Thursday, July 31, 2008

Burn Notice Hops

OK, so, we all know that I like some shows that are not...shall we say...mainstream? I have mentioned Dr. Who, which might be mainstream in Britain, Robin Hood, also surely popular in GB, and Psych, a USA original. I don't think I have mentioned Burn Notice. This is also a USA hit. Basically it is a show about a spy who has been black listed. It is really the kind of show that hooks you. I don't HAVE to see it, but I would be somewhat disappointed if I didn't.

I worked again today. Mowed a lawn and edged it...oh, yeah, it was several acres in size. It finally warmed up was about 44 degrees when I left this morning. I hope we finally get some normal Auigust weather in the next few days...generally the first week of August sees us in the triple far we have not even hit 90 this week.

I know all of us that live here in central Washington know what hop fields look like, but maybe some of my other readers and people who just accidentally blunder onto my page would like to know a little about them.

During the winter a hop field looks like a telephone pole orchard, with cables attached to the tops to keep them straight...that is a popular joke on outsiders here. The telephone poles are simply the way they create a frame work for the hops ( a vine) to climb up. Then, at the end of August or first of September teams of workers come along and harvest the hops while they are in flower. The vines are stripped of their flowers which are then dried. The pollen is the magic bean that used to make beer last longer. Now we have better ways to preserve beer...Cora can definitely explain it better. The thing is hops have recently become MUCH more profitable. More fields are hopping up...forgive the pun...and here is a picture.

And, I have not posted any airplane pictures lately. Here is the CAG bird from VAQ-138 based at Whidbey Island! I bought a beer mug from these guys, even though some guyts came up behind me and started talking about the is actually an EA-6 Prowler...used for Electronics Intelligence and Electronic Warfare. They jam hostile radars and other types electronic surveilance. I told the pilot and he registered no surprise since some other person had already done the same, even though he tried to explain that he flew an EA-6...oh, well. This airplane is not goping to be around long. It will soon be retired...likely in the next 2 to 3 years. The A-6 began service in Vietnam. which is saying something, since the F-14 was retired in 2006 and did not begin service until the mid-1970s!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Steelhead Rocks

I once caught a Steelhead that was 36 inches long and weighed 19lbs. As I recall, it was yummy. I would love to say it was worthy of Deadliest Catch and that while wrestliing it to the boat, it almost took me in, but, it was a fairly simple strategy of reeling. Of course, I cannot brag that catching it was all me; my father-in-law prepared the bait and we won't go into my disasterous attempt at casting. The point is I (That is, ME) caught a large steelhead (for those of you who don't know, it is a large sea-going trout, similar to a salmon, but it lives to breed another day, unlike salmon, which breed once and die...assuming they are not eaten by bears, fishermen, or any number of carnivorous riparian dwelling animals, steelhead can breed again. I looked it up and they are identical to rainbow trout, except they go to the ocean for a couple years, while rainbows stay home and apparently tend the farm) My father-in-law and mother-in-law go fishing often during the year. This past weekend they caught a couple fish. My mother-in-law asked if I wanted a filet. I thought I had won the lottery.

I was uncertain of how best to cook it. Usually we use a sour cream and lemon recipe, but Cora suggested using teriyaki. I consulted a few recipes and came up with a decent marinade. Cora and I argued about how best to cook it, but she was usual. She took over the cooking and this is what we eventually ate. She is a genius...glad I married her!! Dinner was spectacular! (those light colored squares are pads of butter)

I did laundry and dishes and read today. I also went to town and got a few items, then I took Cora some coffee in the wonderful town of Wapato.

Here is Cora, entrenched, as I found her, behind her desk working hard!

It was a good excuse to go for a drive. I got home and read some more.

It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed it. I hope the rest of you did also.

Summer Appreciation

I appreciate summer, more than most people I know. I like the time of the year when it is hot out. I like the warmth. I like the fact that it allows plants to grow. I like the color green. I like that I can go outside with few clothes and be comfortable. People I know prefer the chill in the air you experience in the fall. Others love the snow. I say snow belongs in the mountains where no one goes. I don't mind a walk in the snow, but if we could limit to a weekend sometime in November, winter would be fine with me. I don't mind the fall, and if it was on the weekend prior to the winter weekend I just mentioned, that would be o.k. Why not have six months of spring and five and 3/4 months of summer? I think it is a grand idea! I would only have to bring my plants inside for a week. I could live with that.

