Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March Marches On Once Again...

Good bye March. Why is it such a short month now? It always seemed long when I was a kid. Of course my grandmother seemed intent on torturing me. One year she took wrapped gifts for me and put them on the wall. One every day or so. I don't remember exctly how long she did it, probably over just a couple weeks, but it seemed to take forever. She ended up using the shapes of the packages to make a picture. First there was a house, complete with roof. Then a sidewalk. My memory is foggy these days, so details are eratic, but the main idea is still there. It was a good birthday.

I have had more good brithdays than bad ones...so that must be good.

Today was windy. I am not particularly taking to this physical labor thing...I am tired. I hope tomorrow comes easier and not as harsh on my poor old 35 year old body.

Monday, March 30, 2009

My Birthday Party!


Fun Night

My Birthday is today. Last night, however, we had my family over to celebrate. Cora made dinner and all was yummy, because that's how Cora cooks. My niece and nephews were here and we had a great time. We played Wii. You should hve seen my parents get into it! It was a great evening. I will try to post some pictures tonight.

In the meantime, I work maintenance. Should be a good week. Should be a great day. I wonder how much I can get away with by claiming "it's my birthday!"

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Observtions

We went to town today. I saw a few things that seemed to indicate that the times are a changing.

#1. I saw a 1980s vintage automobile with REALLY tiny wheels and tires. Which was par until they hit a bump and the entire automobile began bouncing around. I thought they might lose the driver for a moment. It was all I could do not to laugh. Also, my attention was drawn by the fact that the occupents were white and completely out of place, as though they were trying to be ethnic.

#2. The next vehicle I saw was ANOTHER 1980s era vehicle. This time it was driven by an ethnic driver. The difference between it and the previous car was that this one had extremely BIG tires and wheels...which made it look ready for the roughest terrain. Still, it did not look right. Is THAT the next new thing?

#3. I saw a woman with painted eye brows. I guess that isn't so different from normal. The strange thing was she seemed to have one eyebrow painted on in an arc, whilst the other one was certainly more flat...it made her look like a Vulcan with an attitude problem. It really made me wonder what her mirror looked like, perhaps it was convex. That or she had very BAD vision.

I started a couple new paintings tonight. One will be a dragon...that may take some work. I plan to do another monogram, except for a boy.the last is a tall on which I think I may use to make a Giraffe.

Tomorrow, my family is going to stop in and have dinner with us. For my birthday. Even though it's a day early. Should be a good day!

Some Paintings

Here are a few paintings I have been working on. I am prticularly fond of the Dragon Flies and the Monogram. I need to work on the panda, but I was experimenting anyway. These will be for sale on Cora's blog soon.

Sexy Shorts Mended!

I have a pair of shorts that are several years old. They are made of a thin linen-like material. They have seen better days; in fact, Cora won't let me wear them out of the house(to town, for instance, working around the house was ok). They developed a...personality a few years ago. A hole developedin the pocket. Then the hem came away on one of the legs. Well, this summer there was an explosive decompression...and an eight inch long tear appeared in the region of my buttocks. I saved them, despite their ragged condition.

I began painting recently. I am a little energetic with mybrush and could potentially ruin better clothes. I decided to begin using the old shorts...but, the 8 inch gash made them suspect. I asked Cora to mend them this morning...I even said she could use any old material she had...I did not care about what color it was. She is fixing them at this moment. She is not pleased to have to interrupt her precious dressmaking, but she is doing it. (With only a little grumbling)

I expect to be wearing a pair of shorts with hot pink thread! Still, I will have something to paint in. But, I am under very stringent instructions: I "must never be seen in them." that means I can't even go in the back yard!...bit strict I think. Gotta love her!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Half (Happy Day)

I was back at the El today! It was a half-day with full-pay. Who can despair at that!?

One of the wonderful ladies in there (one of the ones that do the majority of the work) had a laugh at my expense. She seemed to get a kick out of my "health" story from yesterday. So much so that she had to share. Don't you worry(and you know who you are), you might forget your keys in your car again...and there's half-a-chance that someone will be there to get it on film!! I hope it's me!

After school, I got gas...errr...that is, I got gasoline. You know, for the truck. Then I took the wife some coffee. I came home and cleaned a bit, then worked on a couple paintings. I started one, and did a little experimentation. It turned out half-way decent.

Cora came home and made dinner. Which was AWESOME-especially after the last two duds I managed. I suppose she is the better half of the two cooks in this family.

So, my BIRTHDAY!!!! Is coming. I will be thirty-five. That's half of 70.

I feel half-way decent about that.

