Sunday, October 19, 2008

High Art

I have, over the years, had front row seat to some of the most interesting art shows ever. I never had cheese or wine handy to enjoy with these shows. Sometimes, I might have had some coffee, but rarely finger foods. I am, of course, referring to the graffiti on railroad cars. I think it is an interesting art form. Really. Yes, like the internet, you have to weed out the good from the bad, and sometimes there is just bad taste involved, but once in a while you see something good.

It makes you wonder: Who is it that has the time to do such things, which are undeniably illegal? Why that particular canvas? Why that subject matter?

You cannot deny that no small amount of planning and effort went into these creations. Add to that that most of them must have been created in either a rush or at night...well, these people must love their art. I must admit I found the car in the photo in Chico, CA, not far from the closed down Diamond Match Plant (I was disappointed to find it closed...I wondered how they made matches). I did not have to walk far and there was no one around to interfere had I wished to add my own art, so maybe it is pretty easy.

All you have to do is google box car graffiti and have a look at what others have taken pictures of. In fact, here is a blog that has just that, pictures of boxcar graffiti. Isn't it interesting?

My dad enjoys HO scale model trains. This year for his birthday, I bought a few train cars and added my own graffiti to them. I actually used the site above as referrence, since I do not have a rail line running near the house and I was much too lazy to do my research in the field.

I also made him this water tank for his set up for Christmas of 2006(?). I did not take pictures of the graffiti boxcar, or if I did I don't have them on this computer...that is why I bring this up.

Had to check to make sure it as the right size...
I put every shingle on by hand and even added lichen to make it look weathered...
Which leads me to the models I like...these ships and everything in the next few pictures are 1/2400 scale. This first one is a collection of the buildings I made for a diorama. I especially like the B-36 (airplane) and the fuel and service vehicles around it(white specks)...the airplane is about an inch across at the wings.

The next is an early attempt at creating a diorama...note the exacto knife.

This is a poor photo of an aircraft carrier...yes, 1/2400 scale.

and here, the USS Yorktown sails off into the sunset...the entire length of the ship is a litle under 5 inches.

I have not done any of these creative things for quite sometime...hmmm. Maybe I should take the time again.


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the boxcar.. if they would put that on paper they might not be out there painting on boxcars..
You did a great job on the tank..
Have a Great Sunday..

Cora said...

Your models are always so detailed, I love them.
Sorry you don't get to them as much anymore.