Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Good News On The Fertility Front!!

Ok, that title should have drawn you in. No, we are not pregnant, however, a miracle ocurred today!! I found the location of the ever-important and handsome Fertility Spoon. Cora stole it and hid it over a year ago! She claimed, at the time, that some Mormon Boys had come and she had offered it in hopes of saving their children...see her post here.

I had placed it in the most ostentatious place, in an effort to draw out the fertility from the air and maybe even speed the adoption along. Cora claimed that it was ugly and explained to me that she would hide it. I did not believe her and took no special measures to protect the Spoon.


I had carved it some years ago. By myself. All alone. In an artistic way. I used all my best tricks and lots of love. When I finished it, the carving looked to me to resemble an African carving. So, I bought some ebony stain and stained it black. I was VERY proud of it. Cora, however, smiled and said, "that's nice." You know, that smile she uses when he doesn't really mean what she is saying? When I finally hung it up in a place of honor she explained to me that it was much too ugly to be in our house. I did not believe her, since she obviously had no idea what she was talking about. Since she found it repulsive, I thought I would give it a name that might make her like it. "Fertility Spoon."


It didn't work.


We played the hide it, put it up, hide it again game a few times, until she over did it. I have to hand it to her, she hid it VERY WELL. I can't believe it has been gone a whole year!


Here are a couple pictures, surely you can agree with me, it is a thing of beautty! (I'd take better pictures, but I'd have to take it down and I am worried she might take it again. She makes no secret that that is her intention!)

Praise for Music Teachers

Yesterday, I subbed for a music teacher. She's great and always leaves nice non-musical plans, that is, I don't have to play anything more complicated than a CD player. She usually puts on a spring and fall program and does lots of other stuff with the kids. Lately, though, I have more respect for her. She has these African instruments, probably 20 or 30 of them. Some are big, some are small. You are still waiting for why I have more respect for her, aren't you? Well, the kids come in at various times during the day to practice. Did you get that? PRACTICE, that means not all of them are good. Or even if they are good, it would be difficult to tell from the cocophony of sound and notes booming out from all the other wonderful, LOUD, instruments. I suppose it is just that none of it was in harmony...no, that's not true. A few of them would play together and you could almost hear them over the others.

I guess I have become used to the relative quiet of the classroom and the (what's another word for formless, tuneless, loud, cocophony)... it was just a strange assault to the ears. It was like no other sound. Oh, I managed to get stuff done and prepare for the next class, and I suppose I could got used to it, but WOW! So, I take my hat off to all music teachers, because I am sure when your kids practice it must be hard for you to concentrate.

I got a few more paintings further along last night. I got one finished and I will show it tonight. A few others are further aong. I hate it when I get to a spot where I realize this painting is just not working like I thought it would and then I have to go back over it. For example I had planned on doing an elephant in a forrest, but decided the background wasn't good enough. So, now there is a different background...third try. Ah well, they all eventually turn out...I don't give up until they do.

Oh, I shipped out my first painting yesterday! "The Red One" is now on its way to its new home. Cora and I both had grown accustomed to it hanging on the wall. I guess I will just have to make another.

Monday is over, where is Friday?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Left Overs.

This weekend was nice. The weather cooperated yesterday and gave me nice day to work in the yard. I tilled the garden, finally got the electric fence going, mowed the lawn, and cleaned up a bit. I made some delicious Smoked chicken yesterday evening, which we had on our salad. Cora made dresses and a bag of some kind. I painted a little...not as much as I should.

I sat out there checking the chicken from time to time and reading a book, occasionally looking into the sky to identify an airplane flying overhead. I would then run inside and look at my computer. I had "Flight Aware" on and could get an idea of which flight it was. Also, it tells you what kind of airplane it is...and I was 1 for 5 by the end of the afternoon. I knew I was looking at a 747, but the others...well, scale is a issue, and I can't tell one 2 engine passenger plan from another when they are at 30,000 feet.

Cora and I went for a walk the other evening down to the park. It was a nice walk.

Last weekend Emily came up for the Pampered Chef party. Here she is in front of her monster truck. Actully, for as big as it is, it drives alot like a car. I was impressed with all the gadgets and doohickies.

Today, I teach music. Which is to say, I play a CD player and join in the dancing and general craziness. Unfortunately, I don't have a lick of musical knowledge. Still, I am very enthusiastic, which makes up for my inability to read music. I do know the whole hand/notes thing...which came in handy last week. The kids seem to enjoy my antics nonetheless and I suppose that is the main thing.

