Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Suborbital Cranial Ruminations

I sometimes have random thoughts. Rarely, actually. Some might argue that I do not really have thoughts. I argue that I do, and since no one is hacking into my brain to say otherwise, I win. Hmmm, I read the Bean today, and she's got me thinking about little men in my brain functioning as autopilots (hence the brain hacking)...don't ask me, just go read it.

So, given the randomness of my mind this evening, let me ask you a few questions. Have you ever considered the number of people responsible for designing such a thing as a ball point pen? Did you ever consider that there is a limited number of vegatables in the grocery store, and yet, we seem to have an unlimited number of dinners available...or do we? How many sources of meat do they sell in the grocery store? Beef, chicken, pork, turkey, fish, maybe lamb? Oh, and I don't include soy or boca burgers as meat...let alone food.

So, here is a question: If you could be a sea creature what would you be? I think I would be a crab...I dig pinching others! Oh, and having your own armour? Way too cool.

I noticed alot of other bloggers using bullets lately...maybe I should try it. I will start with a few random facts.

  • I don't get computers like others my age do, let alone my wife's Grandmother.
  • I like airplanes, but am not a pilot.
  • Cora is more responsible than I am.
  • I think the latest Mucinex commercial has the mucus characters scaled up WAY too much.
  • I like e-bay, but Cora doesn't like what I want to buy.
  • Pilot's helmets should come into fad as a cool thing to wear...everywhere.
  • If they let teachers drink in school, there would be fewer drunk teachers at home.
  • Parents get more annoying as they get older.
  • They should allow certain people (me) to travel as fast as my car will go.
  • Money isn't everything, but a bunch of things would be so much easier if I had more of it.

There, that's, seriously, what kind of sea creature would you be?


Cora said...

I would be pudge, he controls the weather.

Cora said...

Tag your it, come see my blog!!