Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Blues

This morning dawned early. Earlier than I wished. I still have this fracking cold. I used some Afrin the other day and my morning symtoms vanished, but more than three days may cause you to become addicted, physically (Trust me, I don't think it is psychologically fun to do). Still, it clears your sinuses REALLY well! I like that. Still, yesterday I needed to stop taking it. So I did. This morning I woke up with a case of the "Horrible Boogers From Outer Space" and shed more than my fair share of nasty boogery about 7AM! I hate 7AM! It was Sun-fricking-day, why in the name of all that is sleepy did I HAVE to wake up before 8???? On A SUNDAY!?! Argh! I hate early Sundays!

Then Cora awoke...about two hours later. I spent the intervening time sitting outside in a lawn chair, reading. I had coffee, a comfortable chair, and a good book. I have been re-reading "When Thunder Rolled." It's a good book about F-105 pilots during the Vietnam War. It was a warm morning. The thermometer said 75...I was more than happy to sit outside and read. The hot coffee helped. I also made sure that my feet were in the sunlightg longest, my socks made a white cutoff on my feet. So, I was tryng to remedy that situation. Then Cora got up. I made her coffee and then went back out for awhile. All-in-all, it wasn't a bad way to start a day.

It was sometime after 930 when my mother-in-law called to ask for help movng some furniture out of her Dad's place. Cora and I left and spent a few hours helping out. It was a good day. We were done by about 2pm and I came home. Then, after a short rest, I put together a shelf we had bought yestreday. Here is the picture.
Here are the Squash we planted a few weeks ago. Look how they have grown!

I went out to take a picture when I noticed Toby digging in the garden, but being extremely careful not to touch the electric fence, which happens NOT to be on, still, it's cute.

I barbequed a steak and some squash and zucchini again. I can't show pictures because it is all gone, we ate it.
I also found yet another of the house' residents in the back yard...

I will be teachng fifth grade tomrrow. Late start. Maybe I will sit outside agan...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bits and Pieces

The sky out the front door at about 9:00 last night. I liked the contrasting clouds and the colors of the sunset. About the time I clicked the last photo a couple students from the HS walked by...I closed the door as their voices followed me in. I suspect some of their comments involved my being shirtless. I am glad the end of the year is nigh.

Below you see dinner from last night. Here is Grilled Chicken with fresh home-grown basil and grilled zucchini and yellow squash. They were delicious, though the taste and smell coming from the photo does nothing to relay the sensation that appealed to all my senses last night.

Today, we went to town and bought some organizational stuff for the laundry room. We travelled from Lowes to the aweful HD, looking for a cabinet that would fit where we wanted it and did not cost $1,000,000.00. We found one, finally. So, we got a cabinet and some wire frame shelves. Then, after grabbing a bunch of groceries...well, not a bunch, but if you go to Costco and DON'T spend $100.00 you are made of firmer stuff than I.

We finally have something other than a nail to hang leashes on...and checkout that laundry soap!

The plan is to keep the laundry room neat and tidy...something we were not capable of doing before. Keep your fingers crossed.

I moved the freezer in with a minimum of fuss...I was very happy.

Then I did my yearly flower photos...what do ya think?

At Target, Cora rewarded my hard work. She allowed me to buy a remote control helicopter...this darned thing is NOT easy to fly. I have yet to figure out how to set the trim...supposedly once it is set, it is isn't.

Tonight I made, I am not some genius cook, it was aready put together, all I had to do was put it in the oven and warm up some corn. Turned out pretty good.
So, it's been a good day...if somewhat tiring. I have a sore back...oh yeah, I did a bunch of other stuff, like mow lawn and stuff, too boot. I am now reclining and trying to relax. Time for another drink...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Big Day Has Arrived!

We have been waiting! I am sure you ALL HAVE TOO!!!

And today...

Ha! You thought the baby had arrived, huh? Well, almost as cool. A lovely couple has come to stay with us! They will have their own room.

We got our Washer and Dryer!!

Ahhhh, look at the beautiful pair!

My Father-in-law and I put the two together and got them all set up. That washer was a heavy one, too! But we got it done.