Bring on FRI !!!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Health Struck Hard

I have been subbing at the HS all week. I have been enjoying it. Everyday a new classroom, yet, each time I seem to have the same students. Some of course note this in louder ways than others. "You keep following me, Mr. H, are you a stalker?" They think they are so funny and clever...ah, well, at least they try

So, it was health today. Most of the health classes elected to watch a movie on Sexual Harrassment...one class did not. I am not sure of the exact circumstances around this particular class, but it was...less than optimal for me as a sub. I was in there once before and the other substitute teacher had the experience I had today; I was fairly smug that it was not me at the time. Well, I got caught. It was nothing more than the fact that the class was opening the book to chapter 18...the Human Reproductive System. Ah, yes. That's it. The class was mostly girls, though there were a few guys...each one of the students seemed to enjoy being able to say Penis or Vagina in the context of the paper they were filling out with complete impunity. Of course they said it louder than they needed, I am sure. I swear my neck was sore by the end of class, as my ears are sensitive to such things and ferreting out the source of comments is a handy ability...but it was system overload today.

To make matters worse was my poor choice of words. I walked back to a group of girls who were working on the male genetalia portion of the handout. (In any other situation, thischoice of words would be no problem) They had had a few questions on this earlier, I had done my best to help. I walked up and asked, "Did you girls get it straight?" As the last words were coming out of my mouth my brain processed the multiple ways this could be interpreted, then it moved to the uncomfortable and inappropraite ways those words could be interpreted. A few of the students beat me and giggled, explaining to their slower classmtes what was funny...I could not respond but to stutter and try to leave the area quickly...it was suddenly warm in there, at least my face was hot.

So, I have the rest of the week in the Elementary SPED room! I am certain I won't be too embarrassed by my mouth in there...at least I can always hope.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Finished Product, Spiff Lives!

I grew up in the eighties and the nineties. I read the comics whenever I visited my grand-dad's, which was everyday. My favorite comic strip was Calvin and Hobbes. The boy and his tiger. I loved the commentary and I loved the mix of comedic childishness and adult pessimism. Calvin and Hobbes made me laugh. I still have the last strip they ran...what was it? 1995? Anyway, a few of them stick with me. I remember the snowmen...Calvin's snowmen almost always met some horrific end. I remember the "Aliens Welcome!" sign in his dad's lawn that he dug with a shovel...the impending spanking was only implied, but Calvin's satisfaction at a job well done was evident. Calvin's imagination was the fuel for the comic. One of the imaginary characters he became was Spaceman Spiff. He had a red space ship. This painting was inspired by that ship. It is entitled "The Red One."
Thank you Bill Watterson for that wonderful part of my childhood.
So, now, even though I am becomming quite fond of this painting I will offer it up for sale on Cora's site. Does anyone have a suggestion for pricing?
Sorry these are sideways...but these are some other ideas for long canvasses...any preferences? Oh and I am a boy, so airplanes is gonna have to happen. Thats a hippo by the way...above the airplanes.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Painting. For Sale.

Cora has been sewing dresses and blankets, hoping to sell them to help with some extra money for the adoption. I thought I might be able to contribute, so I bought a few canvasses. I like this one. I am ALMOST finished. I need to finish the spaceship...but I think it won't take very long tomorrow. I made this one with a boys room in mind...maybe a future NASA employee...When I finish it, I will put more pictures up here and Cora might even put it on her site.
My calf is feeling much better...still hurts if I twist wrong, and I walk with a slight limp, but nothing compared to yesterday. I wish weekends lasted longer.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday, Why Didn't You Come Earlier!!?!

I subbed the same old JROTC classes as yesterday, but today, I seemed to have pulled muscle...yikes! My calf muscle was the poor bastard that suffered. OH MY GOOGLE!! It hurts! Everytime I put weight on my right foot it runs up my leg into my calf nd makes me cry like a girl! A little girl! OUCH!!

Still, managed to take Cora's car in and have the snow tires taken off. It took forever! Then I got dinner. Then I bought some adult beverages. Then I came home.

Tomorrow, I plan to charge the battery in the Buick and hopefully empty the shed a bit...we shall see.

Bring on the healing weekend! PLEASE!!!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Short Day

I had the best day. What more could you ask for? Start about 9:30AM, go until 11:10AM and take over an hour for lunch. Next class I had began at 12:37pm. Less than two hours later I had my coat and sunglasses on and was walking out the door. Ahh, these are the days I live for.

Oh, I wanted to post a couple pictures. First you see the cat, Sully, in the way he is supposed to be...white and black.

Next, well, apart from the shorn fur, check out the color. Dost mine eyes deceive me, or tis that a white, brown, and black(gray?) cat? I hate giving cats baths.

