Monday, October 13, 2008

Sailing Through the Day!

In nineteen-ninety-two, Sunnyside High graduated the chosen few...ok, that was an awkward segue into Columbus Day...sorry. Happy Columbus Day!

I taught High School today. Not just any old high school, though. I hve become used to the horseplay that happns in freshmen and sophomore classes. Today, however, I was more than surprised! I taught(babysat? hosted? really, what's the right word here?) 12th graders. Seniors. I think I am in love. I have never, well, not since student teaching, had such well-behaved, serious about learning, get down to business students. I nearly tripped over my jaw. I was stunned that students could be so obedient, respectful, and serious about school. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually got some reading done for my master's(that might be a tad bit optimistic, since it will probably take about 9,028 more days just like that to get to all my books).

Cora cooked chicken fajitas tonight...I think I overstuffed myself. I am slothful...must beware of harpoons...have great day.


Erin said...

Jeez what has become of kids these days, I can't remember being respectful to a sub... does the term "sink the sub" come to mind?

Erin said...

oh and thanks for the live traffic thing-a-ma-bob on your page. I had seen it on another blog and then couldn't find it to put it on mine. You saved me exploring! Thanks.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Glad the kids were on thier best behavior..
Sounds like my kids..
Sounds like Cora did a great job on dinner..
Have a Great Day..