I thought I would avoid Dodo the Wonder Salesman, but it was not to be. He showed up and tried to help. His coworkers did a lot of eye rolling. I suppose I should feel sorry for him, but he is just SOO weird and annoying.

Sounds like we have a small squeaky jet airplane in the laundry room...spin cycle.

Another Day, Another Cold

So, last week I managed to catch a cold. It is a particularly pernicious one. I manage to breathe most of the night, but what comes up and out in the morning is some of the worst!

I teach at the HS all week, so I am off somewhat early all week. Yesterday I continued gutting the laundry room by removing the old appliances, patching the walls and painting it. I intend to mop it before we bring in the new set. Then it will be a reverse process of the gutting...hopefully we will figure out a better way to use our space now.

I need to finish up the painting I have been working on. Only problem is I keep changing it...soon I will be happy enough with it to send a photo to the potential buyer.

Well, I have to go get ready for work...another day with the freshies...sometimes, I understand why some animals eat their young.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend Day 2

We worked our bottoms off! I mowed the yard. I fertilized it. I took the picnic table apart and changed the tire on the Buick. I also charged the battery. I managed to do a number of other things, but the one that I think will have the most effect on us is this:
Yes, I put the AC in the bedroom. It is on the south side of the house and gets really hot during he summer.
Cora and I played a couple games of croquet. We made hamburger and, a piece of genius on my part, we made s'mores...with a minor defect. I accidentally boughtthe cinnamin graham crakers...0oops!
Cora is forgiving, she is beginning to post.
So, it has been a good weekend!

Clean Purchase and Other Observations.

Yesterday we went shopping. We bought...financed...a washer and dryer. I guess you know you are an adult when buying an appliance makes you smile. I tried to get the salesman we spoke to Friday to throw in a plasma screen for free with purchase of a washer/dryer, but he would not do it. Guess I need to work on my pitches.

Yesterday, however, we were not blessed with a salesman with a great sense of humor...let alone brains. "I'm Tim, you are?" "Uh, alright Dora, let me type that in." No, it's CORA.

First, let me say something about appearance. I know how hard it is to drag yourself to work, especially one where you have to work with annoying customers all day, but can't you drag a comb through your hair first? PUH-LEASE!? Admittedly he did not have much hair remaining, and most of it was on the back half of his head, but that should make it faster to comb, right? And if he was going for the "distracted genius" look, it was not working for him. I think only famous physicists can handle that one.

Second: reading the customer and attending to their needs. If a customer comes in and says they are looking for something and have not settled on what to buy, that is when you, the friendly salesperson, can give them their options. Tell them about the range of products you carry. Give them options. When they know exactly what they want and say they have the MODEL NUMBER and SKU, well, let's not give them the whole opening spiel. Yes, it can be disconcerting to have a customer that knows what they want and who have gone to lengths to provide you with the easiest route to make a sale, but do not freak out. Please don't give them lectures. Don't explain the obvious, especially when your explanation was not requested. Don't make it harder than it has to be.

Third: When you see a washer with a round door and a dryer with a square door, DO NOT ASSUME the two are a pair. The customer just GAVE you the correct SKU numbers. Just because the internet application for your store says it is a pair, does not mean it is so. DO NOT try to convince the customer that squares AND circles go together. No, don't do it. Type in the other SKU and see what you find! OH! Wow. The computer was wrong. Hmmm, what's that saying? If you enter nonsense into a computer, it will spit nonsense right back out?

Fourth: When you see that the customer does not want your "help" don't give it to him anyway. I suppose I had already begun disliking the salesman by the time he had begun typing in the computer, which was maybe 30 seconds into our relationship. Cora could tell, but she knows me better than most. So when the guy asked about installation, I said no. He continued by trying to explain that with the new options it might be complicated. ( let me just say, that while I am not a genius, I can read instructions and often figure out things for myself. I even managed to do some minor surgery on our old washer/dryer set, so I think I can handle it) NO.

"You will need a new pigtail." Fine, I'll pick it up when the washer and dryer come in. "Well, you should buy it now so it shows on the receipt and PP&L (Electric Company) will know you are following their instructions and give you $100 back for buying an energy star appliance." FINE.