Oh, and because I had so much time today, my lovely wife asked me to take her dresses (the ones she has finished) in to the elementary, where dwell many new mothers and friends of new moms. (practically a breeding ground for kids...and yet...not...at least in my experience) We thought it might be a place where Cora could drum up a few sales...it is. Here are a couple fabrics that she has that I did not take with me. In the next few weeks Cora will begin putting new stuff on her blanket blog...in the mean time, e-mail her if you'd like to know more, or see pictures of her dresses.

I think these are cute.
Oh, we had Chicken Quasadillas for dinner...not bad...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kinder Madness Among Others

So, here are a few things I heard today in the kindergarten class I was subbing in:

  • I have a rainbow fish at home.
  • Aidan is calling me, "dude!" and I don't like it.
  • I'm already ready for recess.
  • Brenden says L-E-A-V-E-S spells level, but it spells leaves!
  • Is it time to go home, yet?

Oh, and here's a gem:

  • Child comes up to me and hugs me around my waist without warning. I pry child off, and ask why are you hugging me. "Because I love you." OK, I answer, "Go do your work."
  • Same child sneaks up beside me 20 minutes later and begins poking me in the side. I move to avoid this, and ask, why are you poking me? "Because I love you."

Ah, the joy and logic of kinders!

Speaking of logic, I thought I might share some of the keywords people have used to find my blog in the past few months.

  • 30 people searched for "Billy Mays must die."
  • 13 searched for "Awesomeness is free."
  • Aparently 8 people are interested in "Stupid Fish Names."

But lets ignore how many people dislike Billy Mayes, even though I agree wholeheartedly with them. I bet when he writes emails he uses ALL CAPITAL LETTERS! AND !EXCLAMATION!! POINTS!!!! I don't think I would want him s a friend...unless he was handing out cash, and even then, I would be forced to ask him to use his "inside voice." Let's take a look at some of the slightly less mainstream items that somehow brought up my site:

  • Peanut Jeff-fa-fa

I gues I am not the only one who likes Dunham.

  • Fresh turkey smell

Really, on my blog?

  • Husband cuts my hair

I am happy for her, but why is she searching for that?

  • A fresh turkey will smell

It will? Why are you searching for this if you are so sure? And what will it be sniffing for? Food?

  • A loss for words

Me too.

  • Are Mondays good days

I guess it depends on whether you work or not. You wouldn't be asking if you did.

  • Baby name smart dorky ansel

Now that's going to be one confused kid.

  • Cat scissor cut accidental

Hah! I am not the only one!!

  • Hey baby you wanna oxi clean my kaboom

Now, I think you are talking dirty to Billy Mays...

  • Grandma Movies

Or...maybe grandmothers...

  • How much plutonium 235 was in fat baby

Ok, dude, did you know that Plutonium bombs use Pu-241? It's also Uranium 235 they use in bombs...and did you also know that the bomb was called Fat Man and the other was Little Boy! Further, just because a baby is portly, why do you think he is full of heavy radioactive metal?

  • I wish billy mays would shut up

Me too!

  • Love is disappointmet haunted all of my dreams

What? Is that supposed to be lyrics of a song?

  • Thoroughly Thinking

I'm glad someone is.

  • Turkey fresh smell

The NEW GLADE scent!

  • Wine glass dish tip

For what?

  • Wish wedding never happened

Probably because you were asking for wine glass dish tips. He obviously realized you were an idiot.

So, there you have it. I'm out of stuff to say...well, that's not true, but I gotta go do stuff.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patty's Day!

Good Mornin' and I hope you are all havin' a good day! Today I am to manage the antics of 20 or so kinders. Should be fun. The teacher apologized for leaving certain Leprechaun tracks for me to clean up...Should be interesting.

Well, I noticed my stats for this site have been...static. Oh, well. I had about 30 visitors to my aircraft site the last couple days...really cool for a site that only averages less then ten hits per day. I also got an email from another person interested in wreckchasing. I am excited by the positive words I have received concerning my aircraft losses site. I am not the only one interested in this subject apparently.

I will try and post later today concerning my time with the kinders!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Night Blues

Sunday night has arrived. We have to work tomorrow, hence the blues. I work at TH as the PE teacher, which will no doubt find me sore in afternoon. Cora has to go back to the same old same old. Ah, if only weekends were longer.