Today is such a nice summer day. It is not hot...not the scorchers we had there for awhile. It got cool last night, and if I was in control of such things, I would ahve left the night time temperature at about 65. It's supposed to get up to 82 today. i would guess it is that right now. It's ok. I have laundry up on the line and am watering the lawn and enjoying those summer activities. I am also reading. I just bought two books on Barnes and it or not I saved about $15 by going there instead of the normal Amazon...I think that must mean something. I am beginning to feel better about my Master's. I don't think I can realistically finish this quarter. I have been a bad student, but December might be more realistic and easier to deal with.

I also made some iced tea...a nice change. Well, I worked yesterday, nothing spectacular, but I did take my computer to the comp. doctor. I hope to have it back by Monday. Summer is going TOO fast, but there is not much I can do about it. I guess I should enjoy it while I have it, and maybe make frequent trips to southern latitudes during the winter. Wonder if Kim has a spare room...

Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday is like a Dentist Apointment

Ok, so I had a dental appointment today, still, Mondays have not ever been my favorite day. I used a weed whacker and whacked some weeds today. I ran out of twine twice and gas twice, too. I cursed the stupid weed whacker each time. The weede whacker was not to blame, but, as machines go, weed whackers are not the brightest and so it took the verbal lashing stoically. I, however, was green by the end of my tenure with the stupid thing. My pants bore the brunt of the chlorophyllic covering. I used a broom to wipe off the majority of it, but the jeans I wore today will bear the stains of the plant lives I took for several weeks until Tide washes it away...which is a bit of an untruth, since we use an All derivitive(Costco brand).

I came home at lunch and got showered for my appointment with the dentist. The dental hygeinist took good care of me...I hardly felt the needle. They had the filling done in nothing flat. I had time to discuss adoption with one of the girls that works there...I went to school with her. She has a 10 month old baby.

On the way home I bought some vegis for stir fry. It was good but not altogether filling. I attempted to remedy that situation by making a Huffman standby: Graham Crackers and frosting. Simple: milk and butter and powdered sugar make the frosting which is generously applied to half of a graham cracker, the other half of which is slapped on top of the frostinged frosted part and eaten. The upside is Cora does not like these little crackers from heaven. The down side is I apparently stored them too long in the laundry room next to the laundry soap...the crackers took on a decided bounty smell and taste...which I did not notice until Cora told me. She had opted for a plain graham cracker and was munching on it before I was finished frosting my lot. She got a terrible expression and pronounced them bad. I took a small piece and said I could live with it...but that was before the chemicals had a chance to soak into my sensory membranes. I took a large bite of cracker and frosting only to find to my horror that it tasted decidedly of soap...ehhwww, yuck, gag. I then simply opted for the remainder of my frosting, which had partial success at displacing the soapy taste. I did not give Cora enough frosting to do the trick. What is it they say on the airplane? First tend to yourself, THEN your loved ones. Well, Cora, I am sorry if you lost taste buds or the power of smell, but I needed to tend to myself first( after all, Delta Airlines would not lie...and neither would Soputhwestern!).

I DID manage to read a bit tonight. about 20 pages of the prefered text and about five pages of a related text and some extras from one somewhat further removed. I feel I actually made progress. Proof, i suppose, is in the fact that it is 11:22pm and I am still awake. Well, i am going to go read a little more and then go to bed and work again tomorrow.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Great Instigator

I had bigger plans for the day, but it turned out we did other things. I helped Cora create some leaf stencils for her changing table. She got the bright idea to create a changing table out of what once was several things. It was a night stand for Cora, a fishtank stand, a TV stand, and who knows what else. A real changing table was far too expensive and frankly seemed to be a waste of time, space, and money for such a specialized piece of furniture. Cora thought it better to make one. Cora is no doubt the brains of our marriage. She is the instigator of all things. I merely help her accomplish her goals at times.

If it were up to me, we would likely still be renting. If it were up to me we would still have used cars (in our cases, well used). I would likely still be working in a mill or be missing a few digits. We would probably not have a dog dogs. Given that we DID get a house, without Cora, I would probably not have gone to the trouble of painting the house. I may have built the fence, but I may not have seen the need to put stain on it. I guess what I am saying is Cora is the reason we do things. Why are we adopting? Well, we both wanted kids, but Cora finally decided we needed to do something about it, rather than go my way of waiting. As, I said, she is the brains of the operation, so I obviously agreed with her superior argument.

I may have the ability to bring many of the things she sees a need for into reality ( I have built two dog houses, two cat houses [feline, not...well, for cats], the potting bench, and many other things), but I don't have the ambition to begin the process as she does. I have a truly amazing wife.

Today I helped her begin the changing table...I think we make a good team.

She's Back

Well, if everything fell into place, Kylee is home again tonight. One of my favorite history students. I am considering sending her my book and asking her to read it for me and then send me her notes.