By now, I am really beginning to not like him. He asked what kind of dryer hose we have. "Rigid or soft? Because you really need rigid." I answer rigid. I have a rigid one, but even if I did not, I would have answered the same, just to shut him up...besides, I plan to buy a new one since the old one is probably not long enough to reach the new location, but I will buy that another time and hopefully from another person.

"How about the service/repair plan? Three year or five year?" What? Is it going to break in three years? The old ones waited until they were seven or eight years old before anything broke on them. Are you going to sell me a bad product? Do I NEED a service/repair plan? OK, by this time, I was getting more and more annoyed with this idiot. So, when he asked about the service/repair plan, I simply said no. Instead of taking no for an answer, he continues to walk beside me and tell me that 8 out of 9 customers who bought this appliance also bought the service/repair plan. I wanted to say, "then apparently 8 out of 9 people are idiots like you." (that isn't true, we have bought the service plans before, but he was very annoying.) DAMMIT MAN, go away!

We applied for their finance option. You could tell the girl who was in charge of that did not care for him, either. It was in the dismissive body language she used on him and no one else. He continued to explain the situation to her well after she seemed to understand what he needed. Finally, he went away to get the service/repair plan info to try to convince me to buy into it.

Cora, seeing my pain (and probably fearing my biting sarcasm was welling up and getting ready to rear its head to cut this moron down to size), took pity on me and let me go peruse the DVDs as a respite while he typed up an order for the washer and dryer. She alone bore his idiocy for a time. I salute you Cora! You deserve a medal of valor or something!

He would not give us the papers so we could go up and buy it at the cashier without him. No. He followed along. The whole "giving more information than needed" thing continued. I was at fault. I mentioned that we were planning to go to Africa. He began to try to explain to us he once had planned to go to Africa in 1980. He could not remember the name of the country, nor, apparently, the reason, but he tried anyway, looking, for all the world, like he was trying to follow the movement of an invisible insect with his eyes. Ah, so, this what the depths of Hell must be like.

Finally, it was our turn at the cashier. He then stood behind the cashier and basically told her how to do her job. Her expression was neutral, with a slight hint of loathing. If she had an aura, it was of hate and barely contained fury. She was courteous and friendly to us but barely so to him, minus the friendly. I don't remember her exact words, but they were kept to a minimum of syllables. Still, his "help" continued. Finally, it was done and he called me by my first name, not the first time, but fortunately the last, and wished us on our way.

We were out the door and walking to the truck. We looked behind us to make sure he wasn't following! WOW, what an annoying man.

We came home and ate lunch, then I commenced to gut the laundry room. I did it at leisurely pace, but it will be ready by Wednesday, when the washer and dryer are scheduled to show up. I work at the HS which gets out by 230pm each day, so I will be able to go pick them up and install then that evening with luck.

Other than that sales experience, it has been a nice relaxing weekend.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Out with th Old and Decrepit...

Yesterday morning, as I sat there looking at the computer for a job, it dawned on me how nice it would be to not have to do that. Then a job came up and I could not follow that thought further. It was a 1/2 day. I don't usually take half days, but it was the Friday before Memorial Day and I figured that was probably all I could manage so late in the morning. So, I took it. Fifteen minutes later I received an e-mail telling me I had been requested for a full day job Of course, I had already accepted the first one, and though I could have cancelled that one, I don't do that, and there was no guaranteeing the other would still be there when I did. Oh, well, I got to only work a half day on the Friday before Memorial Day...I can't complain about that. I also managed to fill up next week...completely.

Cora and I went to town to get a few things a little after noon and ended up looking at Washers and Dryers. The ones we have appear to be on their last legs. I have had to tear them apart to fix things that seem to break with increasing regularity and laundry then piles up. With a little one coming, it might be nice not to have to worry about that. Also, it takes 2 to 3 dryer cycles to dry one small batch of clothing, and though summer is coming and we can now put stuff on the line, it would be SO nice to have a washer and dryer that did their job. Every time there is a breakdown, it takes two or three days to catch back up. Everytime I fix something it costs a small fortune to buy the part and five days for shipping. So, we are leaning toward a new pair with greater and greater intent to purchase. We also thought, given this weekend, we might find some better looks as though we might.