Speaking of weekends, I have spent a pretty good one! I found a wreck on Saturday. Today...we went shopping and came home and did a little work and then we both puttered on a bit with our own chosen hobbies. Cora dress making...me designing pictures to paint. Cora has a few she picked out that she thinks will be good. I am envisioning children's walls. The one I am excited to get on with is longer than it is wide and will be of a Calvin nd Hobbes flavor spaceship (candy-apple red, "yeah, he took the red one.") and a planet or two in the background. The other, so far, will be a Chinese dragon looking over his shoulder...except Chinese dragons are pretty serpent-like...so, probably not accurate to call it a shoulder...maybe more like craning his neck...anyway, yeah. I am also thinking about a panda and a tiger...as soon as I perfect my tiger. Maybe a giraffe as soon as I get one by Cora's quality control.

We also watched Serenity the movie. It was on the Sci-Fi channel a few weeks back, but we had not seen the show it was based on, so it didn't really make sense. Now we have...and it does. Well, it makes MORE sense than it did.

Well, I am ready to hit the hay and go teach tomorrow...nah...that's a lie. I am wide awake and I don't want to work tomorrow!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

P-38 Lightning Wreck!!

So, I found my first wreck!! It was a Lockheed P-38L Lightning. It's serial number was #44-23914. I don't know the story behind it yet. I will be getting the accident report from the friend I went with. He is the one who knew where it was...approximately. We did quite a bit of walking considering we knew approximately where it was. Finally, I caught site of a part with rivets. It was really REALLY cool!! If you want to read more about it, skip on over to my other blog...you know, Aircraft Losses in Washington State. I have some other pictures there.

You can see engine parts, wing parts, and, that rusty thing is the side of a M2 Browning .50 caliber machine gun...but, we did not see any machine gun rounds...or shells...darnit.

I had originally planned to go to Larson afterword, but the time of day was against me and the weather wasgetting kind of nasty. I can make Larson a trip of its own. As it was, it still took me quite while to get home.

Which reminds me. Does ANYONE know where Glen, Washington is? Apparently it is near Mattawa, but there is no mention of it on-line or on my maps. The reason I ask is a B-17 crashed near it. And it is the only place mentioned with any accuracy.

Cora cleaned house while I was gone and it looks splendid! However, I think we both want to get rid of our washer and dryer. The washer's spin cycle is somewhat violent. It shook so hard it shook a gallon of bleach off the dryer and onto the floor...the lid snapped off and before we were aware of what was happening had emptied onto the lenoleum...we had a VERY CLEAN SMELLING house...everything smelled of bleach for the longest time.

It is turning out to be a nice evening, I hope everyone else experiences a similar weekend.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th Good, Thursday the 12th? Bad.

So, my Friday went well. No major problems raised their ugly heads. The day slid by with a minimum of fuss. I was happy.

I also got the opportunity to view one of the science teachers doing a once in a lifetime demonstration. Apparently someone from the state went through their collection of elemental specimens and found some Yellow Phosphorus. They told the science teacher he had to dispose of it. Apparently they did not say how. So, he decided to show his students what happens when Yellow Phosphorus is exposed to oxygen. It was AWESOME. It smoldered at first and then small flames began to unfold from it and then it looked alot like a road flare. I asked him if it was anything like handling Sodium. He said sodium is soft and he has never been afraid of handling anything else...the phosphorus...well, he was extremely cautious. Apparently the Phosphorus is hard, a lot like chert or obsidian I am assuming, partilly from his description and from what it looked like in the little glass jar. Yes, he let ME hold the jar...secretly, I wanted to take it home with me! But, there were 20 or so kids looking at me. Still, it was vastly cool.

Tomorrow I get to go see if we can find a P-38 wreck!!!! I am SO EXCITED! It may be covered with up to an inch of Mt. St. Helens Ash...so I m taking my metal detector. I may do a little sight seeing, too. There are some Nike Missile Sites in the general area and of course the Titan Missile sites and Larson AFB and further up there are some Atlas sites, but I am not sure how long Cora wants to have me gone...she probably has chores she would like me to do.

So, some idiot served some Arkansas children windshield wiper fluid instead of Kool-aid...what, didn't the little safety cap or the TINFOIL give it away as being NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION????? How stupid do you have to be??? How about the label that probably said "WINDSHIELD WIPER FLUID???????" It isn't like they try to hide the fact that it is WINDSHIELD WIPER FLUID!!!

Oh, well, one of the lst Bttlestar Galacica's is on tonight. Dinner will be pizza and refreshments will be beer. What better way is there to start weekend?

Friday Never Comes Too Soon

Hello Friday! I am so happy to see you. Even if you are a Friday the 13th...

Yes, I have had an interesting week. Problems with the adoption agency and more than normal stresses with kids at the schools, but that is not the reason for my joy of seeing Friday arrive. We all know what follows Friday. Saturday. I get the chance to meet a gentleman I have been in communication with who also likes to hunt down old aircraft wrecks. We are going to go try and find one; he thinks he knows the location. It will also give us a chance to meet and compare notes.