I put up a new accident report on my other site if you are interested. It is about an F-106 Delta Dart that crashed near Spokane. Of course, it isn't a NEW report, it is rather old, happened in 1961. I have been in communication with several people in the aircraft community and will have no shortage of posts, though, sometimes those posts take longer than expected to write.

Here is Cora at her Mom and Dad's house. Their lawn always looks so nice!

I hope everyone else has a good Monday...oh, yeah, did I mention I am thankful for late start?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Back By Popular (Grandma's) Demand

FYI: I tried to post earlier today, but the computer tried to eat my shoelaces. Then it got it's hard drive in a knot and I had to reboot. Honestly, if I had everything backed up, and a thousand dollars, I might give it the boot...several times.

Last time I posted it was Cora's birthday...which, let me see, plus one, carry the two, multiply by 24, then drop the "a" and subtract five...that's three days. I know I usually ost everyday, but things have been, well, not quite busy, but constant. I have sold several paintings, several of which are requests. I am finally beginning to hold up my part of the bargain. I sold my spaceship painting!

This is Cora leaving for work on her birthday...shortly before realizing her tired was low.

This is Cora after she got home, talking to her favorite Niece, who had called to wish her a happy birthday (We suspect she was also calling to make sure we were not having cake without her).

Thursday I taught 3rd graders. Have I mentioned my strange affinity for third graders? Maybe I mentioned that I like sixth graders, too. Or maybe it was fifth. I guess I just like kids. They sure seem to like me for some weird reason. I still can't walk through the hallways without vociferous and multiple enthusiastic greetings. I saw one of the third graders today at the book store. I was pleased with myself because I remembered her name! What was cool was that when she saw me she was so pleased and she had point out her substitute to her parents, who smiled bemusedly and waved at me, too.


Friday, I was in SPED! I like those kids. It was not a movie Friday, however, for reasons beyond control. Still, it was a good day. Of course, it is the ladies there who come and go during the day that make it possible for me to survive. Nevertheless, I was pleased to see the busses come and take the kids home.

Last night, I worked on a painting or two. I finished one that I am pleased with. It is a painted version of a chalk drawing I did about 12 years ago. I was always proud of it and I gave it to my best friend's widow. Later, we visited her and she showed us how it looked matted and framed. I was appalled that someone thought something I had made was worthy of framing. It looked good! So, I made this one. This one is ear-marked for some family member in the Portland area.

This morning we awoke bright and early. We had an appointment with pre-history...or maybe it's pre-pre-pre-history...anyway, we descended into the depths of the Cretaceous, Triassic, and Jurassic, though not necessarily in that order. We went to "Walking With Dinosaurs!" It was really cool. Here are a couple short videos. I was having isues with them earlier, and had to let the computer reboot(See above). Now my computer appears to be a bit less moody. Of course, I began this post early and it is now 11:45PM and the video is still loading... Ok, it isn't working...nevermind.

This last picture is of Cora and I in the back seat of her Mom and Dad's new Volkswagen (Don't tell them what else we did back there, I don't think they were watching). Here we are just looking like the cute couple we are...but we can be...well, romantic.

This afternoon we went shopping. I bought some more canvas for paintings, since business is pickig up. Cora got some more fabric and is presently working on yet another project...this one promises to be cute beyond belief (but don't tell her, I gave her a good load of guff at the store about it). We also got some groceries.

We came home and relaxed...I should say she worked and I relaxed. We decided we should go in to the bookstore because it had been awhile since we had reminded ourselves of how bad Borders is in comparison to Barnes and Noble. Barnes and Noble (Tri-Cities) is an awesome book source. Borders (that accursed bookseller that bid lowest, I suppose, that came to Yakima) does not have much of interest...to anyone. I suppose it could be because I have interests that differ from the norm of Yakima...apparently I am a Tri-Citian at heart. There is, afterall, a higher percentage of ex-naval personnel down there...since Naval Submariners are known for their atomic/nuclear prowess, and Hanford is so close. Or, maybe, it is just because Borders sucks. Either way, we bought a couple of half-way decent books and came home.

Now we are watching a cool Modern Day Pirate show on the the History Channel. Life is good...

Oh, and I want to belatedly congratulate Grandma on her return home from the hospital! Hurray!!!!

On that note, I bid you all good night!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Cora

Today is Earth Day. Yeah, yeah, whatever. That isn't nearly as important to me as the other reason to celebrate this day: it's also Cora's Birthday!! I have celebrted 15 of them with her, including today. I look forward to spending many more with her!