Then we went to the fabric shop for more thread and the nursery for a couple more cucumber plants. We lost a couple of the ones we had planted and we really like fresh cucumbers. The tomatoes and squash are coming along great and the herbs are already finding their way into our cooking.

So, my job this weekend will probably be to clean out the laundry room, now. It is one of those rooms in the house that does more than its share of collecting junk. So, it will be more than a small job! I also need to change the tire on one of the cars so I can get it moved and maybe for sale...why do we have two cars that we don't drive? I guess because I am lazy... Cora has plans to work on few more dresses and I believe she will probably find herself roped into helping move things from the laundry room...

So, this promises to be a weekend full of work and new appliances...but, I have a feeling we will throw some fun in somewhere!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Left Overs, Pics

Here we are relaxing by the pool! The weather was spectacular! The company was even better.

One of my nieces wanted in the house, how could you say no to a face like that?
Cora, looking usual. Yes, I really DID get her to marry me!

Relaxing on the couch.
I taught sixth graders again. Guess what! I do again tomorrow, too! For some weird reason the sixth grade teachers like me. Tomorrow is for yet a different teacher. Today, I inadvertently got the class into trouble with the PE teacher. I took them to PE and suggested he have them run a couple of extra laps to get their energy out. He asked if they had been giving me problems. I, not necessarily being one to lie when given such a question, mentioned that I had made them put their heads down for about 5-7 minutes. They wouldn't shut up. It was a low rumble of voices and not one particular voice stood out. Also, it gave me a chance to get some of the sub instructions in order. The kids said the PE teacher was most displeased with them while they were at PE. On the brightside, they were perfect little angels after that.

Cora's Mom and Dad went fishing this last weekend. They were successful and gave us a half of a fish...OH, HOW I LOVE SALMON caught by my wonderful In-Laws! Cora made the glaze to put the salmon in and I started the BBQ. It took a while, but oh, the wait was well worth it! I apologize, I did not get a photo. It did not last long enough to take a picture of-we were both starving.
I added some extra touches to the painting I have been working on...guess Cora makes dresses faster than I paint. Still, one step closer though!
Tomorrow should be another nice day with the same great bunch of teachers!

Winding Down

Ah, the school year is winding down. I have been enjoying it, though the kids seem to be getting ever more wild and eager to get out of control. I had a pretty good day yesterday, my class was a good one! Still, you could see they wanted to do other things. Can't say as I blamed them much, I wanted to go outside, too.

It was when I was heading out for the day that I got the biggest compliment. A couple kids from the HS saw me in the hall as I was leaving. They asked me why I had not subbed for their teacher today. I said I was already taken and could not help it. They still protested that I should be subbing for them.

Well, the weather looks like it will be another good day! Ah Spring!! I can't wait to enjoy it tonight!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Where to Begin? A Long Recount

Ok, so it has been several days since I last posted. We went to House Sit for the weekend. Cora took her computer, but I left my dinosaur behind. I checked my mail, but nothing else, it was supposed to be a relaxing weekend!!

Friday: I subbed my last of four days of music. I went home and got all our crap together, meaning I packed and did the dishes so we did not have any living organisms in the sink when we returned.

The trip was not bad. We dropped off the dogs at Cora's sister's house and went for some P.F. Chang's. We called it in and dropped by a grocery store for a bottle (or two) of wine. Dinner was excellent. We had Lettuce Wraps, Orange Peel Beef, Black Bean Chicken, and Sezchuan Asparagus. After letting dinner settle a smidgeon, we retired to the hot tub. Just to be perfectly honest, and unbiased...I HAVE TO GET ME ONE OF THOSE!! Afterword, we sat outside cooling off. The pool was still just a little chilly for our tastes...70 degrees.

