Sunday, August 31, 2008


Today we slept in. Then we decided to go shopping. We got Cora some material to sew upon. (for Kim)
Then also stopped by the farmer's market. Here is some of the stuff we picked up at the farmer's market.

We also got some groceries...I am amazed at how much prices have gone up in the past year! The lady in front of us had four items and, they were not large items, canned goods mostly, and her total was almost $17! A year ago it might have cost her $10!

I also found "The Fifth Element" on DVD. I love this movie, and I watch it every few months. It is an excellent SF movie as far as I am concerned.

And flowers...

Here are some of our gladiolas that just began blooming! Pretty, huh?

We (read I) moved Cora's sewing stuff to the back room. Today, she wanted to sew. I either had to move all that stuff back out to the kitchen/dining room table, or fix that back room up for her. I chose the latter...after all we bought a TV to put back there. She thinks I want her to be banished to the no-man's land of the back bedroom. What she doesn't know is I want her to be banished to the no-man's land of the back bedroom.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Never Left The Ground

My sister, Brother-in-Law, Niece and Nephews all came up this morning! We had so much fun that they stayed most of the day! Wii played games on the Wii and the XBox. We read the kids stories! We held the baby and just hung out. Toward the end of the day we were having some pretty competetive Wii games. I also got to play Halo with my sister and Bro-in-law. I have been wanting to play one on one Halo with them for years! (Really, years. We have had the XBox for four years! And ever since we got it I wanted to shoot my sister...well, in the game, I am really quite fond of my sister) I know that this was the first time they had picked up an XBox controller, but I beat them! Both. I got Scott with a sniper bullet, and my sister with a few grenades! Of course, Scott gave as good as he got...given a little while longer getting the hang of the controls, he would havesoon been wiping the screen with my body. I am lucky that the girls decided to play Wii again.
This is Emma posing for the Camera.

Carrie, Scott! Thanks for coming up! We both enjoyed you and the kids! The ice cream...the ice cream was AWESOME! Homemade and rich. The best! Cora had made some raspberry topping a few weeks ago, and we all had some on our ice cream! We need to get together with family more often! (Everyone loved the Ice Cream, see? Eli is serious about his food.)

The youngest member of the family, David, is almost as much of a poser as his sister!

On the down side, I did miss my flight. I wanted to go fly, but we just kept having so much fun and then I noticed the time. I realized things just might not work out. I called my good friend the electrician and he seemed to understand. Hopefully we can reschedule! I really am happy that he gave me a chance to fly, even though I didn't get to.

We let the kids watch "Signing Time."

At the risk of sounding corny, We flew high today, but never left the ground!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Flight of Imagination

My good friend the Electrician has a friend that flies. (No, not on butterfly wings.) He is a pilot. A small plane. My GOOD FRIEND the electrician set up the chance for me to go flying with his pilot friend...I obviously have good taste in friends, since he called tonight to ask me if I wanted to go flying tomorow if the weather is good. After some conversation with Cora about the dangers of flying in airplanes and the even more serious dangers of flying outside of airplanes, I am looking forward to what seems like a great chance to fly above the ground with the wind in my face and the endless sky above me...ok, its a small plane, but flying is flying!!!!!

I had a good day at work. Break, break, work, break, break, break, work, break, quit. The guys were not excessively ambitious, and neither was I. I mowed and then I helped the other sub clean out one of the bays. Then I came home and mowed my own lawn and did dishes, before we went shopping for a few necessities.

I don't know if I mentioned it, but Cora's all time fvorite movie is the Princess Bride. We watched it tonight. it is a good movie. Dinner was leftover spaghetti with a nice Red Mountain wine. Kiona is a great wine if you want to try one.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mid-Ohio Valley...

Here is a nice picture...well, I prefer the left hand side. Cora is pretty, isn't she?

I had a good day. At work I helped the other sub move some furniture and then went to paint over some graffiti. I got there and realized I had brought the wrong diameter roller cover...didn't even know they had such a large one. So, I went back to the shop, where my Father-In-Law and the Electrician were debating where to have lunch. They asked if I wanted to come along. I decided I preferred new food to old and went along.

When I did get back to the graffiti, I stopped at the elementary first to get a correctly sized roller. It worked well, even though the tone of grey was not quite right. Then I went back to the shop and waited for my Father-in-law to come back from the other school. When he got back, I drove the forklift over to the elementary to put the railroad ties on the trailer that my father-in-law had put on his truck. When we got back to the shop, it was time to go home.

