Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Witch Way Are You Going?

I saw a witch yesterday. She was walking with a villager type person who was either her friend or her prey. Seems the local elementary holds a Hoedown this time of year, with pumpkins and fun activites tht the kids look forward to for weeks ahead of time. I suspect the witch and her compnion were headed in that direction.

I got home to a wonderful dinner of Corned Beef and speghetti squash! And some pumpkin shaped/flavored cookies! How awesome is that? Cora is such a good cook! I could get used to, if only I could get orund to getting a full time job...

I taught Kinders yesterday. What a wild bunch. I teach the sme kids today. The second day is almost always better, since then the sub has a feel for that classroom's normal activities.

This morning I have been suffering from some sort of sore muscle/bone in my shoulder that seems to make breathing deeply not very much fun. Cora thinks a chiropractor might help...I think a 2X4 smacked into the right part of my back might help. Yee-ouch! I hope it figures itself out soon, it is MOST unpleasurable.

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Cora said...

I could get used to it to and house keeping would be so much easier. Hope your back is feeling better.
Love ya