Cora is taking a nap and I just finished making a bastardized version of a pasta salad. I used Yoshida marinade as a flavor and it tastes pretty good. I should have refrained from using the boiled eggs, though. Everything else was good.

Well, Cora is up, i will go get her some salad. Cora's keyboard is odd, it has alot of misspellings, so if you find some I did not, it is Cora's keyboard and not my fingers.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Super Saturday

I think sleeping in is a nice thing,begun the day, it started out very NICE!! We had a very relaxing morning. Cora checked her mail and I watched TV. Then we discussed the day's plan and decided that ngoing to town would be what we did first. Cora wanted to begin work on a changing table. No, she did not make it or build it (she quilts, she doesn't do construction), but she decided to paint what used to be the fish tank stand in our room. She thinks that if you put a changing table pad on it, it will turn into a changing table. Apparently, it needs to be painted to bring it up to par. She sanded it and now she is painting it. See Vid!

I then took a video of me attempting to get SOME sort of reaction out of my actor (she said actress, but I argued that I was calling her an actor rather than an acter) that might make her more likely to be entertaining. I tried to get some anger from her. I am not sure it worked. I think the cameraman gave more of an emotional performance than the actor (actress) did!

We also did some shopping and some running around. I saw a few flat screens I would like to have and Cora saw some baby clothes she could not avoid...guess who got to buy what they wanted...yep, I now have a flat screen TV...ahh, just kidding...we got some more baby clothes. Yeah...I was ecstatic. Austin Powers, is still awesome. I noticed it was on tonight and recorded, I am watching it. I did not recall that Elizabeth Hurley was in it. Oh, and then there is Mr. Bigglesworth...Well, I look forward to eventually regaining access to my computer...Oh, and Kylee will be home tomorrow...She has been in Indianapolis for the past couple months! She is returning home to Tempe! We are all glad she will be home.

I went out to mend the fence and I met this fellow in the weeds, he was a bit peckish. He allowed me a few pictures, but asked me to be on my way.

Thank you Grandma for pointing out the correct spelling.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Get Well Mom!!

So, my dad called yesterday. My mom is in the Hospital. Apparently she has Pancreaitis...pancre-itis...pan-cre-itis...well, something is wrong with her pancreas. They are keeping her in the hospital for a couple days for observation and to get her back on track. So, Mom, get well soon!

Today is also our 15 month anniversary for being logged-in in China. The last month has been a bit hard, but things are looking up with the possibility of a Burundi Baby showing up around the house sometime in the near future! (I don't mean one morning we will walk in the living room and see Burundi Baby just sitting on the coffee table like a flower arrangement...but wouldn't it be cool if you could get your baby fed-exed? Or FTDed? Ding-Dong. "well, who could that be?" "Good Morning sir, I have a delivery for Cora and Jim, sign here please." "Honey, it's here! I forgot we had ordered one! Its the Burundi Baby!" Or, Ding-Dong. "Here you are sir." "Honey! Burundi sent us a Baby Bouquet!!" "Ohhhh, they shouldn't have, but I am glad they did! ...should we put it in water?" )

Today should be a nice day. I am fairly sure I will be mowing. I should have a chance at having a good lunch. Psych is on and we may go down and visit my mom...they are taking her off of food and water, replacing it with an you think chocolates would be a cruel gift? Yeah, probably better go with something else....

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another Day, Another Lawn

I mowed today. I have been tempted to touch my computer, but have fought the urge...then Cora left hers long enough for this!! Hah! I have a new computer! I wonder if she notices she has a bad Toshiba next time she opens her comp!

Short post, since I think I hear Cora on her way back.

Technical Difficulties

OK. I should have a computer geek on call. I was surfing the net yesterday and managed, through a combination of luck and stupidity, to download a spyware that I cannot get off my computer. I am using Cora's computer to write this. I will need to take it in and ask the nice people at the computer fix it store to please take my money because I am dumb.

On the down side, there is probably about a week's waiting for this, unless I wish to pay more for a rush job. So, I will probably not be posting very often for a week or so. Damned people and their seems more like a virus to me.

Well, work and all the usual stuff coming up. I am unsure of what we are doing this weekend. Maybe working aroiund the house...the yard has seen better days and needs attention. Wish me luck with the computer.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hostile Action

As I walked up to this anti-aircraft battery, mobile and on a Hummer chassis. As I walked up it turned and aimed its ordnance at me. I was a bit put off, since I valued my life more than I valued the lives of other people around me. I moved. It moved. The guy on the inside was obviously enjoying himself. Then I thought to use the camera. Here is what I caught.