My sister is coming to visit this weekend! Well, the important part is the kids...they are the cutest.

Oh, and Mid-Ohio Valley is a region of West Virginia...if you were wondering...yes, I am State-Baiting! Ha! It's what I do!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Montana Update:

I finally got a hit from Montana. It had nothing to do with my Montana Baiting. The keyword they used was "XF-107," an airplane! Figures...but, at least I can concentrate on West Virginia now...

Notable Notary Nemeses

I'm not noted for patience, Cora nevertheless notified me that I needed a notary. "NO!" I said. "Not now! You're not nice, and I never needed a nasty, nerdy notary before."

Ok, I am out of N words. She really did set me to finding a notary. It REALLY was not fun. Actually my search began yesterday. I finlly found notary that answered the phone. However, after Ihad told her the situation, she said, "Could you speak slower and enunciate?" So, I did. and finally, I was sure she had understood me, but I asked her to repeat what I had told her. She said, "What was your name? Tim?" Finally, she got it right. Then she told me, "I'll try to be on time..." That did not bolster my confidence in her.
This morning, I was thinking of telling her not to come, but though, maybe I should give her a chance and see if she still plns on coming. I called. She said, "What?" (none too clearly, either) I asked if this was the right place, said her name twice. Finally, she said, yes. I told her who I was, reminded her I had spoken to her yesterday, and asked was she still coming this afternoon? She said, "you need speak slower and enunciate." I thought, jeezwomanIthoughtIwasspeakingslowly!! I repeated what I had first said, including my name twice, ONE-WORD-AT-A-TIME. She said, What was your name? JIM!!! This made my decision complete. I said, "The appointment is cancelled." There was no guaranteeing she could find the place, anyway.

I spent an hour or so hunting down a notary. Each time, I hit a dead end. I finally did find a notary. She has also adopted and offered to do it for free. Unfortunately, she could not do it today. I called the psychologist and asked if we could do it tomorrow. He is leaving town tomorrow. So, he doesn't have an opening to sign our reports until next Friday. Isn't that about par for the course? So, yeah, not necessarilly fond of Notaries. Well, not any more than I like Psychologists.

I cleaned house today. My sister is planning to visit on Saturday. I was instructed to make the house ready for kids. I did. It looks good. Now, I am ready to see my neice and nephews!

I went for a walk and noticed the wind was blowing and it did not feel one little bit like felt like FALL. I should have known, the Hop Farmers have begun harvesting. Monday, the 25th, I saw the first truck full of hops and since then I have been getting little whiffs of hop. hhh, even though I hate autumn, I do like the smells that accompany it. Soon, we will be getting the smells of harvesting grapes, too. When I was growing up you could also get the scent of peppermint being harvested...not so much here, 30 miles away.

Here is a picture of me and Aunt Karen. She is Cora's crazy aunt...we still love her though. This picture was tken back in July. Because I had visited the airshow, her picture did not have it is now.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Butte of a Joke

Looking North toward Yakima through the gap. (Random picture)

When I first began going out with Cora, her sisters were 11. They were young and sweet, and mildly amusing. I was cruel. One time we took them to my house to visit with my parents. They were full of great questions and somewhat annoying as I recall. We got to my town. My parents live on a hill. I commenced driving around the hill. On perhaps the second or third trip past the same church they began to catch on. We had a great laugh.

One time I told them that the word Gullible was not in the dictionary. They argued with me. I told them, NO, LOOK IT UP! They did...and the humor finally dawned on them. They are in their mid 20s now. I have yet to allow them to live it down.

I have always been VERY serious. I never joke around and am always the guy who brings reason and logic to the situation. Not long ago, I discovered a coworker's vehicle...and I had just finished weeding a particular area. I decided that his car was too obvious, so I decided to camoflage it with the weeds I had just pulled. I was not quite finshed when he came out of the building...I am a fairly fast sprinter, which is fortunate, since he is a 6 footer.

I like to draw and like to lighten up our surroundings. I have left some drawings for my coworkers. Just last week I left a picture of a gorilla on a white board for one of my coworkers. (it looked more than a little like him).

