Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentines Day and Presidents' Day Weekend

 It turns out that Hailey really likes swings!  We visited a couple parks this weekend.  We went to the "Duck Park" and the Moxee park.  While Hailey looks upon uneven surfaces with consternation, she does smile upon swinging!

Chloe was helpful during the weekend, too.
 This morning, Cora had to work, so I was alone with the girls today.  I honestly don't know how Cora does it.  She is an awesome partner in this family and I know I would never want to do it without her.  On the walk to the park I stopped for coffee, because there is never enough.  When I was done I put it on the bench.  Hailey found it and proceeded to make me some of the cutest pictures I've had the chance to take.

 These pictures have so many possible captions!

 We are definitely a cohesive unit.