If there is time, I may also drive by Moses Lake and try and have a look at Larson AFB...or what remains of it.

I was about to smck myself in the head last night. I was posting about an airplane wreck and I'd reached the end, but I wanted to look something up in another window...I forgot to change windows! Blogger disappered and the search engine came up as I was realizing my mistake. About 20 minutes later, I stumbled on to it, but I had a little while there where I just knew the stars were against me. So, by way of that, there is a new post up for those of you who enjoy a spot of history written the only way I know how: About Airplnes.

I get to teach at the HS again...strangely I miss the small kids a little. Hopefully this Fridy the 13th does not fulfill any promise of bad luck.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday Puppy!

I imagine Marilon Monroe stepping up to the microphone to wish our boy a happy seventh birthday. She would say something funny about the Seven Year Itch. I imagine she would be showing more cleavage than she did for Kennedy--well, it's my imagination! Might as well be good!

Yes, Toby was born 7 years ago. He was such a cute puppy. When he was young, he liked ice cubes and carrots. He likes red toys...He is fond of watermelon and sitting on available laps.
He has a special dislike for rodents. He is unperturbed by gunshots, and loves to run at full speed...anywhere. His birthday gift? An Old Navy red toy.
Were he able to talk, he would say, "Is there any other speed?" He loves to cuddle. He would sell his soul to sleep under the covers more. He is a good dog! Happy birthday Toby!!

Be happy I did not post the one of him crapping in the ocean again!

He also likes to go geocaching.

And guarding the house...
I taught at the HS today. It wasn't bad. 5th and 6th periods were more roudy than I liked,but, I roll with it. If I stressed over every little incident...well, I'd be stressed. At least there were no fights. The kids told me how pleased they were to have me there...so weird. All I can remember from school is the sub that always called us "Humans." I know there were others, but they trully escape my mind...they were nameless, faceless subs. I have a feeling with all the yells and adoration, they might remember me a few weeks from now...cool.
Well, that's it, that's the end.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Day, Short and Sweet

I had kinders today...these were a bit squirrely, and I was happy when the day ended. Tomorrow I am at the HS...Hmmm, new modes of joy.

Dinnr sucked...and maybe that wouldn't have been so bad, but I made it..yuck. Maybe my tastebuds are out of whack..at least Oreos still taste good.

I began watching the Pretender...remember tha TV series? Yeah, i only ever gotto see a couple episodes...now there's hulu!

I love you hulu!

Monday, March 9, 2009


We were wondering what was going on with our Burundi adoption. Being important parts of the adoption (potential parents), we have more than a passing curiosity. I call every once in awhile to try to get more information on what is going on, but often I get answers to questions I did not ask. Emails usually go unanswered, but sometimes we are surprised by answers two or more weeks later.

There is a Yahoo Group we must monitor to be good adoptive parents (It's in the contract, I don't make this shit up). Someone left a message the other day asking if other people in the Burundi program were frustrated with the lack of communication. I replied in the affirmative, citing my phone difficulties and the lack of information. A few other people concurred, wondering what is happening.

Today the director of the agency roundly chastised us in a LONGGGG post and cited all the communication the agency has been doing (for the OTHER county programs). Then his lackies all signed on in support of him (they are the YES PEOPLE, whose exact location I estimate to be somewhere between his upper and lower colon).

I was pissed! I wrote several replies. One reply compared the director to Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's chief propagandist. Others were less inflammatory. I did not post any of them. I dared not. This "support" site is moderated by the agency. I don't want to jeopordize the adoption. I don't want them to punish Cora for my angry retort. You can't say anything but PRO-AGENCY propaganda on this site. Those who don't are put on comment moderation. It has happened before when people stated their true opinions, feelings, frustrations, or worries.

I can't say what I think on their site, but I can say it here. (And I am NOT NAMING NAMES!)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Muscle Relaxin'

So, I took a pain killer last night and went to bed, but it was not a restful sleep. Every time I turned, I awoke because that damned sore muscle in my back twinged so as to take my breath away. Finally, this morning, at Cora's insistance, I took a muscle relaxant I found in the very depths of the medicine cabinet. It didn't appear to work and I was just as sore and stiff as before...but a couple hours later, I turned in a way that should have hurt...but...it didn't. And, you know what? It hasn't hurt since!!!!

So, feeling a bit energized, I went to town with Cora. We got some groceries. When, we came home I got the ambition to do a water change in the fish tanks! I have been meaning to do that for a few weeks now. So, I made up the salt water and cleaned out the tanks a bit. I took te old water out and added the new water. The fish and other inhabitants seem to be happy.

