora: Why are you watching this?

Chloe: "this is intereesting for a kid...probably a 6 year old...that lost her tooth...on school"