Sunday, July 28, 2013


We live in prime hop growing country.  The vines, depending on variety, are usually well over half-way up the ropes by July first, and after some hot weather are all the way up shortly thereafter.  By late August they will begin to bloom, and then the farmers will begin harvesting.  It is hot, dirty work that proceeds around the clock until well into September and sometimes a little later.  The hops are cut down and taken by truck to large kilns, where the blooms are separated from the vine and then dried.  Then they are compressed into hug bales.  The bales are taken to warehouses where they are eventually either used as is, compressed further into pellets, or used to create hop extract.

Those of us not directly involved still appreciate the hard work, usually by tipping back a cold one.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Last Weekend

 First, a couple scenic pics...

We went to a picnic last Saturday and this is what Chloe did!
Of course, she has no problems making friends...

 All-in-all, it was a good weekend.  Let's hope this one measures up similarly!!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Park at 8pm.

 Chloe was good all yesterday and we decided to go for a walk.  We went and got ice cream for dessert, then walked back home to get in the Cruiser and took the kid and her bike to the park.  I think she likes the park.  Can you tell?
 I think that may be a smile turned up side down...but it's still a smile!

 And finally, I turned around from watching Chloe and saw THIS beautiful woman.  Couldn't help but take the shot.

Trip to the Zoo!

 On Saturday, July 6th, we decided to go to the zoo!  We went to the Woodland Park Zoo for the day and had quite a lot of fun!

 Above Chloe is being "Door Mouse" from the television show "Team Umi Zoomi."

 She kept insisting that mint icecream was her favorite, even though we were pretty sure no one had given her any before.  So we gave her some and she continues to insist it is her favorite.

Fourth of July! 2013!!

 Our Fourth of July was pretty laid back.  We bought a few fireworks and watched the neighbors go through their's like there was no tomorrow.  Seriously, even with the wind, people continued to blow things up.

 It was a blast.