Thursday, October 23, 2008


Oh, the pain...

Thank you Littlemisswhatshername. My beloved wife tagged me...and how fortunate it is, since, just yesterday, I gave random thoughts a shot and came up with bullets (Nice pun, don't you think?).

  • I like to eat. I also like to cook. (you can see me doing the former here)

  • This might be a sub-entry to the above, but I love In-N-Out Burgers.

  • I have a secret (Ooops) crush on Abby from NCIS...I suspect I am not the only one.

  • I dig clever things done well. I don't know where I got this photo, but whoever took it deserves to sell his photography for large sums!

  • I have a strange interest in all things space. The moon especially...

  • I get a kick out of being places I am not supposed to. Case in point: I went to Mare Island Naval Yard to explore after it was closed. The sign on the gate said to go straight to your point of business and nowhere else...I figured I was there to see the base and proceeded as though I owned the place. No one bothered me. Then I saw this ship. Note the opened door at the top of the ramp. As I walked up to find someone to see what they were doing on deck I was confronted by signs that said things like "US NAVY INSTALLATION, KEEP OUT." and other nice things. No one was at the little lecturn or in the office. There was a group of guys across the hangar deck from me. I walkd up and they were very friendly for about 15 seconds...until they saw the camera hanging from my neck...then I was politely escorted off ship. I still spent some more time on base...I am not easily deterred.

  • I don't usually find fishing as exciting as, say, sewing, but I like it when my Father-In-Law is in the boat...somehow, it's just more fun. Even if we don't catch a thing.

  • I am a science fiction fan. Star Trek is awesome...and I don't know why! ...You left me... on Genesis...why did you do this? Climb the steps Jim...Climb the steps of Mount Selaya... Spock, Mount Selaya is on Vulcan...

  • I don't really like airplanes...but I dig pilots! Lisa, you gotta share! LOL!!

And Dori's Mom...I can keep going, but I've run out of photographic illustrations!

  • The only reason people think I am a good teacher is I m funny...don't tell, ok?
  • The only reason people think I am a good people, I am funny...takes all kinds.
  • I think the word Genetalia is funny. I think the subject is fun.
  • I like things that go boom.
  • I like plants.
  • I like my dog...he has a cute butt, see here to confirm. (scroll to the bottom to see)
  • Sea Urchin stings only hurt a little bit.

Now I am supposed to tag someone else...I can only think of two who have commented on my blog and who I don't think have been tagged yet...Sorry!

Lisa at A Motherlode!


Jen at Blissfully Caffeinted!

The rules are at the top. I hope you all enjoyed my pain!


Lisa said...

OH! You are evil! Evil, evil, evil!!! :) NOW I have to come up with these random/weird things to write about myself. And I DO believe everything random and weird about me is already out there.....gee whiz. Thanks for the shout-out, though, Jim! I will just have to tag Cora and send this thing in a vicious circle. Well, I guess it's the least I could do since I snagged Cora's camera and all....tell her sorry. If it helps, I have extreme winner's guilt. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh dear.

Just kidding, thanks for the tag. It may take a few days to come up with 7 things, I'll link back when it's posted.


Cora said...

You did not do too bad you, that is my most favorite picture of my Dad. And no I did not read the whole story about the ship I have to hear it everytime we meet someone new I could probably post about it myself.

Love ya, yeah i won something!!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Love the random things..
Love the picture of the spaceship and the light..
Have a Great Evening.
Give Cora a BIG HUG for me..

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

I just KNEW you'd ramble on! Great facts!

Custom Blog Designs said...

Yes...the security codes are spelling things. Just this morning I had to type 'Jim Rocks' to post a comment.

(I'm an Aries too, but with this other blog profile you'd think I was a Gemini!)

Grandma said...

Hey Cora,
What's up with the chop sticks? I would never get enough in my mouth with those things.

Cora said...

Grandma, Even though it might be 20years before we go to China I don't want to starve while there so I try to get practice every chance I get.
either that or I am taking a whole costco sized box of forks with me