I like the reaction of the girl in the right hand side of the screen. She seems to look at me and then she looks and realizes the anti-aircraft battery is aiming at her. Isn't funny? The armament, as I recall, was eight Stinger AA (anti-aircraft) missiles and one 20 mm machine gun...20mm is just shy of an inch for those of you not so good with the metric system...that is, the bullets are about an inch in diameter. I think, given its abilities shown here, it is probably good at anti-personnell and anti-tank duties as well.

The next video is of the three C-17s that started the airshow. First they came through and drops some parcels cargo via parachute, then they came in to peel off for landing. The video is of the peel off...look at how they handle this airplane! The pilots almost treat it like a fighter. There is probably a reason for guess is because it uses a stick instead of a wheel like other large aircraft. I want you to look at the size of this plane and then watch the video to see just how awesome this little feat of flying actually is. First the pictures

then the video:

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Broken Mowers, Broken Dreams

I went to work and ended up helping one of my coworkers run to town three times to get the correct sized belt for the mower. Yes, three times. It was not until after noon that I was able to finally finish my mowing that I had started yesterday. The only problem I see is that we just fertilized it, and what I mowed yesterday looks like it could use another mowing...just my luck.

I finished the big mowing (mowing requiring the big mower) and switched to the small mower. I drove that small little tractor to the grass I needed to mow with it and it promptly ran out of gas. I went back to the shop on the big mower traded for the van and came back and filled the tank. I did my best, but with a growth rate like that...well, I would never be done.

When I finally got back to the shop...well, another mower was broken. I had to help fix that and bring it back to the shop...not a good week for mowers, I think. At least I have tomorrow off.

I will be attempting to read and get further on the master's...wish me luck.

Super Video

I enjoyed the air show the other day, but neglected to post any video. Here is one of the Super Hornet performing what looked to me the Cobra that the Soviet Su-27 Flanker is famous for. The ability to perform it suggests some excess thrust and a thrust to weight ration close to 1:1, but then I am only guessing. It is a quick change in velocity and altitude. It is handy in a combat situation, although, I would think it should be a plane vs. plane instead of having a few adversaries who might capitolize on your momentary lack of speed. Then again, the Super Hornet seems to have an abundance of power, so it would not take long to be up to speed again.

Well, I am out of time, or I would post another. I mowed yesterday. I know, nothing new, but what is is the fact that the fan belt come off the pully and as I sat there I could watch the temperature rise. I quickly took the mower and parked it. This morning I have to go back and fix it so I can finish my mowing. This has been an odd string of breakages. I guess this is just not my year.

When we got home last night we went to town for dinner and to stop at the book store. We bought more books than we will soon read, but that is ok. I like books. When I got home I decided to do some reading...and that explains why no second post yesterday. Cora would be pleased.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Man On The Moon

I forgot to mention in yesterday's post that Neil Armstrong first set foot on the moon on Juy 20, 1969. Yesterday made that 39 years ago. It is an amazing feat of ballistics and technology that put him there and I highly recommend getting to know the Space Race if you don't already. It was a wild decade.

Some 19 years ago, I spent the day of July 20 painting a picture. It was from this photo, taken on one of the other moon missions I believe. The astronaut was saluting the flag. It was in acrylic paint. My uncle gave me 50 dollars for it. I also bought a 20 year commemorative coin that year, thanks to the Martial Islands. I could use it as legal tender there...

Yesterday was a pretty good day. We took it easy. Then we went to town, had lunch, did a little shopping, came home and relaxed some more. I SHOULD have mowed the lawn and read my book, but I tried reading and was having difficulty concentrating. I DID manage to BBQ some awesome steaks. I should have made just one steak and cut it up between us. It was a good dinner though.

Today I will be the first one to work. Everyone else who gets there early is gone. Then I get to go finish mowing the elementary and after that I get to trim...yay, I hate the weed whipper. I always wind up getting the stuff all over me and I look like a green yeti by the end of it.

My parents came back from their trip and picked up Max their dog. He was a perfect gentleman the whole time he was here and we enjoyed his company. My dad got a new GPS, this one is color, which now puts his technology a few leaps ahead of mine...but mine works well enough. Now he wants to go Geocaching...hmm, that might be fun.

Cora cleaned the house before she left on Saturday and WOW, does it look good. I think it is interesting. We both clean better when the other is not around. We clean well when we are together, but it just seems if the other is gone it is easier to clean. Weird, I suppose.

Well, I should get off my arse and move it on to work.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

There Be Planes Here!!

So, I had a great time at the air show yesterday. It was my first up close look at the NEW C-17 Globemaster III. I also got to see the NEW F-22 Raptor. There were several aircraft there. I was ecstatic to be there and free to wander around them at my leisure.