One time I was working as a custodian at the elementary. As I worked my way through the classroom, I noticed something. The teacher had drawn a semi-malformed picture of a brontasaurus(apotosaur for those of you who know such things) for the kids. I found the appropriate dry erase marker and replaced hers with one of my own. Satisfied, I turned out the lights and left the room. A few days later, I saw the teacher and she asked if I had drawn the picture. I sheepishly admitted drawing it, and she complimented me and told me the kids had been mystified as to where that drawing had come from. Since then, I take advantage of such opportunites. So far, the teachers like it.

Here are a couple words to consider: Democratical and debation.

Democratical as in: The Democratical Convention took place this week.

Debation: When congess is trying to decide something important, they can spend hours in debation.

Our other sub gave us these beauties this morning. We usually get made-up words from another coworker. This guy thinks Rush Limbaugh is the Bee's Knees. This guy has given us many gems, like: "Spermacize," "Bat out of Fire," and "Castrator."

Spermacize: When the Fish and Game people want to make baby salmon, they take salmon eggs, then they SPERMACIZE them with sperm from a male salmon. (we mere humans use the word "fertilize.")

Bat Out Of Fire: When the lights went out on John, he came out of the basement like a BAT OUT OF FIRE. (Most of us normal people would probably say "bat out of HELL.")

Castrator: When you go into the hospital for surgery, they will put a CASTRATOR in you so when you pee it goes down the tube and ino a bag. (I think the word Einstein was looking for was "Catheter.")

Another genius I work with has been in the position I am in, that is, he was a maintenance sub. He worked in mainenance, though how he did so without killing someone else or himself is beyond me. Now he is in a safe place. He is a custodian.

One assumes he used the same equipment I do everyday. He had to ask me how to take down the gate on the van the other day...a little experimentation reveals a six year old could do it. One time he was supposed to glue down some was gorilla glue in a tube...(tell me if you have heard this one)...he could not figure out how to get the stuff out of the tube. He kept reading the tube for specific directions. The little gun thingy has a rod on it for breaking the seal. His coworkers have several other stories of dumb.

Last week I was in a hurry. He pulled up in his truck with a coworker. He got out and asked me if I knew how to operate the forklift. I said "yes" and started to push past him. He said can you show me how? I said "push forward to go forward and backward to go back." I went off toward the van amid accusations of being grumpy. I stopped for half a second and asked his corworker: "Can't he drive a forklift?" She said, "Hell, he can't drive a truck."

Fortunately, I do have a few people at work who are mentally functional. Still, the ones that are not...functional...are at least entertaining. We cool kids marvel at their stupidity.

We noticed Gypsy has started doing something a little different, lately. She has recently been a fan of the window, but until the last couple days has remained on the floor on all fours. Yesterday, Cora noticed she had taken Toby's normal post...the chair! Here is the one picture I could get before our shy girl vacated her position.

And, of course Toby...he isn't spoiled.

Monday, August 25, 2008


I can think of no better name for her than Helena. The subject of my post is, for your information, a kitty. Not just any kitty, though. This kitty was in a pipe...apparently for three or four days. The pipe in question was set vertically over a valve. The kitty, one might say, was stuck in a well.

What do you think of this picture of a kitty?

I found out about the kitty in the well from a neighbor of the school. He said he had been hearing it for several days...3-4...and only today realized it must be down our well. I attempted to give the kitty something to climb up, but she (I don't really know if it was a girl or a boy) was too weak. I finally located a piece of rope, created a noose and looped her neck, despite my preference for looping a leg. I pulled her up and held her close. I took her to the shop and gave her an entire can of Oprah's food...Oprah was not pleased. The kitty, Helena, ate the entire can. And before I sent her to her new home, she ate another half! One of the Food Service ladies took Helena home with her. I believe she will live happily ever after.

The teachers are back...which seems to mean more work for me...maybe I should hope for a bunch of sub jobs...

Look, Toby can swim!

Oh, and for dinner, I made alfredo again...Cora approved.

Butte, Mt. Shopping

This post has nothing to do with Butte, Mt. Shopping, I am baiting Montanans, attempting to get one to come to my luck so far. Do they have internet connections in Montana? I know they have roads...

Cora and I finished the geocahce that my parents had laid. That one step was a doozy. The grass was taller than me and you needed an elephant to it was I had Cora calling "Marko" for me so I could figure out the best direction to get to would really just have to have seen the grass to believe it. The rest of the chase was fun and fairly simple...and there were no mosqitoes trying to kill us...At the end was a pound of coffee! Fun and rewarding!

