Saturday, September 27, 2014

Someone is now FIVE!!

 No one I know takes life by the horns so fearlessly as my daughter.  I am lucky to share the earth with this girl!

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Some days it pays to go to work.  Today I ended up going to a local high school to sub.  I usually prefer a different one.  But, I also wanted to go to bed at a decent time last night.  So, I took this one.

I showed up and found that I had a first period plan, so I read for the first forty-five minutes.  Then the first class showed.  Lowly freshmen.  They had a quiz.  They were quiet.  The next four classes were sophomores and MAN!  They were vociferous in their dislike of their teacher.

"YEEE-ESSS!" The first one in the door said.  "WOOHOO a SUB!!" another said.  "I'm glad to see you!!" yet another said.  Another coming through the door said, "Please be our teacher!"  I said, "You don't even know me, maybe I'm a jerk."  "No.  You're already better than she is."

And so it went throughout the day.  Every class began and ended in a very similar way, jubilation and want, then disappointment and wishing.  If there were a slightly different way of doing things, I could have easily lead an armed revolt and been part of the coup that deposed the poor lady.  They might even have lifted me upon their shoulders.  That might have been cool.  I've always wanted to be lifted up on people's shoulders.

I did enjoy them.  Many of them I have not seen since they were in fifth grade.  (I don't sub at the middle school, which may change given recent changes)  a good many of them said, "I remember you!"  I always replied with, "I remember me, to!  In fact I said the same thing this morning in the mirror, 'I remember you!'"

I gave them a bad time.  I always give them a bad time, but this bunch was different, it was almost like going to a new school because I have not seen several for such a long time.  One of the girls said the teacher called her ugly.  I told her I could do that.  She said that it was different the way I do it.  I said, "OH?"  I preceded to use several tried and true insults upon her, only to bring her up grinning each time.  I finished with, "People said you are two-faced, I said, 'NO!  If she were two-faced, why would she wear that one?'"  She was giggling.  I said, surely the teacher was joking.  How did she say it.  The story was, "I had gotten home late from a game and I was tired and I had my hair in a bun and I handed in my paper that morning, and she looked up at me and raised her eye brows and said, 'someone forgot it was picture day today.'"  I attempted to defend the teacher, but the kids would have none of it.  

The misplaced adoration and suggestions that I take over were just an ego-boost I needed.  Sometimes I get a little down, and the kids almost always know how to bring me back up.  Even if they don't know they're doing it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Last Bit of Summer

 I was feeling some cabin fever last weekend.  I begged and whined and complained until the family agreed to get out.  Then we hemmed and hawed trying to decide what to do.  We finally decided to go find a waterfall.  We decided on Union Creek Falls, which is purported to be only 2 tenths of a mile from the road...I'm not so sure about seemed, to my out of shape legs, to be two tenths of a mile in elevation.

The previously reported bridge was not in existence, but someone had fashioned a rope to support the crossing of the stream on a log.  We discovered the log bridge AFTER I got my feet wet attempting to ford the stream on rocks with a camera in hand.
Chloe had her heart set on walking in the stream after I insisted on packing an extra set of shoes with that in mind as a possibility.
The water was crystal clear, Chloe is standing in about 8 inches of water here.

The falls were nice, but the trail had obviously seen better days and there was a little bit of confusion because of the changes.  There was a path to the upper falls, but we were all tired by the time we thought to try for it.  Maybe next time.  The whole point was to get out, and we did.  It was fun.
 Still, when we pulled away from the falls, we felt we had more time on our hands, so we drove up to the summit of Chinook Pass.  If you have never been there, it is totally city kid friendly.  Flat paths and open space allows you to watch your kid on the path for a great distance.  We stopped and walked around Tipsoo Lake, which has a pretty good view of Mount Rainier several miles away.  It's a beautiful alpine lake with frogs, tadpoles, and salamanders.

Once again, Chloe managed to get her feet wet.  I swear, she isn't happy until she's walking in water.  Still, it was fun to watch her catch frogs and then release them with gusto, "You're free froggy!" 

It was a great day!  I love my family.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Summer Camping

 In no particular order, you see our August trip to Iron Creek Campground.  A wonderful location.  We were able to go see Mount Saint Helens.

 Land of a million steps...

 but the view was worth it.

 It was only a short weekend, but we all enjoyed it and on the last day, Sunday, when we were to come back, we found a nice little beach on the river where Chloe enjoyed wading.

We intended to go camping three other times...but Chloe's ear infection cancelled one and the other two we needed to delete.  It's a pity that summer is so damned short.