We begin with the F-22 Raptor. It weighs about 80,000lbs at take off, but has something like 70,000lbs of thrust. It does not have to weigh that much and can end up with a thrust to weight ratio better than 1:1. With that much thrust it is capable o mach speed without afterburner.
This next on it a B-18A. It was used during WWII beginning as a bomber, but used later for training and patrol. It was a bomber based on the DC-3 design...the main resemblance is the wing.
And this next is of part of a B-25...I thought the polished aluminum was rather pretty.
This is the C-5 Galaxy. The largest American transport. It has two levels. The lower level I have seen, but I have never been in a C-5 cockpit...until now. I hope the woman in the picture is not too offended by this uncomplimentary picture, but, that IS what she chose to wear. My intention was to capture the location of the cockpit (forgive any pun you may pick up there), it is to the upper left of the photo.
Once on the ladder you could look at the cargo deck...
Here is what the front end of the C-5 looks like.
And here is what I look like in the co-pilot's seat. Pretty cool, huh? I know, you are saying, ahh crap, another picture of Jim and a stupid airplane cockpit. Well, too bad, there are a few to come.
This is me standing on the top steps just having come out of the C-5...note the view behind me.

These are the two F-18 SUPERHORNETs. Note the square is an UP-Engined F-18, more powerful.
The B-2 Spirit made a pass or two.
I thought this was an SH-60, but it turned out to be an MH-60, which is the newest version and it is an anti-sub chopper. I asked the pilot if there was much call for that anymore. He said it depended on the adversary. He also noted that diesel subs are more difficult to detect because they don't have that wonderful heat source that nukes do. You can see him digging back into his lunch, which I had interrupted with a few questions, but he was most gracious.
Another change to a perrenial favorite is the C-130J Hercules. Note these propellors, with six blades!
The older models only had 4!!!!

Here is the C-17!

This happened several times, note the accent angle!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Just a short post tonight. I was up early and left for MCCHORD and made it by 9:45, but was not parked until after 10:15. The show began at 11am and I spent most of the day climbing through aircraft and getting pictures. I managed to get some short videos, too. I had an excellent day and even managed to make it to the family get-together. We made it back in separate cars. I made it here a few minutes before 9pm. I will have a well illustrated post tomorrow and probably for days to come.

Friday, July 18, 2008

How Was Your Day?

So today was warm, probably in the 90s. I went to work. I had my pre-break, my break, then I had a post break break. Then I mowed. I took my time and harassed one of the custodians. A few weeks ago I left a pile of large rocks sitting behind each of his tires. A little later that day…I came back to my truck, which I had stupidly left unlocked, to find it flowing with toilet paper…copious amounts. Also there were some feminine products sticking in out of my truck. I was surprised at the extent of the TP. It was in and out and all the way through my beloved truck. It took quite awhile to clean up.

Today, I attacked his little girly Vitara with grass and button weed. I later told him I was trying to camouflage it. He took it well. He has a good sense of humor, by which I mean he has not killed me.

I ended up getting the mower stuck. That same friend helped me, with his pansy little Vitara, pull the tractor out of the hole it had created for itself. It just needed a little (I stress LITTLE) push in the right direction. He LITTLE car had just enough ooompf. Though, you should have seen him strutting around shouting how awesome his little car was. It was truly funny.

Cora and I went to town to wash her car…apparently my truck does not need to be clean to go on a trip…and get dinner. Neither of us was particularly ambitious after work.

We are now watching shows our beloved DVR recorded for us. I am curious to find out how ever one else’s day was. How was it in Tempe? Indianapolis? Hood River? Spokane? Tacoma? Florida? Louisiana? Canada? Where ever you are from. I am curious to find out about your day! Whether it is about your weather or what you did today!!! PLEASE!!! Leave a short comment. Just click and you have the choice of being anonymous or leaving just your name or pseudonym, or, of course, if you blog I will definitely look at your blog! Yes, I am bargaining for comments!

Oh, yeah, a final thing. I GET TO GO TO MCCHORD TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fine, Here's a Plane...

F3D, or Whale. This was a night fighter in Korea and an ELINT/EW aircraft in Vietnam. (ELINT is of Electrinic Intelligence-that is radar frequencies used by the enemy, etc. And EW is Electronic Warfare-i.e., jamming, etc.) This lovely picture of the WHALE is dedicated with love and respect to Kim!

Friday HO!

The joys of electricity are many. Without it we would have to use coal or gas to create light. As it happens, we did used batteries to hang the lights today. I worked with the electrician today. We hung some new lights in one of the elementaries. It was hot and I had to hold them above my head for longer than felt wonderful. On the bright side, he bought me lunch.

