Monday, October 27, 2008

Mopey Monday

I am not terribly mopey, but apparently I can only get sick and feel horrible on days of the weekend. I feel pretty darn good today! I think it is because it is Monday and since we had to get up, I felt like staying in bed. Isn't that how it works? If I have nowhere to be and no plans, I wake up extra early. If I have to be somewhere at a particular time, like work, I could stay in bed for hours. Well, that seems to be the standard mode of operations.
Oh, and what is it about Sully that makes him sleep like this?

Today promises to be fairly standard. No frost on the windows, nice. One hour late start. I am subbing for the reading teacher, and she has things I cannot sub for, so I have frequent breaks. Last week she had me busy making copies during those breaks. I look forward to more of the same. What really happens is I start some copie and get bored and find someone to go talk to...then I get back to copying again. It doesn't sound like it, but it makes for a long day.

If you like science fiction like I do, and if you like art, why not drop by this blog and take a look at the neat pictures and media this person has takes awhile to load...or maybe, more likely, it is my dinosaur of a laptop, but it is worth the wait. I spent the better part of yesterday surfing through it off and on. I like the ones that are so well put together artistically that it could just as well hang on your wall as be on the net.
I had some requests for picture of Cora and I on our drive...I was saving those for Cora to post...she doesn't appreciate it when I use ALL the good pics. I don't blame her. Here is one of the pair of us. And also a COOL car we saw. A Challenger, which I wanted to cll a Charger, but the chrome did not lie. It is NEW right off the lot. The guy was very nice and let me take some pics.

Well, I am going to need more coffee and a can of Lysol for work...


Grandma said...

Sully Sully you don't have a clue how lucky you are. Cora plucked him up off the ground fom some place. He was just a helpless little baby that would have wandered around and finally starved todeath or some varmit may have killed him.

Erin said...

Come on, I bet you sleep like that too. Heck I do! It is my bed.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Sully is tooo cute..
Love the picture of Cora and you...
The car is okay..
Hope you are both feeling better..
Tell Cora I said HELLO and Miss her..
Have a Great Evening..