Sunday, October 5, 2008


So, we went on our treasure hunt. We found it. It took a few tries, and some team work, but we located all the steps. I also got a look at my Dad's new seems much better than his first ones. We all got a chance to set up some short hunts and found the best ways to take coordinates. I think we are all getting the hang of it with clues nd hiding techniques. It should be fun for my sister and brother-in-law's birthdays.

My sister usually has some sort of theme for their birthdays. One of them had a cowboy theme, another was an outdoor/camping. Usually there are a few games and it is simply a good time for all! This year there is a treasure hunting/GPS theme.

We recorded Saturday Night Live. Blissfully Caffienated reminded me that it was fun to watch with her posts the last few Sundays. It was hilarious! Then the Killers came on to play some music. I have a Killers CD. I enjoy listening to them. They make great music, but I was watching the lead singer on the TV and...he kind of freaks me out...there is something not quite right with his performance. Great voice. He handles the music with great care, but, and I think if you see his performance you'd agree, maybe he should be heard, but not seen. Oh, and Anne Hathaway hosted last night...She is HOT! and a great actress.

Oh, and our friend Kim, at Journey to Isabella, just posted her 500th post. She is celebrating by giving away some prizes for those who comment on her 500th blog! (But, and I feel I must warn my readers so as not to drive up your hopes, she is NOT giving away air museum tickets. And DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ABOUT NO RANDOM AIRPLANE PARTS!) Still, she is a friend, so I highly recommend her sight (EVEN THOUGH THERE ARE NO AIRPLANES).

So, Sunday morning. I think we need a few groceries, and I think we are going to help my mother-in-law pick out a few members for her claning crew in her new fish tank, probably some crabs and snails. Also, I am going to put Cora in charge of cleaning up the house...


Cora said...

Yesterday was fun, so I guess that means today is work cleaning and grocery shopping.
Congrats to Kim's 500. Sorry I think you are the only on that would enter to win the airplane parts, LOL

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Sounds like you had fun yesterday...
Happy grocery shopping.. and don't feel bad.. I am cleaning also..
Sorry no tickets or plane parts.. maybe next time..
Thanks for putting me in your post...
One day you will be able to put a picture of BB and Auntie Kim together..