Friday, October 31, 2008

BOOOOOO Is Like 8,000,000 Only Scarier!

"Look, the lights on, let's go get some candy!"

"Looks creepy, maybe we shouldn't."

"They're just dead flowers! Let's get some candy!"


A hand comes out of one of the flower pots and grabs the small one's legs! Something thumps on to the ground behind the big one who is screaming at even higher decibels than the small one. Two ghoulish arms reach around and...the screen goes black...the scream continues a moment longer and then that, too, ends...

We probably wouldn't get many trick or treaters next year if that happened...or maybe we would, what with us being so far from Nebraska...

Happy Halloween! I hope you all scare the bejeebers out of all those wayward spirits and they go back where they came from!

Looks like everyone posted on Halloween. I will attemp a more creative one this evening.... If not, though, I hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday!


Cora said...

I got you this morning YEA!! I was first Happy Halloween
Have a great day!

Lisa said...

If THAT is what you and Cora do to your trick or treaters, and if MY kids came to your door, you would totally be left with a big pee puddle on the front step, Mister. :) Happy Halloween! To my Lone Commenter! Dude. You totally made my post by not leaving me with a big fat ZERO in the comments section. I guess everyone used up all their love on the day before! :) Have a great Halloween with your Cora....maybe next year YOU TWO will be trick or treating with your sweet baby! Let's hope!!!!

Grandma said...

Happy Halloween. Next year you will taking your little one trick or treating. Maybe both of them. That would be so cool!!!