I am tired and look forward to going to McChord AFB Saturday. I need to clean out the truck, since Cora wants to use her car to take her sister to a family shindig which I will not be attending...sniff sniff, but on the brightside, there are airplanes!!

I hope everyone is as glad to see Friday approaching as I am.

This is a picture of my foot while I was waiting for Cora to come out of the Eddie Bauer dressing room. I was bored and I had the camera.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Stupid Hurts

"Everybody knows the world is full of stupid people, so meet me at the mission at midnight and we'll divy up there." "Been around the world, and found that only stupid people are breeding, the cretins cloning and feeding, and I don't even own a tv" These are lyrics to songs that were popular some years ago. The truth is, there are stupid people out there and they affect you and me. It is only a matter of time before one of them wanders into you personal space and tries to suck you into their world of dumb.

I have known many stupid people. I know what you are thinking, "Jim, you should not judge people like that." All I have to say is, "Yes, I judge others alot, but how else am I supposed to feel superior?" but, besides that, which is usually done in the spirit of fun, there are bonafide, certified, no-doubt-about-it stupid people wandering around as I write this. Chances are you know one of them. It is unlikely you are one of them, since you are reading my blog.

Stupid people walk into truck stops and ask if they have a bathroom. Chances are they are standing below the restroom sign. Stupid people ask about the obvious. Someone asked the other day what mountain that was. He has lived here his entire life and never thought to ask which mountain looks down over the valley in which he lives? You mean that BIG one? "Uh, yeah, is it Mount Rainier?" My answer was simple, "What other mountain would it be?" Apparently, said Mensa member had never looked at a map of the state of Washington. There is yet another idiot I work with on occasion, and I do not fear he will see my site because I am fairly confident he could not type his own name, could not figure out the most obvious of things. Actually, I have two stories about this particular idiot. (bear with me, I need to get my annoyance with idiots and stupid people out before Tuesday, for reasons I am not allowed to explain.)

First, last year, this idiot needed to glue some carpet down. I don't remember why he needed me to be there, but I was there. Everyone is familiar with those tubes they use to dispense caulk. At the very least, you have seen them. OK, so, they have the nozzle that you need to clip the tip off of. Pretty simple. Even the moron got that one. But, nothing would come out. What is the first thing you would do? Me? I would look down the hole. If I did not see something coming out, which is what the problem was for the genius (Obviously, I use genius with some frivolity in this post) but he did not look down the hole...he just kept trying to read the package. I told him there was probably some foil or other seal holding it back, so just go get a nail and poke a hole in it. He gave me that incredulous look you see in idots around the world when they hear somethin that reeks of reason or logic. He continued to try to read the small print. He said to me, "it does not say to do that." We argued about that for about ten minutes before he finally got a nail and poked it...low and behold, the gorilla glue began to come out...what was so difficult??????? I am not EVEN kidding or exaggerating about the TEN minutes he spent arguing that because it was not in the instructions, he should not do it.

Just a couple weeks ago he stopped to use one of the vans. This particular van has a switch under the hood that prevents the battery from running down. The switch is large and in plain sight. It says "ON" and "OFF" on it. When you open the hood, which is not difficult to find the latch to, you see this large switch out in the open. All you do is turn it to "ON" and close the hood. Jump in and start her up like any other vehicle. He has been working there for a few years longer than I. He has been a maintenance sub before. He has operated that particular van before (He admitted it). He needed me to show him how to do it...then, it has a lift gate.

The lift gate is somewhat difficult to get into place...not in theory, just in practice. You have to shove it into just the right spot. When it is folded up, in the position it always is, the handle is EASY to see. It just sort of sits there, a handle out of place, whatever. He needed me to show him the handle. Then explain why it was used...I sware I lose braincells when he is around.

It is amazing to me that people such as this are capable of breathing and walking at the same time, and maybe they can't, maybe all they do is take deep breaths and stop often. I don't know. How did these people NOT get put into an institution? How did they avoid "Special classes?" There must be several villages missing their idiots.

It is fortunate that many people are NOT stupid. If there were more stupid people than there are (NO, NOT THAT!), the world population would reach a critical mass of stupid and perhaps all of us would file, one by one, into the ocean to our deaths, a la lemmings! Oh, the humanity...I don't think I can extend to my readers just how stupid people irritate and annoy and just make me want to pull my hair out. I also want to note that I am not a particularly great mind, I just can't abide stupid. There are many sayings about stupid people: I See Stupid People, Stupid Hurts, You Can't Fix Stupid, Stupid is as Stupid Does, and You Can't Polish a Turd (that last may not entirely apply to stupid people). Now I know why some animals eat their young.