Cora has been working on another dress. It's gonna be a cute one. You should go to her site and take a peek.

Now, we're sitting down to watch the Golden Compass. Our stupid DVD player only plays it once in awhile...it's like I have to surprise the DVD player...usually, it just doesn't play it. Weird how electronics actually seem to develop a personality. Like my stupid computer doesn't like to type "A's," and, lately, it seems to have taken a dislike to facebook. At least the DVD is playing now. Ahh, nothing like relaxin'!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Welcome Guests, Unwelcome Pain

Saturday dawned beautiful and sunny. We got moving slowly, but we had great visions for the day. I went over and helped my father-in-law move a large piece of furniture. When I returned, I decided to go out and work on the shed and change the tire on the Buick (it had flattened over the winter). I began with the tire, even planning to charge the battery and drive it around a little. I changed the tire, thankful that one of the four extra tires I have for it holds air. After that, I decided to start on the shed. I had shifted a few items when Cora called from the back door that we had company.

I quickly put things right and locked the shed. I went back in the gate and shut it. As I struggled to shut it and latch it, I felt like it was more effort than it should be, but I ignored it and went inside.

Our guests it turns out, were none other than my sister's in-laws...I am not sure how to better put that. Geneology is written in an ancient language as far as I am concerned. Nevertheless, Dan and Betty were here to visit! I finally got the chance to show Dan our fish tanks...and he really appreciated my trinkets.

I thought I was the only one who got excited about airplane instruments. Oh, and we won't even mention how much he liked my pieces of ships and airplanes! He thought my piece ofthe YB-49 was interesting. He thought the piece of Teak Decking from the USS North Crolina was cool, then I showed him the chunk of flight deck from the USS Hornet. And when he looked on the chips of paint I took from the USS Mariano G.Vallejo, he actually appreciated it! No one else has seen in those chips of anechoic paint any value, or, if they have, they have not shown it. I really enjoyed showing him my map of aircraft wrecks, but what I think he really appreciated was our photo book from our Arizona trip. He seemed to really like the pictures of Pima Air Museum, and he understood the significance of the NB-52 that is usually called "Balls 3." Cora and Betty...well, I am going to assume they spoke on similar subjects, but perhaps with fewer ships and airplanes...they are girls, afterall.

It was so nice to have visitors! So, Dan and Betty, if you are reading this, thanks for stopping by, it was great seeing you! You are welcome any time.

So, it was while I was talking to Dan that I turned to grab a book with my accident reports in it, and I felt a twinge jolt through my back. After they had left, I noticed that peculiar pain of a pulled or strained muscle in my back. It grew worse. Cora popped my back and gave me a masage. I have been icing it and heating it alternately...still it hurts, but it is better.
I rented a couple movies, since I was sitting in my chair...Meet Dave and Narnia, Prince Caspian...both pretty good.
Oh, and because I am like the rest of you, I like pictures, too. So, here are a couple pictures of the animals swarming Cora after she got home from work the other night. Look at Gypsy...one moment she was leaning against Cora the next she was rolling on the floor, like she was a puppy...I never get a reaction like that from them!

Everybody Look Down, It's All In Your Mind!

I don't sing very well. I do sing...everywhere. I sing in the shower, at school, in the car, in the store, and at home. I don't ave the voice for it, but that has never really stopped me. If Cora is along, she only lets me sing in the car. I have songs for all occasions stuffed in my head. I might be a little like that billy goat on the movie Hoodwinked. One day, several years ago, I was moving furniture at the EL, back when it was in the old building and I was maintenance. The Principal said something smart alecky and I began a singing a slave tune..."Swing Low"...that didn't work well enough, so on the way back through for the next piece of furniture, I began singing "That's the sound of the men working on the chain ga-ee-ang..." that set her to laughing. There is a more recent song that I sometimes hum quietly to myself in the halls of the HS..."Teenagers scare the livin' shit outa me." (Yes, that's a real song) Lately, however, I have had a song stuck in my head.

I like the group The Killers. They have a beat that often seems to get caught in my head. Their vocalist has a nice voice, and I realy enjoy their lyrics. The latest song that has stuck in my brain is "Spaceman"...

The Killers - Spaceman - The Killers

So, here it is. Let me know what you think. It makes me remember that time aliens abducted me...Nah...it's just a catchy little tune.

So, I taught third graders yesterday. I enjoy them...they offer so much trust. Of course, I don't think they trust everyone. They just know me from all the times I have subbed. Also, I must be somewhat entertaining...well, I know I am. Apparently when a student borrows a pencil from the teacher in the class I taught yesterday, they must give her a shoe in trade. Well, I had seven shoes on the board at one point...I know that a couple of the kids didn't need a pencil that badly, but, sometimes I need some distraction, too.

