Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Play the Sub Game!

So, I have a special day here. I sub for a guy who goes between two schools. He starts in the morning at the Middle School, then goes over to the HS halfway through. Here is the awesome part. I get paid for a full day. Let me explain. I showed up at 715am this morning (The time at which teachers are supposed to show up at the MS) and was told that his first class is not until 930am. OK. Cool, I just came back home (5 blocks) and had some more coffee.

I subbed at the HS yesterday. As usual, the kids are smartasses...but, so am I. I think that lends to my popularity. Weird. Still, I am a sub that has never sunk...I have been damaged with a heavy list, but never sunk.

I found it amusing how no one but my beloved wife cottoned onto the idea of a picture being worth 1000 words. I think her Goonies quote was an added bit of flair...though, I am not sure I compare to Chunk THAT well.

Which reminds me, I offered the classes the chance to get out a minute early if they could identify the movie from which I quoted. Here is the quote: "I don't like you either...I've got the death sentence in twelve systems!" I may have paraphrased a little, but the gist is there. I wonder if any of you can identify the movie. I might be inclined to reward a correct answer! (NOT CORA, since she already knows!)

Well, the clock is inching toward the time when I need to leave...OH, the torture of beig a substitute teacher!!!


Lisa said...

Ugh. I just left a comment and somehow deleted it. Sorry! Well, this one will be far less amusing, but I just had to say I am so disappointed that I can't place the quote. Thought I'd seen every decent movie out there. Apparently not. or maybe, you and Cora have poor taste in movies. :) Just kidding. Anyhow, have fun with the mouthy kids today. And PS, John is presently flying a desk, so the Tacoma, I would say, is much closer to flying a plane. He is taking a year off flying to do another assignment, but would love to talk flying with you any day of the week. You should be pals.

Cora said...

Wow, what a rough life what did you work like 5 hours yesterday? If you can call what you do work, LOL, you have too much fun for it to be work.
Love ya.

Erin said...

I knew what you were talking about yesterday, but felt I didn't have much more to say than what I did. I guess I should have said duh? I am shocked you did not post my green eye shadow picture and put 1000 words!