My electrician friend is attempting to look at his first blog...welcome DALE!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Air Expo!!

So, I was looking at the site for the McChord Air Expo and I found out that they are going to have a B-2 Spirit bomber doing some sort of AWESOME (my word) demonstration. The B-2 is a relative (Grandchild?) of the YB-49 and XB-35 flying wings that were tested in the 1940s and early 1950s, only to be scrapped by a short sighted administration (my opinion. Its funny how my history oriented opinion and my air plane oriented opinion sometimes differ. I shall not go into it here). I have a piece of one of the YB-49s…one of my valued possessions (I have a few of those). It was recovered from the crash site near Edwards AFB in California. I am looking forward to seeing the B-2. There were only a very few built, not much more than 20 of them. I will be seeing a very special aircraft. Cora does not seem to agree with my priorities, but I think she understands that if I am going to be a freak about something, it’s better this than something else.

Also, they plan on having the Tora, Tora, Tora performers from the CAF. Used to be the Confederate Air Force, but now it is the Commemorative Air Force, apparently due to the connotations of the word confederate. It has been three years since I was last at an air show. I took my Dad on Father’s Day of 2005. We had a good time. He and my Mom are planning on being gone, prior arrangements, which I am sure my dad now wishes he had made for another weekend.

There will be a CV-22 Osprey, an F-22 Raptor, and several other new aircraft on display!!! I am SO lucky!

We are watching After the Catch. Phil is a sick man…I hope he does what the Doctors tell him to do…he apparently only has 2 months to live if he does not change his ways.

Oh, and my Dad e-mailed me tonight. The first REAL e-mail since last year sometime. Satan knocked on the door, just then, asking for a jacket since their HVAC was on the fritz, apparently the AC is on HIGH and there is frost damage to the molten lakes of sulfur. He then kindly asked for my soul, to which I replied, "You're a bit late, ten minutes ago I would have sold my soul just for a short e-mail from my father, but I just got a long one." As I was telling him this a feathered warthog flew by. The neighbor started doing cartwheels on the lawn and the sun set and rose again...weird.

Well, I have to go, since Cora caught me posting…again. See, Cora can't even appreciate the CORRECT end of an air plane...


It was a warm day yesterday. I took the tractor and cleaned up the last rocks from the dirt. I hope never to have to touch rocks again...or dirt. Of course, I don't think that will happen, so I would be pleased so long as it is that particular dirt or those particular rocks that I don't touch.

I mowed after that. It was so warm out that you could have thought you were in bed under cover...then the fact that I had just had lunch and the warmth cut in and I began to get the nods. I would get down off the mower and walk around to wake was a long day...or course, it may not have been just that, since the tiredness seemed to follow me home. Once again, I had difficulty staying awake all night. I am going to make a doctor's appointment to get some hepititas vaccinations and I think I will ask him there about why I get so damned tired. He'll probably say that at my age I need to take naps during the day...

I got on the mower to leave the elementary school and the mower began driving strange...I had a slow...or fast, depends on how you look at it...leak on one of the I stopped at the shop that is here in town and had them fix it...took 45 minutes, but at least I made it back.

Today will likely go the same. Although, I hope to attend the first airsow in 6 years at McChord AFB on Saturday or Sunday. Cora's family are coming from out of town to visit over on that side of the mountains, too, so maybe I can drop her off. I hope we don't fight over who gets the camera...which is more important? Planes or family? Well, I think, given the name of this blog, that should be obvious...sorry Grandma! I REALLY want to see an F-22 Raptor up close. Also, I have yet to set foot near a C-17...they fly over all the time, but I have never been close to one...cue tears...

I note no one has offered donations for my drop tank collection...or have you mistakenly been giving to to Cora for her "baby" fund? Best make the checks out to me...I may open a museum and my biggest contributors will be able to see the exhibits before the general public...yeah, that's it! Send in that money, Cora loves airplanes and airplane parts just hanging about.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Where There's Smoke...

Occam's Razor basically says the correct explanation of any phenomenon is most likely the simplist. Cora said, "if you hear hooves, think horse not zebra." Either way, just because there is smoke in the direction of an inactive volcano on the horizon, it seems the most likely reason (to me) might be a forest fire not necessarily an eruption. Ok, let me explain:

I was watching tv this afternoon and the phone rang. It was my dad. He said there was an unconfirmed report that Mt. Adams had erupted. I briefly went through several thoughts, one of which was I had felt no trimmers and I had not heard anything on TV...that is the kind of thing the news people live for. My dad said someone had called him saying that from their house, it looked like the mountain had blown. He was driving up on the hill to have a look from his angle. Cora and I needed to go over to her parents for a few minutes anyway, so we jumped in the car. Well, it looked like a forest fire to large volcanoes, or small ones...or mountains within at least 30 miles. I called him and told him my prognosis, to which he agreed. A case of mistaken identity, but it got me out of the house and woke me up since at about that time I was starting to get the nods.