Cora came home early so she could be there when the cable guy hooked up the phone. We now have a cable phone. We will be saving $30 a month, and we will be able to call throughout the state, while before, when we were through Quest it was simply local...go figure.

Anyway, when I got home, Cora wanted to go to the fabric store. So we did. I walked around with her and even offered my opinion, such that it is (often my opinion is "I don't care which fabric you choose, can we go home?"), and she got some fabric for some dresses she is making for a friend. I think they will be pretty neat...She will be working on them this weekend, so if you are interested (or bored) head on over to her site about Sunday night and see what she has done.

we went to Red Robin for dinner...mistake, since the entire parking lot was full and it had to have been a potential firehazard with the number of people in the entryway. We got take out. So, we came home and enjoyed a dinner someone else cooked.

Today, I think Cora is going to sew. I might go out and work in the yard if I get ambitious. Then I am going to try and find some information about some more Cold War crashes so I can get something more on my other site...I kow there was an F-102 that went missing over the Olympic Mountains in the 1960s and has never been found...anyway...it'll be nice to have a couple days off.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Thursday's Late

Drums keep pounding rythm in my head...I woke up about three AM with a pounding headache...I got up and took some tylenol. It didn't work. I tossed nd turned, but finally got up a little after four to find our internet down...now what do you do at four in the morning without internet? I turned on a light and read a book. Forgot we had those.

So, I did not work yesterday, but I did work. I got my resume put together and a cover letter written and I even cleaned out the back bedroom so the elusive cable guy can get into the spot where the phone jack is...I also spent over an hour working at removing a mysterious blue spot from the carpet. It wasn't there until I used the carpet shampooer, then it got bigger...water soluable but it just would not go away!

Oh, and the resume is for Wapato School District...I am going to try and sub there when I don't have a job here. Of course, the moment I do that, I won't have any time that I am not busy...but, that is the hope, so I guess that would be a good thing.

Odd weather yesterday. Sunny, cloudy, windy, snowy, rainy, weird.

Today, I teach 3rd graders at the El. Hurray! a JOB!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wow, I Post A Lot! or HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

I can't believe it, but I have had a BLOG for a YEAR!! ONE WHOLE YEAR!! I had planned on a birthday post, but the darned day went and slipped past me! Gosh, there are a lot of exclamation points in this post!! I guess I am just excited!!

So, one year ago...err, yesterday...I posted my first blog entry. Maybe, if I felt I had better posts, I could go back through the year of posts and put up some of my best moments, but, I am not the best judge of my best moments. I guess, I could ask my readers (let me give a shout out to all four of my loyal readers, "Yo all!") to send me their favorites...but, I assume if you re one of the four, you have just as poor taste as I do...so, I won't do it. Nope. Don't get me wrong, I love you guys! ALL FOUR OF YOU!!

So, a whole year blogging! During that time I have made an incredible 392 posts. According to my blogger screen, I have posted 408, but obviously it counts using different numbers than I do. Still, in 366 days, I have created 392 posts. Of course, I am aware that most of them are useless drivvel and merely document everyday moments. But, then again, isn't it those little bits and pieces that make our lives whole?

When I originally started this thing, I thought, "You know, I am such a good writer, I will make great posts and people will flock to my site to see what brilliant thing I have said this time." Then, somewhere in there, I realized I don't really care. I am just me. I need not try very hard to make me sound wonderful, and dammit, this is for me (besides, there are really some bloggers out there that can REALLY WRITE, and I can't honestly compare! I won't tell you who they are, because you'd never come back!).

I also began an airplane site shortly after I began this site. I named it "Aircraft Losses in Washington State"...however, it should probably be called "Jim's Military and History Interests Site." Oh, well. I have posted ship pictures, military base pictures, air show pictures and any number of other things on it...I DO return to aircraft losses every few months. Cora probably thought that having another site might stop me from talking about air planes on this site...ha ha ha! She was wrong.

So, one year. I am still doing it. I don't plan on stopping...now, all you followers out there, lift a cold one with me and say, "To many more years!!" Oh, and recruit your friends to follow my wonderful blog!

SPED to Work

Yesterday was good day. I worked at the El. Today I work at the Other El. I have had this job on my calendar since...November? or maybe it was December. Anyway, I was interested in anyone who would make plans soooo far ahead AND request me. It's SPED.