Saturday: I awoke early (630am), despite a fairly late evening. I went downstairs and made coffee. I read my newest book: The Arnheiter Affair. It is a story of a Queeg-like captain (You should read the Caine Mutiny if you don't know who Queeg is...or wikipedia it) during the Vietnam War. He was SO idiosyncratic, narcissistic, and blind that he drove the crew near madness before he was relieved. He disobeyed orders, falsified reports, lied, stole, and was just downright a wannabe navy hero. The crew thought he was just a little different at first, but his true colors began to show, and within 99 days he was relieved. It is a most fascinating book.

Cora got up later and made breakfast! She made sausages and cinnimon I know how to pick a wife or what!? We relaxed around the house for awhile and then got ready to go shopping. She needed to get a few things and I wanted a book. Well, I did get a book, but it wasn't the one I thought I'd get. I also ended up getting three shirts. These are shirts I expect will be very comfortable in Africa. They are a light cotton material that promises to dry quickly, plus they have loads of pockets. Cora also obtained some new additions to her wardrobe. For the record, we only really shop for clothing a couple times a year. I also bought a bargain book by an author I am fond of. I ended up buying the book I really wanted on Amazon at about 2/3rds the price I could have gotten in the store.

We went to lunch at Nothin' But Noodles. It was good. We returned to the house to check on the dogs, then returned to the mall for a litte more shopping and we watched Star Trek. Now there is a good movie! I might give something away here, so if you have not seen it yet, go to the next paragraph and I won't be hurt. I was intersted to see the back story of the crew. The original series never hinted at very much. This one starts with Kirk being born...interesting to be sure. Turns out this movie is actually a (This is your last warning if you don't want the movie ruined) different reality than the original series. This seems to indicate the writers don't want to interfere with the original plot lines and are free to make up their own new adventures. I am very happy with it. The humor was wonderful! At times side-splitting. I expect the coming batch of movies in the next decade will be something that Gene Rodenberry would have been proud of.

Now (yes, it is safe to read from here if you haven't seen the movie yet), if I were anything near what my long deceased best friend was, I would be able to give you a few quotes, verbatim, and have it mean something. Alas, I am NOT the genius that my late best friend was, I can only say, it is a movie worth seeing.

For dinner, after the movie and long day shopping, we decided on some pizza. Not just any pizza would do for us, however. We prefer Atomic Brewpub and Eatery pizza. It is not a big restaraunt, but it is a restaraunt with big taste! The beer is, well, excellent. Their pizza is spectacular! We have eaten there several times in the past couple years. Each time is a new exprience! I am especially fond of their Plutonium Porter. We had a Thai Peanut Chicken has real peanuts on it. It was delicious! Cora stayed with the dogs and I picked up the pizza. I asked the bartender how long a pizza took to bake. He said about 15 minutes...I said, "So, about the amount of time it would take me to drink a beer?" He said, two if you drink fast.

We had pizza and then relaxed in the hot tub again. Again, the pool remained just a wee bit more chilly than we were prepared to subject our anatomies to. We did sit out in the lawn chairs again and watch the stars. It was really nice. I wish our house was a bit different...I guess we should have been more prescient when we bought it nine years ago.

Sunday: We had no intention to leave the house, except perhaps to add a new touch to the house, which we did not do...but may in the future, even though Emily doesn't know what it is. I spent the day reading. My book was getting progressively better. Cora watched some of the Stargate SG1 episodes on DVD that I bought her for her birthday and she took a nap or two...I read my book in the shade as the temperture rose to the mid-eighties. I DID wade in the pool a bit, since it was so hot. Still, I was not done reading and so was reluctant to put the book down...and the pool was still cold.

We came home after Emily returned and I turned on my computer. I lucked out and got a job: Kinders today. It was fun, if a bit nerve-wracking. Seems each teacher has a different way with their kids and on different years: these were different from last year's kids. I enjoyed the day, nevertheless.

I came home and mowed the lawn...if you're counting, I mowed it on Thursday and it probably needed it again Saturday. I had put the mower back in the shed at a slight angle because I was too lazy to make sure it was flat...well, some oil had gotten into the cylinder and leaked out; it did not start right away. I finally got it going after I added some more oil...a bit too much, since it smoked the whole time.

