Monday, October 27, 2008

You Call, I Fold

It was a nice day. Sunny and not too cold. I taught. Well, I had kids with me for measured amounts of time and I hope they picked something up. I still felt a little off because of my beloved cold. I made several hundred copies. I also left early because I wasn't feeling wonderful and I had no more kids to work with.

I came home and started a load of dishes and some laundry. I then spent the next hour or so folding clothes. It is better for me to do it when Cora isn't here, since I am incapable of doing it the "right" way. What do you mean they're supposed to be squard? Whts wrong with the way I pile underwear haphazardly I'm suppoed to fold them? fold underclothes? When she got home, I stopped. The coffee table is now about 16 inches deep in folded clothes...maybe I can get Cora to put them away, since that is clearly the part I hate most about laundry.

I have been in contact with a gentleman concerning Exercise Coulee Crest...that exercise in 1962 that I blogged about back in May. He was part of it and I have lots of good information for a coming post on my other blog from him. Kinda makes me happy.

Tomorrow, I teach Kinders...for two days. I enjoy kindergartners...things are so much simpler. On the down side, they miss out on a bunch of my jokes. I think 6th graders get the most of my jokes...they are just old enough for the upper level jokes and still appreciate my childish humor.


Erin said...

Oh yeah, I remember your 6th grade level jokes that you told from the 7th - 12th grade. Ahhh just kiddin'. Talkin' smack that's all.

Cora said...

I think you did OK on the folding. I will teach you some day!! Hey guess what I found? we have these things called drawer where our clothes can fit, what a great invention.
love ya.