We did the shopping. I stopped at the farmers market in town and picked up some vegis. When we got home, I made a batch of potato salad and a fresh batch of Salsa Verde. We eneded up having Tacos for dinner.

Cora worked on some sewing and I read a little and watched the last of the Olympics.

Today marks 16 months that we have been loggd in in China...only a few more years to go. Of course, more recently, we have joined the Burundi program that our agency has opened. Hopefully we will be parents sooner than later. The expectation is that we will be parents before Christmas...but, with time running out for us to have dossiers within a month (expected to have been the month of August) that may fall back a bit...but, we will eventually have kids!

The Teachers come back to school today..which is usually celebrated with a large breakfast that all employees of the school district attend. It is followed by lectures, insurance info, and other fun stuff...since I am a sub, I have never had to sit through them... I get to fix a tractor today. That large football playing loaf I was whining about last week burnt up a belt on the mower and failed to tell anyone...and he spelled mow's that for brain power? He must have an energy saving brain: low wattage.

Next week, School starts and my year as a Substitute begins again. Which means easier hours and less exhertion, even though some might argue that the most exhertion we go through is the effort we take to reach our coffee.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Planecrazy About Grandma!

Happy Birthday Grandma! I am sure you are aware, but you share your birth-year with Mickey Mouse...not a bad stable mate. Mickey debuted in an animated short called Plane Crazy. I thought the similarity between that and the name of my blog seemed to mean something, so I thought I would throw that in!

I have known Grandma since shortly after Cora and I began dating, back in 1994. It was probably 1995 before I actually met you, though. Nevertheless, you seem as young and sprightly as ever! And dare I say more computer literate than me! Happy Birthday Grandma! And thanks for being my Grandma, too.

We managed to put the crib together last night and it looks fantastic! Cora put the mattress in and she had already put a sheet on it...I sware she had planned it like that. It actually seems like we might become parents now...or the weird people on the block who have a crib with no baby...let's hope it is the former.

Cora has been blogging for a YEAR today! Congratulations Cora!

The Governor of Montana is Brian Schweitzer. Montana is Big Sky Country! The state flower is the Bitterroot! The state tree is the Ponderosa Pine. Known as theTreasure State, Montana is also known as "Land of Shining Mountains," "Mountain State," and "Bonanza State." The highest point is Granite Peak in the Beartooth Mountains! Montana State University is in Gallatin Valley!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Billings, MT.

This post has nothing to do with Billings, Montana. Nor does it have anything to do with Butte Montana, nor Helena, Montana. The only reason I mention Billings, is I am REALLY hoping to get somone from Montana to Google my it weird that I don't have better things to do with my time? I have Google Analytics and it tells me that I have had visitors from 38 states since I began blogging. I don't get alot of visitors, but once in awhile someone blunders onto it from a state that is not on my list...that makes me happy. Blogger is responsible for many of these visits, because there is a button at the top that says, next blog. People, including myself, push that button and it takes you to some random blog. Often they are in spanish, which I could have Babble Fish translate, but I am lazy and go to the next one. Anyway, I am very interested in getting a hit from someone in Montana...or do you think they have the internet there??

And then there is Google. Search engines are great, since they bring people who are searching for weird things...every once in awhile I attempt to bait them. That is what I am doing tonight, I am baiting google for Montanans...montanians? Mountains? Montanananananans? I hope I am lucky, I will let you know.

We took the Crib back today...well, parts of it. They had been rubbed during shipping which had made the smooth portion rub off...and for what we paid, you would expect a nice, clean,smooth crib. So, we called the store and they said bring the affected pieces back! So we did and they replaced them. It was EASY! They were friendly! and I HEARTILY recommend BABY DEPOT at Burlington Coat Factory. They were nice and exceedingly easy to deal with. So, here is to you Joel, Andrea, Maria, and Desmaris! Thanks!

We shopped a little, but mainly were there for the crib. Now we get to put it together. It was a good day.