I also mde dinner, a weird, quirky collection of Asian and American dishes: Steak and Fried Rice with griled sweet onions. I apologized to Cora, but she assured me in a Friends (remember the series?) way, quoting Joey all the way: "Steak? GOOD. Fried Rice? GOOD. Onions? GOOD!" You gotta love my wife's sense of humor.

So, tomorrow I sub for sixth graders. I will be teaching the older sister of one of the kinders I taught today...funny how things work out.

I hope all had a good weekend, too! Oh, yeah. It's been 28 years since the eruption of Mt. St. Helens! Which is a mountain I don't think Cora has ever seen...but, she will elaborate on that someday.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


There is a brilliant "Rolling Stones'" song that includes the lyrics: "Don't play with me, 'cause you're playin' with fire." I just want to go on record that my Dad loses every chess game that he plays with me (O.k., maybe I let him have a couple to keep him going...). Here he is in the depths of loss! See his absolute depair? Sad, I know. I suppose I don't have to show the picture, but he does look a little dejected. Ah, the pleasure of putting him in his place! Wah ha ha ha ha!!!

Here is Toby, apparently tired! Look at the way he looks like he might be straight upright! He isn't, he's on his side. Pathetic. Ah, I love owning pets.

I subbed in music for the third day in a row. It was a pretty good! I have enjoyed it this week. The kids are actually really good. There are two classes that have had horrid times in music lately. Twice in a row! That's hard with me (I am usually too nice). Still, they did better today since their teachers had obviously threatened them. I was amused.

I mowed the lawn. I watered the garden and Cora worked on her dresses. I cut some BBQ pork and that is what we had for dinner, though Cora was going to make Friend Rice...turns out we weren't hungry after the pork...still, the fried rice will make a good meal on Sunday or Monday.

Is it Friday yet?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Legend of the Headless Dog!

Once there was a canine, Jack Russell in breed,
a lap to lay on was his only real Need.

During the day, he raced across the lawn,
back and forth, since his people were gone.

They always came home, and would give him a dinner scrap,
and after that, there was, between the two, always an open lap.

Even if there wasn't, he would make himself a place,
he'd push the computer over and move in with grace.

One night he lay so still his owner thought he was dead,
it turns out, however, he'd just lost his head.

Yes, that's all I have.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Dibs on the Dibs

Sometimes you get that sweet tooth, you know? I have had a severe one lately. Usually, I can take or leave candy. More often I find leaving it to be the easiest thing. For the last week or so, though, I have been craving all things sweet. Last week was teacher appreciation week and they had laid out some mini-candy bars on the tables in the teachers' lounge. Normally I might have taken one. Last week, I must have had seven or eight before I pulled myself away from the table and then fought the urge to pocket several more.

We HAD a package of Oreos...I may or may not have been responsible for its sudden and somewhat violent passage from this life. It was all crumbs and milk, it wasn't a pretty sight.

There was Easter candy...a particularly large bag of chocolate eggs...that, too, is no more.

Tonight, Dibs. Dibs are those little chocolate covered drops of ice cream. Cora asked for a snack, my mind, in its current state, went strait to Dibs...weird, huh?

Oh, I re-began a painting tonight. I'd begun it last week, but had the wrong color, so we went in and got a better color this weekend. I think it will work if I can only decide how to orient it...

The rest of the week will be music for me!! At the El. I am pleased to have such a a full week lined up! No waiting next to the computer every night!! Plus the teachers are always so nice there!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Work

Yesterday we ended up buying a pine dresser for BB. It was unfinished, hence the price we paid. We deliberated for quite some time on what shade of stain to put on it (last time we painted them and we are still unhappy with that). Finally we decided on a darker stain. Cora's sister had suggested using a gel stain that you just wipe off with a rag. Since Cora was in charge of staining it, I let her decide. It turned out ok, but I think that having someone else do it would be a better alterntive.

While Cora worked, I put the last of the geraniums in th ground, put in a new soaker hose and killed some weeds. I also took some pictures of Cora working like a busy little bee.

We are both somewhat beat by our day of labor! I plan to BBQ/smoke a steak and make Cora a decent dinner. I hope everyone else has a good Mother's Day, and I also hope you will rest assured I am doing my best to make sure Cora is enjoying hers.


