Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cars, Trucks, and Spilled Doritos

We watched some movies the other day. One of them was Christine, the Stephen King classic. I am certain most people are familiar with the movie, which stars an evil 1958 Plymouth Fury. I love that movie...something about the music, the evil car, and the nerd cum cool guy...well, it's a good flick. I have to admit that movie has added to the strange and constant soundtrack in my head. "B-B-B-Bad, B-B-B-B-Bad." Oh, yeah, I rock to music nobody else hears! "Every woman I meet, they all stay satisfied..." "I hear ya knockin', butcha can't come in!"

I guess I would not mind a creepy car like that, but I do like my beautiful Tacoma. I named my Tacoma Apollo. Apollo Ono had, shortly after we got the truck, shown how well he handled on ice. In the early days of March, 2002, Cora and I decided to spend my spring break on the beach. As luck would have it, a late winter storm blew up on the coast that week. It snowed until we were within 20 miles of the beach. During that time we witnessed the total ineptness of Western Washington drivers in the snow. My truck? It handled well (probably doesn't hurt that we in Eastern Washington drive in snow pretty reliably). I decided at that point it had to have a name that was descriptive of this handling, thus Apollo.

I taught kindergarten again today. They were better today, or maybe I knew what I expected from them and made them give it to me...everytime I saw pieces of paper and crayons on the floor, I called them to drop everything and start picking up! There is no reason for these kids to do at school what they would unlikely be allowed to do at home. More specifically, it was the child at lunch who looked me in the eye and popped his Dorito bag, which exploded downward onto the floor. I had him put his lunch down and pick up his mess. He did not seem to expect me to do that...fooled him!

Cora came home and we headed out to get some things. Then, much to my extreme pleasure, I convinced her we should just eat out! Ha! Victory!! We ate Chinese food at Ki Ki's! Now we are relaxing in our easy chairs. Ah, this is the life!

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Cora said...

Dinner was good, Ki Ki never lets us down.
I am glad your truck isn't evil like that car.