Sunday, February 22, 2015

Just Another Day

This week I subbed for a gentleman who ended up losing his mother.  I was very sorry about that.  On the bright side, for me, I got to sub during conferences...which meant being paid for a full day but only working a little over a half.  I was quite happy with the result.

Friday was SO nice I decided to go for a drive.  This is the result.
 The other day we noticed that Chloe has grown quite a bit and has outgrown her bicycle.  We decided to go shopping and see if a bigger bike was right for her...we ended up buying one...WOW! What a deal!!  It was slightly used and about 25% the price of a new one!
After we got home and gave her a chance to ride her new bike, Chloe had a birthday party to was great being able to talk to Cora without the usual interruptions...

Chloe came home somewhat hyped up on sugar and visiting with friends

It was a good day.