Well, it rained last night...at least it wasn't snow. I guess it could have been worse. The dogs kept coming in and shaking...even the cat came in a little moist. We have footy prints on the carpet that proves the moisture. Stupid light colored carpet.

If anyone is interested, I posted another aircraft accident on my other blog last night...kind of a sad one, really. It appears the pilot changed his mind from landing on the road to landing in a field. I suspect it was to avoid cars and trucks, but it cost him his life.

I guess that's it for now. I have to go take a shower and get dressed for my day...hope it is as pleasurable as working SPED at the El.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Morning Malice, but a Good Day...

I taught at the HS again...finally. I have a certification to teach the older kids, it's nice to get out there and practice teaching that age group. The start of the day was, shall we say, inauspicious.

My first class of the day. A kid comes up and explains he has to have me initial a sheet at the end of the day to prove to whomever that he was good in class. OK...that's not bad, I know him, he'll be fine. I busy myself getting ready. I am talking to kids I know, answering questions, and telling them "NO (they always try to get something out of the sub) ." The bell rings and the kids head for their desks. All of a sudden I see movement where there shouldn't be any, and a binder shoots out into the middle of the floor, trailing loose papers like smoke. There is an angry young man standing over another, issuing, I can only assume, threats to his well-being. As I begin my move toward these two, hoping there will not be any violence, but steeling myself for the event, a larger kid, in front of the abused, stands up and calmly places his hand on the aggressor's chest and gently moves him away. It has such an interesting effect, I almost pause to watch. He does it with no malice, and no obvious effort. The aggressor glances up at him and seems to do the calculations I think all of us are doing. He obviously comes to the same conclusion and goes back to his seat, suddenly less aggressive. I look at him, and simply say the word, "Office." He gathers his books and disappears. I make the call, explaining briefly why he is coming for an office visit, and return to my day.

The rest of the day went well. I endured the screams of my fan club...the kids who call my name out in the hall and want to know who I am teaching for. I answer as I can. Often this is accompanied with one student saying to another, "HAH! I've got him 5th period!" Jeez, it sounds like I am bragging, but I should really take a recording of it...it's a bit embarrassing (inner smile).

After work I went and got groceries. Then we had tacos for dinner. My lovely wife is sitting within reach. Yeah, it's been a good day for me. I can't help but think it's a good day whenever she's around.

Things To Do...

Well, Sunday was spent not doing much. Well, that's not true, I watched Cora do stuff. I had an extreme case of the lazies. I think there are drugs for that, but, I opted out of the program. I think Ambition should be stomped out of others because it makes me look bad.

I got an e-mail from a friend that indicated he was interested in going to see a P-38 wreck that is about 28 miles from here, but there are no motor vehicles allowed for the last 4 miles...He suggested bikes for the mountainous terrain. I know I will regret this...or, well, all my muscles will regret it...but I said yes. I am not sure when we will do this crazy thing. I assume he is interested in doing it in March. It sounds like e is not a fan of snakes. I honestly have never seen any but angry Bull Snakes chase you, so I doubt we will have any problems... Still, I look forward to finding my first wreck, even if someone has to show me where it is.

I did some drawings this weekend. Only a few of which will make good coloring pages for the kids I sub for. Alas, I got caught up in the details...always do. I drew a steam locomotive and showed every rivet...that was actully fun. I did manage a passable clownfish that kids should enjoy. That can join the angel fish. I HAD to draw this weekend, since I actually bought some pencils to draw with.

Well, I work at the HS and that is a good thing. I have not worked at the HS...well...at ALL in February.

Spring is coming...it rain this weekend. That's a sure sign, right? I posted at my other site about the USS Turner Joy, if anyone is interested in more ship pictures.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy First Day of March!

The reason I greet this month with such joy is simple. My birthday is at the end of it. I have, in years past, watched the date approach glumly. This year, for some reason, is different. I don't mind being 35. I am half way to seventy, and, given my determination to live until I am 117 years old, I am less than a third of the way there. I guess, that should be fine. I don't know, it just seems that my birthday can't hurt me this year. Also, I like presents. So, if any of you want to celebrate the big 35 with me, send me some presents and maybe I will let you come to my birthday party...actually, I don't expect a party. I think it's on a Monday this year anyway. Still, send me some presents...airplane parts, ship pieces, historic memorabilia...whatever. Oh, and books. I like books.

So, it is Sunday. Tomorrow I teach at the HS. I have not taught the upper grades for awhile now..which is a little annoying, since that is where I got my cert...oh, well, I enjoy all the grades. I don't think we have any big plans. Yesterday we took it easy and aside from some minor cleaning, did little. It was nice.

I suppose I should go get ready for the rest of the day...you never know, maybe I will happen upon something blog-worthy!