My parents left another geocache/treasure hunt for us...we did not finish it due to the dwindling light and other circumstances beyond our control. We plan to finish it tomorrow and we will certainly let you know how it went. Personally, I think it is some sort of far...well, I will get into that more tomorrow... in the meantime, here is a photo of my dad next to the USS Tripoli at Mare Island Naval Base, bck in 2004. Now, that's a tall ship!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Patch of Goo

Alright, so I seem to be accident prone. I have known this for a long time. When I was a kid I was constantly twisting my ankles. I learned to do a back flip off the diving board and then promptly put a hole in my head that required stitches. One day I was helping my dad load a table saw into the back of his pick-up and it came down on my hand, it caused nerve damage and I got stitches. I rode my bike while camping and have a nice scar to show for the brilliant crash that should have been caught on video...I imagine there was flame and smoke incorporated, but none of the witnesses saw it. I was riding my bike down a hill and crashed into a parked car...yep, parked. As soon as I started driving, I got tickets. Soon after that, my car, a 1965 Plymouth Valiant, got into a disagreement with a 1983 Monte car won, my insurance did not. While I was working at a Subway, I was sharpening a knife...well, I probably did not need to sharpen it, and I did not mean to test it...that got me a few stitches. Then, of course, I got poked in the eye at work and got a detached retina for my trouble. Over the past couple years I have had my share of accidents at work. Need I mention the broken tires and stuck tractors?

Today, I decided, since I was the only one there (it was after three) I could just travel across town and use the forklift to move some composite railroad ties. They are kind of a plastic post. Local skateboarders have been tearing down the pile (they were removed from the old playground set) and using them for impromptu skateboard things (Sorry, I don't know the appropriate "Skater" terminology, maybe one of you can help? They sort of scoot their skateboard sideways across them). This use poses a safety and monetary hazard (safety for the kids and money for the school), so I decided to move them, if not back to the shop, at least to a better place.

Monday, I was going to use our forklift to move some pallets. The food service lady had been using it all day and it had been just fine. I was on it for 3 minutes and all of a sudden it felt like I was getting slapped on the ass! It sounded like I had some how wrapped a chain around the axle. I shut it down immediately! The fanbelt had broken and then taken a couple fan blades with it for good measure. The boss had them take it away to fix it and leave us a loaner. Well, I used the loaner today.

I got my load and decided to use the shortest route. that was in front of one of the wings of the school. It was blocked by a car, but I have driven on the grass before with positive results, so I did it again. Seems this time, despite my making sure the ground was solid, there was a small patch of goo...about 2 feet wide by three feet long...and it was apparently not fond of Hysters, because it tried to eat mine.

I found that I could not remove it myself (wheel kept spinning), so I enlisted the help of a new teacher...she thought she could solve my dilemma with logic ("If you just take the load off the forks...or we, I don't know.")...she was wrong. She gave me a ride back to the shop where I got a tractor to use it to get the forklift out of the goo. I stopped to tell Cora I was going to be late first. Then I pulled the Hyster out and parked the tractor to finish my job. Then I drove the Hyster back by the house to tell Cora I'd be back. I put it in the shop, got in my truck and then had Cora drive me over to the tractor, which I drove back to the shop. Cora came and got me and I was done for the day...however, I had managed to stay over an hour longer than intended!
Cora, of course, will have some smug comment, but, I can't help my little incidents. It must be genetic, my dad has much the same luck. Well, at least we are closer to the weekend!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dashed Hopes

Friday, I saw the principal at one of the elementaries. She asked me why I had not applied for the 1/2 time PE position. I told her because I was certified as a history teacher. She said that I might get the chance with the small pool of applicants. Last night, I worked to create a cover letter and update my resume.

This morning, I took it in. I saw the principal and she said she had heard about an applicant with actual PE experience. I thought, damn. Then I was back over at district office and a fit young man came in and asked to leave his application for the Elementary PE position. I thought, DAMN DAMN DAMN! I still have a chance, but, hey, let's not be too hopeful, since logic suggests that one of those guys is better qualified as a PE teacher. Nontheless, wish me luck, ok?

We did a managerie of moving heavy objects today. I have a sore back as a result. Oh, well.

Here is a nice picture of a radial engine...what say you?

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Two Faces of Em's House!

Two times Two is Four, right?

Night and Day!

We had ALOT of fun this weekend. It was HOT. We got a crib...check out Cora's site for more info. And here is a picture of it in the store, isn't Cora cute? Do you think it's the right size for her?
We went back, after I got some sunglasses, and relaxed by the pool. I have a great Sister and Brother-in-law. They are always such gracious hosts!

Here are Cora and Emily illuminated by the pool light. Sorry for the long (hand-held) shutter speed.
I mowed early this morning, forsaking a full break. It was humid and we ended up getting rain and lightning. Even now, we are having a nice lightning storm! Cora jumps at the thunder...even though she knows it is that giant flash that would do the damage!