Happy Birthday Cora! I hope you have a good day and enjoy the gifts I got you. As a tribute to you, I am posting several random pictures of you that I love! Which made it difficult to choose, since I love all the pictures I take of you.

Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So Washington state has a series of tests it gives to the kids in certain grades. Standardized type. Fine. They guard the tests with a strange array of locks, tags, guards, chemical weapons, and, for all I know, rabid porcupines. You have to go through a certain amount of training to give these tests. I have not done that, so I don't know what kind of training it is, though probably on the safe handling of rabid porcupines. The point is, some of the kids have their own version of what WASL REALLY stands for: Wasting A Student's Life. I thought it was cute, but chose not to comment.

I had been asking the 3rd graders if they got to have syrup with their waffles. Some would give me strange looks, but others understood immediately and told me their WASL did not come with syrup, it was a TEST!! Kids are so much fun!

Yesterday, they were testing at the HS. I was originally slated to work for a 10grade teacher. But my first two periods were layed away to care for 9th graders in a different classroom. What a joy. That wasn't actually so bad, but when 2nd period ended I began getting all the students, both 9th grade AND 10th. The 10th graders went off on their merry little way and I was left with the freshies. Then a series of instructions and counter instructions came and for a few minutes I had one 10th grade student and no others...Finally, I called down to the office, and they said they were straightening it out. I decided to go for a walk. I found all the 10th graders back in their original teacher's room...so, after a few minutes of sending students this way and that to gather wayward charges and paperwork, I finally got down to the business of teaching...it was a very strange morning.

Now, I am looking forward to the same thing again today. This time I might actually know what's going on!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Blues

So, Monday is here again. Yuck. Oh, well. Late start makes it a bit easier. I work at the HS today and should be off about 230PM.

The weekend was a md mad whirlwind of activity here. I did not really get much time to post. Cora and I worked on the house to get it ready for the Pampered Chef party. I ended up staying and enjoying the food and the cool utensils. I look forward to getting something cool to cook with soon!

We then had a birthday dinner for Cora at her Mom and Dad's last night. It was a good weekend. Her Mom and Sister had assisted her in choosing a very special Iron...which they then purchased for her. Now, I don't know what special features an Iron can have, but this one apparently has them...GIRLS!

This week...Hmmm, I know I have to get some of the yard waste and stuff out for the annual free clean up day. So, I will try and get that stuff out in the alley by the end of the week. I also need to mow the lwn...after two days. The weather has apparently been perfect for grass. I had put some fertilizer on it in November...that apparenly did the trick, because WOW! it is growing fast!

Oh, I sold a painting! Someone at the Chef party decided that the "E" was something they needed! You can get in on the action! Go see Cora's Dress Blog!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Musical Friday

It's Friday! I am SOOOOOoooooo happy about that. Last night I must hve drank too much iced tea. My eyes popped open at 130AM and I could not get back to sleep again until 430AM. Alas, I tried to get to sleep a few times before that, but it didn't work. At least I did not wate that time. I posted a lengthy accident report on my airplane site. It was a mid-air collision between a B-52 and a KC-135 if anyone is curious. I know you're not, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.

Well, I am off to be music teacher today at the El. I always have fun at the El. I did not work yesterday, but Cora wasn't sad. She had a built in housecleaner yesterday. Yeah, me again. Oh well. It looks better.

I think we finally figured out what was wrong with one of the Corals...it needs to be fed regularly. Darn...I hope kids don't need that.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April Weather

I taught kinders today. They were great, but what was interesting about the day was the weather. It began a bit overcast. As I walked toward the classroom, though, there was a breeze that made me wonder if I should have brought a parka. If the breeze didn't do it, about 9:30AM it began snowing. BIG FLAKES! It did that for about an hour without sticking, then it stopped. It was wet and kids came in from recess with soaking shoes. I let them take their shoes off...a rare thing for Mr. H. I tied more shoes today than I care to count.

Then, about 2:45PM it began to hail. No, not hail. HAIL! It started soft, and I calld the kids away from their work to watch it. Then it got harder. I decided this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. We stepped out and watched it come down, with lightning in the background. I gathered a few pieces of hail to show the kids. Then it got HARD! It a space of minutes the ground was covered in little snowballs the size of dimes and marbles. The roofs of nearby houses looked to be covered with snow! The kids loved it. I enjoyed it.

I did not have a camera at school, but when I got home I took pictures of the front garden. Our bleeding hearts seem to have weathered (Pun?) the storm.

Look at the size! I know it isn't anything to Great Plains' hail, but for around here...well, it's the biggest I have seen here.

I love the cloud formations that movedthrough the area. I wish I had a better camera.