Happy Mothers Day! For all the work that you do, have done, or will do, thank you moms everywhere. I got a chance to visit with my mom last night.
For those of you who have been waiting on adoptions for over two years, and feel you may not technically qualify, well, in my book you do. Happy Mother's Day!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Who in the world does not love a Sturday!?! I do!

OK, so I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I might have been a LITTLE BIT grumpy this morning, though, I am positive Cora did not even notice. I don't even know why I was grumpy, though waking up about 5am on a Saturday might have had something to do with it.

We went to town...well, first we went to see if we could find a dresser for the kids' room at some yard sales. Remarkably, neither of us was in the true yard saling spirit. We ESPECIALLY were not when we visited the local vocational college; which was holding some sort of HUGE yard sale where people bought a spot to display their junk. We went through the whole riggamarole of locating a parking spot and walked a quarter of a mile to discover they were charging three bucks a head just to get in and look at peoples' junk! That would have cost us six bucks to go in and look at...pardon my Portugese(French seems so overused)...other peoples' shit, that we probably would not have even bought! That combined with our moods had us walking back to the truck in about two seconds.

We ended up buying a new pine dresser. It is very well built by a local craftsman. We plan on staining it (By WE I mean Cora) and perhaps adding a bit of a jungle touch to it (the jungle touch will come from me, since I am SO primal [which means I eat with my hands]).

I worked in the yard and cleaned off the patio...which is really just a concrete slab and is worthless to us, since we don't park any vehicles on it and it's too hot in the summer to use for... ANYTHING. Cora wants to either stain the dresser out there or in the kid's room. We shall see what transpires tomorrow.

Tonight we will travel the thirty miles down to my parents' house and celebrate an early Mother's Day.

Other than that, I have not done a whole lot of anything...

Friday, May 8, 2009

Tanks For The Request!!

I got a comment this morning requesting requesting some photos of our tanks. Never one to shirk my duty, I stepped up to the task and took a few pictures. Here they are! Above is a female Maroon Clown, whose name is Marvin, that is in my 30 gallon tank.
This is a Zooanthid polyp. they seem happy in Cora's tank.
This is an overall photo of Cora's 16 gallon tank.
Here is one with the skunk clown in it.
and this little guy is Cora's Cardinal fish...she is photo-shy.

Today was a fun day. I played Peter and the Wolf for the music class I subbed for. It was not bad. I did fight the nods for about a half hour during the one o'clock hour. It was quite a struggle to keep my eyes open. I was watching Peter and the Wolf for the umpteenth time, I was comfortable and it was dark. Other than that, it was a great day.

After I got off work I came home and miled my painting...somewhere in Florida. I am more than ready for the weekend, though!

Friday Has Arrived, Let's Get It Over With!

Ah, I can see it coming in the air today. Friday. I get to sub at the El today. This is Teacher Appreciation Week, so I am getting a few of the benfits. It was Soup at the "Evil I" this week. Who knows what the wonderful teachers will have at the El today! Either way, though, Fridays are always a pleasure at the El (food always makes the day go better!).

I got a few more aircraft accident reports that are post-1955. One is for a B-52 that went down near Yuba City. Yuba City is the sister city of Marysville, which is where we lived for two years...I wish I had known of it at the time...but my wreckchasing abilities are still young and I doubt I would have been able to locate it then, let alone now. I will likely be getting a few more reports up this coming week on my airplane site. I am amazed at the number of hits I keep getting since a slow start last Spring. I have slowly added more and more content to it. I am also geting an idea of what is working and what is not. I have gotten lots of compliments on my airplane site...but what are they gonna say? Nah, that site sucks! Still, it seems to be a place of interest for people. I hope my three readers will tell nyone hey know about it who might be interested.

Well, I have a painting to ship today. I will have it packaged up and ready to go this afternoon...after work. Post office doesn't open until I am gone to work.

