Sunday, November 30, 2014

Long Day

We began the day with Chloe walking into the bedroom.  She wanted to talk to her mom.  "Mommy, what are we going to do today?"  you name it, she has questions.  Does not matter how early it is.  (6:00AM)  She has questions that must be answered.

Her Mom, being the fast thinker that she is, responded to yet another question, "Why don't you go see where the elf is?"  Chloe dutifully left for the front room and a few Daniel Tiger's  later I heard, "Boom, Boom, Boom!!"

I said, halfway out of bed, "I heard a boom, boom, boom,"  Cora responded with a, "Why are you still here? Our daughter is out there."  I escaped to the front room, and found the daughter standing on a step-ladder holding the bi-fold door closed.  I asked what she was doing.  I noted an empty dog dish and no water in their water dish.  "Toby was annoying me."  I said, probably because he was HUNGRY!  It's YOUR job to feed him.  I filled the water while she filled the food dish.  She got busy filling their bowl.  I decided to get up, so I made coffee.  Chloe helped.

We moved slowly and when Cora finally got up, we sat quietly.  We watched shows for Chloe and then decided to go to town.

We went to town and returned an item from her birthday, then shopped some.  We ALSO saw Santa.  He was despicable.  He was not like he was in previous years.  He was wearing a fake beard and was unresponsive to Chloe's questions.  We were less than enthused.  The photos were not good.

Cora and I had difficulty responding to Chloe's poor response to anti-biotics.  She has had the worst diarrhea since she started it.  It has been a difficult few days.  She is a very good girl.  I am so proud that she is my daughter,

We got the grout done. Next is the re-attachment of the toilet and the sink.  I cannot wait!

Friday, November 28, 2014

New Computer!

So, my computer has been dying.  Slowly.  I accidentally erased some important file that allowed new programs to load and run.  Also, there were some other minor problems.  Then recently, when the screen was not being held it just went white.  Cora and i ground our teeth.  I tried to check and recheck the wires by tearing it apart and putting it back together.  That didn't help.  We finally bit the bullet and with the Black Friday ads we bought a new one.  Now I can see the screen while I type.  What JOY!!

I began working on the bathroom the other day and toward the end of it I got a terrible sore throat.  It turns out I was sick, and went a whole five or six days before i saw a doctor last Saturday.  They gave me a Zpack and within a couple days I felt somewhat normal.  But, now I'm beginning to think I need something else.  I'm sweating like a pig and getting a long way toward miserable.  I think I may go see the doc again.

Yesterday we spent Thanksgiving with my in-laws and it was very nice.  I guess the big thing is being sick sucks.

The bad thing about me being sick, is i went and got Chloe sick, too.  I don't like seeing her miserable.

Well, my train oof thought derailed.  I'm going to have something to drink and see if I can find it again.