Thursday, October 9, 2008


Nine. I married a TEN, but we've only been married for nine years.

This is Messier Object # 9. It is also known as M-9. It is a globular cluster.
Some say leather is the gift of choice for the ninth anniversary. Some say pottery. I suspect chemists might disgree and say it is the Fluorine's the ninth element on the periodic table. Next year, then, is our Neon Anniversary!! (I am trying to start this Elemental Anniversary thing here...maybe it will catch on. You can help by petitioning your local Hallmark store for a card suitably designed.)

We were married in a beautiful stone building. My best man was a woman. Our sisters were our bridesmaids. It was, overall, a great day. Sure one of the groomsmen got lost on the way to the wedding. One of them showed up a bit late because shooting at some ducks was very important to him. The bride's father, for some reason, could not fit into his tux pants. The best man (woman) also had difficulties with her pants (it was soon discovered that the rental outfit had switched the bottoms). The planned music did not happen because the CD player was fowled up when it was tipped on its journey downstairs. We were followed in our car by Cora's aunts and uncle as we made our getaway.

Finally, we went to the car wash. It was one where people come out and begin the wash and take your money. One of the dumbest things I have ever heard was a question we were asked at that car wash. We were still dressed up; I in my tux, Cora in her gown. The girl who came to take our money asked, "Did you really just get married?" Our car was covered in such things as tooth paste and whatever else our beloved relations could find, most things saying the normal "just married" stuff. And Cora was in her wedding gown and I was in my tux...did I mention we were dressed as bride and groom? Here's your sign.

After that night, the years have flown by. Yes, we have done many things together, and I look forward to a million more, but it just seems to have gone by in a flash. So, nine years. What's next? A kid? Maybe, if the governments of two nations, a thousand people in both nations, and luck can cooperate with us!

I have had a great nine years! Cora, I love you! Thank you for being my wife!


Cora said...

Love ya too! It has been a good nine years! Only 364 days for you to get that Diamond, I mean "neon" ring for our 10th Anniversary.
I was so excited this morning when you told be it was the Fluorine Anniversary, I thought you said flooring and we were going to get new carpet!!! We really have been married 9 years when I get excited about carpet as an anniversary gift :0).

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Happy 9 years..
Have a Great Day...

Grandma said...

You should have at least one of your kids by the 10th Anniversary.
Hugs to you both!