I lost my sea urchin this week...I have no idea why, but he died. All my water parameters appear to be in the norm and actually healthy...good thing I removed him from the tank, as his death made the water in the hospital container a nasty hazy brown...I am not impressed with dead sea urchins...they don't smell very good either, if anyone is interested. Cora's Coral Tank is alive and well and looking good! The two fish we put in a few weeks ago seem to be getting on well and, apart from the skunk clown apparently not being particularly brilliant, prospering.

The sun is out and I am looking forward to a wonderful spring day! I hope everyone else enjoys a similar day.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Where's the Rain?

It is supposed to rain this afternoon, but all I see are those big fluffy cumulus clouds that don't look like the plan on dropping anything. I DID NOT get a job today. I am really sure of it one called asking why I wasn't there and I double-checked, triple-checked, quadruple-checked, and...well, you get the picture.

I have been busy cleaning. I have done several loads of clothes, a load of dishes, mowed the lawn, set up my garden watering system (trust me, it's cool), repacked the bedroom closet that I had to unpack to get at the water heater, folded numerous clothes, checked the mail, dropped off a tool I borrowed, and took the garbage out. It still needs help, but the house is looking better.

I need a haircut, so will go in and get that in while. But, I still have things to do. The wind continues to blust, but overall it is a nice day out. Well, back to folding cloths.

Oh, YEAH! Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

What Day Is Today, Again?

So, what day is this? I taught second graders today. I thought I would be teaching them tomorrow for some reason...good thing the secretary called me about the time the students were coming in. It took me only ten minutes to drop everything and show up at the school.

I could not understand why not one job had come up for today. I was up late last night watching the computer and again this morning at 5AM. Still, nothing. I resigned myself to staying home and doin some of the house work and chores that did not get done this weekend. I was doing exceptional!! I had a load of clothes in the wash, a load of dishes on their way into the dishwasher, I'd picked up the mail, folded clothes, and taken out the garbage. I was just finishing the dishes when the secretary called. She asked me if i was working today, I said no. She said she had me down...then I realized I had mixed up the days!! ARGH!!! I told her I would be right there!

I wore shorts to school for the first time ever, today. I did not take the time to change, nor did I grab my bag, nor a lunch... I felt that it was my screw up, I should pay for it. As it was they welcomed me with open arms and understanding expressions. It was the first time I have ever done that: forgotten about a job. I actualy thought I had it for Tuesday. I doubt I'll ever do that again.

I finished a painting tonight, but I am not sure I am happy about it, yet.

This weekend I managed to plant tomatoes, zuchinis, cucumbers and squash. I also planted the flowers and some herbs. The rain today probably helped the vegatables nicely. Cora worked on dresses. We also got to see Cora's Grandma. I took her some of my famous potato salad (let's just say BACON and leave it at that).

I still don't have job for tomorrow. I am sure this time!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy May First!

So Wednesday I spent the day working on the hot water heater. To say that it was a bitch would be an understatement and serve no purpose but to make me hate hot water heaters more. I spent thee hours on my knees in a semi-fetal postion removing water from the tank by hand. Which was often intermixed with moments of tension when the plasticbag I was using to stem the flow of water from the hole the element had occupied came free just a little and the flow of water mimiced something a submariner would wish to avoid. The drain faucet let only a small trickle out of the hose I had run through the house and outside, so I had grown tired of waiting and decided to tempt fate by removing the element at the bottom of the tank and taking water from that stupid. Of course, once I had removed the element it was impossible to replace it with all the water coming out in a one inch wide stream.

In fact, maybe I should not have read so many submarine books. And all those submarine movies? Yeah, nix on those too. I was even sweating. Granted, there were no depth charges raining down on me, but I thought I heard sonar! I finally got it empty and changed the element. I just wish I had had some of their damage control items...something better than a plastic bag to stick in the hole.

Still, I survived! and now we can wash clothes and take hot showers!! Now that we have hot water back, we are aware of our previous element's slow slide into hell. I thought I remembered hot baths turning me pink...but recently they had not done that. Nw...well, it's back to hot baths again!!

Yesterday, the weather great and I mowed the lawn. Today the weather looks spectaculr! I get to be a PE teacher today at the intermediate! I am excited.

This weekend promises to be another work weekend. Still, we may make some time for fun.