There WAS ALOT of smoke coming from the fire, so I suppose it could have been an easy mis-identification. See for yourself.

As an UPDATE: I did a litte searching and here is a site that explains the fire, which is in the Cold Springs area near Mt. Adams. An apparent lightning strike started it. It was first reported Saturday around 8pm. Here are a few pictures (better than mine, which I have borrowed from that page, the appropriate sources for the photos are listed here.

The first was taken from south of Goldendale.

This was taken from Troutlake. OK, that one did not load. You will definitely have to look at that other site...

and this one was taken from Vancouver, so if you view all of these pictures you start out North East of the mountain and begin in a great arc around the mountain ending up South West of the Mountain in Vancouver...I wonder where I can get pictures taken from the direction of Chehalis or Olympia...

Donations Gladdly Accepted

Well, Cora commented that even though my blog name is Plane Truth, I don't seem to talk about airplanes that much. Well, I shall endeavor to remedy that problem. I am now accepting donations to buy this. It appears to be the drop tank off of an Lockheed F-104 Starfighter, Republic F-105, or maybe a Vought A-7. I found it on E-bay. The guy wants $400.00 for it, and I would have to pick it Texas. Of course, Cora thinks all our money should go toward the adoption or bills, but, if someone were to give me $400.00 or simply knows someone with an extra drop tank, I could be happier than a panda in bamboo! More pleased than a pelican in a fish hatchery! Ecstatic as a bear in a honey store. And, it might annoy Cora a bit...are you with me? Here is a picture of the tank I would love to have...we could put it in the roof as an emergency water storage tank...or just as lawn art.

So, there you have it, do any of these pics below look like it? I also thought tis might be off of an F-100, but those tanks look more areodynamic. Shown below is an F-104 and below that is an F-105.

The F-102 has some tanks that look similar...

And Pima has several in storage, wouldn't they look much better in my front yard?

And for those of you not terribly amused by aircraft parts, Yesterday I made another batch of potato salad and we went shopping. Today...well, it's starting really slow, which is just as well. It's Sunday!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Robbin Hood

The best Robin Hood is made in Britain. I am not against Kevin Kostney kostner, but, truly, he is SO 1990s. Since last fall we have been watching the BBC's Robin Hood. It is set...well, a long time ago in Robin Hood's time. Robin comes backfrom the East and finds the Sheriff well ensconced and the right hand man of Prince John. He soon gathers his group and goes fighting against the Sheriff. The acting is good, the stories are good, but most of all there is lots of action and it is well choreographed with the storyline. The best part, though is the humor and interplay between the characters. Robin Hood is on every Saturday on BBC America.

I am presently waiting for my potatoes to boil for potato salad...I make a mean one. I am sorry my sight sometimes becomes an advertisement for the shows I enjoy, but there are alot of good shows that are not well known. I think everyone should give a new show a chance. Try Robin Hood, and NO I have not been paid to advertise this, but I sure would accept a fee for doing it!

Cora and I went shopping today. We got lots of stuff we have been missing. I think we could have gone on, but the coffee had run out. So, might as well do some shopping whilst we are in getting the all-important beans. We got some pork rids, Rib Eye Steak, Hamburger, and Chicken Breasts. Needless to say, the chili I made that had canned beef in it meant we were toward the dire end of our protein supply. Ok, we still had a couple hot dogs, much canned meat and a few frozen chicken thighs, but, well, carnivores and such. Also, most of my accidental exceptionally well-planned creations require meat. Mostly we spent money we have spent for sometime on groceries. Its about time we got some decent food in our house.

We ate lunch at the Taj, a nice new Indian restaraunt. We tried the lot. Curry...and...uhhh, what other spices do they use? Hmmm, curry, I suppose. It was good.

This afternoon I enjoyed a Mint Julep. I usually try to make one each summer. SO GOOD! This year's used a blender to mix the mint and sugar...I am certain there is a reason the mash it, but, it worked the same and I think I use MORE mint. I grow the mint specifically for that purpose. Whiskey, mint, sugar and ice. That's all we need for a good mint julep. Mmmm-mmm good.

Well, my potatoes are done, gotta go mix them and make 'em yummy!!