Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bavarian Blast!

We got up and relaxed. Then we got dressed and headed out on the highway and drove to Leavenworth, Washington. It is about 2 hours away, probably considerably less if some of the idiots we have in this state would stay off the road...that is my roadrage face...I think Cora was attempting to interject some levity. I don't usually have that much of a potty mouth...unless I am behind the wheel. Why in the hell would you drive 35mph on a highway? Next time I go over that stretch of highway, I want to bring anti-idiot missiles!

We got there, and it was beautiful. The weather was in full cooperation and made for a great day! If you are not familiar with it, Leavenworth, Washington has a Bavarian/Alpish theme. It is a tourist town, but great to visit.

Since it is a German theme, we had to have a beer in the beer garden...See how Cora hides her beer? (behind a gorgeous smile)

Mostly we just walked around the shops and bought things.

My favorite was the Hat Shop. What do you think? British Bobby?

Or drunken pirate?

Cora even got into the fun...I think she is a Mongolian Empress.

Or there is this look...I thought it particularly cute!

And after a beer or two, Cora will put anything on...OK, I put her up to it...Hats were fine,
But put her in a candy shop and look at her eyes!

It is a pretty little town. It had a pretty little girl...

Look how she glows!

But even glowing princesses need a she is waiting for me to get her coffee from...

During the day we ran into the director of our Adoption Agency. They suggested we try some huge apples sold at a nearby fruit is Cora walking back to the car.
Holy Crap! That's Close!

We stopped on our way back and tried to get some pictures of the Fall foliage in the fading light.

We made it home with nary a scratch! Tired. We got some momentos, but mostly just enjoyed each other's company and a fun day away from the house that refuses to clean itself while we are gone. Stupid house.
It was a beautiful day and a beautiful way to celebrate 18 months of being logged in in China.
Oh, and Happy Birthday Carrie!!!!!


Cora said...

I had a great day, I love doing things like this with you. I would have totally bought that black hat if it would have been the right size. It was a wonderful way to spend your 18th LIDiversary.
Love ya
(PS 3rd time is a charm right)

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the horse and buggy ... the little wooden shop looks like it could be dangerous...
LOVE the hats.. I am thinking the pirate and the flower
Starbucks is my FAVORITE... and looks like the view was beatiful...
Sounds like a WONDERFUL 18 month LID ...
You should have taken a picture together at the last stop.. the trees are soooo pretty..
Have a Great Sunday..

Grandma said...

Pictures are great. Loved every one of them. Carrie and Katie share the same birthday.

Erin said...

Weather permitting, Christmas time is sooo neat and cheerful there. Last time I was there I got a shirt that says.... work sucks I am going to the mountains.

sis said...

thanks for the birthday wish. We had a great time too at the beach. love sis