I made another alfredo dish. This time, I was out of pasta, so I chopped up a zuchini an onion and threw in the rest of the spinach! Yummm! Cora even said so, actually, I think her exact words were not words at first, more like, "Mmm-mmf, wow, what is this?" At first, I was worried it was bad...then I heard her say she liked it...ALOT.

I also made potato salad, but only had 1/4 of a pickle...I resorted to using pickled asparagus! I think it tasted pretty good. Cora put her fork in her mouth and made a most horrid face. I asked if she was ok, she said, "I thought that was a greenbean"...she was not expecting a piece of asparagus... "I may have forgotten to tell you, but I used pickled asparagus for lack of pickles," I said. She seemed to think I should have warned her.

This is Cora under the Cherry Tree!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ah, Relaxation

well, it took awhile, but we made it! Ah, the pleasure of relaxation. We brought steaks and beer. Dinner rocked, and the company was excellent. I have an excellent Sister-in-law AND a great Brother-in-law! Swimming was excellent. Look forward to some good video...assuming I can down/up load it tomorrow. We plan on buying a crib and then doing some other shopping while we are here. It has been a good day. Here are at least a couple pics! Cora and her sister attempting synchronizeds diving...they are looking toward the 2012 Olympics! What do you think?

We have had so much fun!

Today, We Party

Well, not quite, but we do plan to relax and enjoy ourselves. Today it is supposed to reach 106 least. I think, since we have had an odd summer (usually hottest in the first week of August for us, but this year it has remained cool), we deserve to enjoy this little piece of it. We are going to go to my sister-in-law's house and swim in her pool and maybe have a BBQ. I plan on taking large Rib-eye steaks, anyway.

F-22 Raptor, a lean, mean, air pane killing machine.

Here are some photos, since a few of you (cough-cough-Cora, hack-cough-Kim-cough) prefer to look at pictures. Mabe you will enjoy these.
Real Pilots don't need a cockpit, and some ride side-saddle! This F-15, and E model in this instance, was on display at McChord. The E model was meant for ground attack...silly way to use a pure-bred fighter.
Of course there are the obligatory airplane photos...this blog is called Planetruth for a reason.

At least the US Army Air Corps knew how to paint their bombers! The paint schemes of the mid to late 1930s were often very colorful. This B-18A is at McChord AFB.

This A-5 Vigilante at PIMA, is an example of the fastest jet the Nvy ever employed. She was built at a bomber, but since the nuclear mission disppeared soon after they came into delivery, the Navy decidedto use them for recon! They did a great job, though they took severe losses in Vietnam...probably something to do wit flying into heavily defended areas in straight lines with no ability to fight back. Still, it looks fast, even on the ground.

Cora and I finished the "changing table." I still have to work on the giraffe knob, I am not happy with it facing the same direction as the monkey knob, so I will sand it off and reposition it. Coar was saying those hand painted knobs go for $15 each at some tht's crazy. I would sell mine for $50 or $60...just kidding, I don't know, I would probably sell them for less...more like $10...maybe if I got really good, I would lower the price...who knows. They are kind of fun to paint.

I think I want to leave a geocache for my darling parents, today as we drive by their city. The neat thing is it is basically a treasure hunt. You leave clues and coordinates and the fun part is writing clues. One of my clues last week was, "you will need your metal detector, what you seek is in mint condition." It was an Altoids container buried in the dirt. Look, Cora likes Geocaching!!

Here is a landscape from Arizona. I suppose my painting in the men's room does not compare, but, whether you like the weather and climate or not, you have to admit, Arizona has some awesome landscapes! Beautiful country. It pobably has something to do with growing up here, but, apart from the mountain vistas and the rolling hills and the wonderful ocean shores and that spectacular rainforest and the Columbia Gorge and the Yakima River Canyon...and most of the state, I don't like the way Washington looks. Hmmm...maybe I do like it a bit?!
This is Arizona and this is Washington State...if you look behind the air plane, you can see Mt. Rainier rising through the haze.

and here is what we drive around in, lots of hills:

this is the landscape closer to home...

and residents of Seattle see this:

And it isn't like Arizona has Ocean Front Property...though, I knew someone who wanted to sell me some a few years, probably worth a bunch, now. Does Arizona have pretty girls like this one?
And Arizona does not get THIS much snow...