Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Catch 22

"'When I was a kid,' Orr replied, 'I used to walk around all day with crabapples in my cheeks. One in each cheek.'
Yossarian...braced himself suspiciously. A minute passed. 'Why?' he found himself forced to ask finally.
Orr tittered triumphantly. 'Because they're better than horse chestnuts,' he answered."

Orr was tinkering with something and Yossarian watched him.

"'When I couldn't get crab apples,' Orr continued, 'I used horse chestnuts. Horse chestnuts are about the same size as crab apples and actually have a better shape, although the shape doesn't matter bit.'
'Why did you walk around with crab apples in your cheeks?' Yossarian asked again. 'That's what I asked.'

'Because they've got a better shape than horse chestnuts,' Orr answered, 'I just told you that.'" (Catch 22, Joseph Heller. Pg23)

That is only part of the exchange that I have always remembered and loved. It makes little sense, but the writing is of such caliber, with each sentence opening a tiny view hole into the story line, (yet, a hole so tiny that it doesn't make sense until you have gotten so far into the book that the only way out is through the back of the book...and of course you HAVE to finish) that once one reads it, it is forever a part of the reader. (I am sorry, this little tirade/quote/sales pitch was brought on by Blissfully Caffeinated, who posted a list of the 100 best books...which was somewhat suspect, since it included a few twice and ALL of the Harry Potter books as one...but, I had only read 12 of them. This was one of those wonderful books. BC got me thinking about that exchange between Orr and Yossarian...I found it tonight and had to post part of it.

I subbed for third grade dual language today. I did enjoy the kids...didn't know the language, but that was no problem with the kids...they are notoriously NOT picky. I mean, they like me, right? They must not be overly picky. I did enjoy the fact that I got to digress about the space program a few times and the kids liked it when I illustrated my ideas. I also bribed them to pay attention. I told them I would show them how to draw some things if they would be good. Amazing how cheaply they can be bought. Sometimes it is a minute early release, or threat of holding them a minute late...they are so easily manipulated.

NCIS was on tonight! That is one of my favorite shows...gee, I have so many. Too bad they are never on during the say time of the year...I have to wait for January before Psych comes back on. Robin Hood won't be on until roughly the same time. I used to watch Numbers, but it is the same general plot each time...math saves the day. (I don't like math, so therein lies a problem, I think they ought to have a show about how cool history is...maybe it should have its own channel. Nah, they'd never do that.) Anyway, NCIS rocks!
On a final note. I hate my "A" key. I had to spend ten minutes going back in and replacing the A's that should have been there, but weren't!


Cora said...

I read 25 of those although I did count the complete works of Shakesphere even though I have probably only read half of them. Most of them were due to the fact that I had to take all the english classes they offered at YVCC, even though I hated english, in order to meet the requirements to graduate from HS.
We watch too much tv, but what else is there to do when you are 30 something and childless.

Erin said...

I don't read, I have my servents read for me. Last thing they read to me was the... Half Blood Prince. See I bore easily and reading...ummm.. what was I talking about again?

Anonymous said...

Dude, I didn't make up that list. Don't blame me for those duplicate entries! I myself thought they were extraneous (using my big words today).

Now I'm gonna have to read Catch 22. :)