Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I am posting earlier than usual because Blogger has a "Scheduled Outage." They plan on an outage at about 8pm. Hmmm, wouldn't that be nice? I wish everyone would schedule outages.


"This is Jim."

"Yes, this is Bill with Pacific Power, I show your neighborhood is scheduled for a power outage this week, do you have a time you prefer?"

"Scheduled? Why"

"Oh, we just have a transformer that is going to blow...a squirrel will short it out."

"Oh, jeez...ok, hmmm, let me check my calendar...ahhh, yes, I think it would be most advantgeous for me if you scheduled the outage during the day on Monday. No one will be in the house."

"Ooooh, that won't do. Mrs. Jones is planning on baking Monday, her son is coming into town tht evening. But-yes, it looks like we could probably handle a Tuesday afternoon, from noon to four, how does that sound?"

"Hmmm, Tuesday? Let me see...yep, I will be out...looks good. Tuesday then!"

"Thank you sir, Tuesday it is."

Ahhh, if only they would do that. Instead we get outages at the damnedest time. How about that New York Blackout? Or should I say North East. There were mllions of people that were...shall we say, put out. I think people would have changed their plans if it had been scheduled and people would not have been so inconvenienced.



"Yes, is this Jim?"

"Yeah, this is me."

"Senor, I am Angel La Muerte, I represent the Deprtment of Transportation. This call may be recorded. I have you scheduled to be on a collapsing bridge on Wednesday, how does that look for you?"

"Do I die?"

"Sir, I am not allowed to give out that information. Yes. If we told people exactly what to expect there would be no frivolity. Yes. I am afraid I cannot tell you. Yes."

"Crap. No, that's a bad time for me. How about during a week without a Tuesday in it?"

Hmmm, maybe scheduling has its limits...


Cora said...

Scheduling - "I do not think that word means what you think it means."
Just talk to the doctors office I always schedule an appointment but yet I am never seen at that time

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

You are cracking me up..
Nothing is scheduled correctly anymore . .Remember when you went to get your fingerprints.. we had 25 people scheduled at the same time..
Have a Great Week..

Erin said...

Sice I work for doctors let me explain the scheduling process. :) If you read the fine print it will say "this is an approx time" They set appt's 10 minutes apart. Now you know the dr. arrived 30 minutes late, so now he is 4 appt's behind. Then Mrs. 90 year old lady takes 30 minutes to talk about her cat instead of her problem, now he is 7 appts behind, then he takes lunch and comes back 20 minutes late.! 9 appts (people) behind, and you scheduled a afternoon appt for your conv?. So now it is your appt time, but approx 9 others are still before you. Judging from the waiting room 3 people also walked in to "fake" an appt. You know the ones, oh yeah I have an appt today! The other thing if you schedule to be first then the doctor will be late and the staff will say "the doctor had a emergency" (I am speaking from experience) I was told to tell patients just that when the doctor was an hour late and scheduled 2 appts every 15 minutes. You do the math on that one at how many patients were mad at me that day. ;).. Wow TMI huh?

Grandma said...

Tell me about that appointment problem. I hate waiting for appointments more than anything in the whole world. I hate that little room they stick you in and I really hate it when they close the door. I have heard it explained about the doctors emergency and the last time it was the doctors wife that had the emergency. Erin, do you work for Dr Greenbug? I disguised his name a little to protect the innocent.