I posted my paintings on Cora's blankets and stuff blog. Have a look! They are for sale!!!! BUY 'EM!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Pictures From The Past Week

This is a Lady Bug I painted this weekend as an attempt to make something for girls...I have difficulty with this, since I am a BOY!

I found some Absinthe at the liquor store...I wanted to try it. It isn't bad, but it's alot like drinking liquid licorice!
Our flowers are blooming. The Tulips just popped up.

and the daffodils and the hyacinths.

I didn't get a job this morning, so I stayed home and worked on the house. I decided o clean behind the refrigerator...should have found something else to do...what I thought would be a quik job turned into an hour of hard labor. YUCK.
I did get outside a few times. The weather was a great mix of things. Most of the time it was sunny, but sometimes it was dark and nasty.

Sometimes it was drk and nasty a few miles away and sunny here. This is for you Edna!

My in-laws got a new car! It's awesome.
We went over there for Easter dinner. We had turkey! It was wonderful.
Cora is ready for some turkey!

We had this Saturday. The Tomatoes had a little balsamic and sesame oil on them. The meatloaf had bacon on it, and the asparagus was great with garlic and ginger. YUM YUM!

I dropped some coffee off with Cora...here she is looking pretty Pretty at work.

The END.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Here is how Toby spent Easter Eve...on my chair. It's a Dog's life.
He seems to enjoy my chair, especially when I'm not in it. Note the remote, I think he was going to watch Animal Planet, but fell asleep.

We went into town and found, to our delight, that a Coral shipment had come in to a local pet store. So, for part of Cora's birthday gift, we bought some. They were really very reasonable.

We got the bright colored coral, referred to as a Cauliflower, and the candy cane, the one with the branches. We also got a mushroom, not pictured. The Crab has been with us, but he rarely shows up for a photo opportunity, and he was in rare form today.

note the one closest to the camera has two mouths, it is about to split.

I think he is saying, "Happy Easter." ...or maybe, "this is my rock! Stay back!"

Saturday, April 11, 2009

FFFF #22 and More!

It is not Friday, but I was lazy. I have here for you, another photo of the daffodil I photographed the other day. Still, the theme is hard to argue with. Anything goes. So, here it is, a daffodil. I took it with the macro setting on our little Canon Digital Elph. It has worked well for us, though I would love to have a Nikon or Canon digital SLR. Still, we need to use our money for more mportant things right now, like an adopton!
So, if you like this one, go have a look at Diana's blog! She will have several people signed up for the same thing. She's a genius at putting blogs together and recreating them into something pretty cool. Cora has experienced her prowess with the blog and so has Grandma!
OK, that's out of the way. How was my week? Not bad. I got to teach at the intermediate most of the week. One of the things that makes my day is when students call out to me in the hallway. It's not much, I suppose, but being liked is nice. What really made my day was that I kept getting multiple requests for the same day. There is nothing like feeling needed.
Now, what are our plans for the weekend? I suppose just to relax and work around the house. I know Cor has some dresses that she plans to work on. I have a few paintings I should finish. I also have some aircraft crash stuff to organize and put into a three ring binder...that is actually something I am looking forward to. I may also work in the yard. Maybe take a load of trsh to the dump. Change the tre on the Buick...again. and basiclly get the back yrd ready for summer and habitation by a small person.
Hmmm, should I begin building the plywood airplane now? I think it would makea great kid toy and a conversation piece, plus Cora could not tell me it is just junk when it is intended for the kid! Hah! That'll stump her!
May your weekend and Easter be fun and filled with family!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I don't like my dog. I did not cover him with my shirt because he was shivering in his sleep. Somehow, the shirt just materialized over him. What was cutest though was his little moan of contentment after it covered him. Cuteness...it's a good thing he has significant amounts.

I subbed for third graders today. It was nice. They were a good bunch. I have had worse. The nice thing? I subbed for another teacher whose plan period was at the last of the day. So, I got off a bit early. I used the extra time for a long needed haircut.

My coloring sheets continue to garner popular acceptance from the kids. Several expressed doubt that I had indeed created the coloring seets they were doing. So, using the document viewer, I proved to them that I could draw a decent picture. I did not mind, and it usually keeps them quiet while they watch me draw something. I finished the day signing autographs...weird, I know, but, if the kids are happy, they are not necessarily looking into other ways to create mischief!

The weather continues to be spectacular! It was 75! I mowed the lawn and we had a good dinner. What a day. I think the weather is the main part of it.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Beautiful Darned Day

I had the pleasure of teaching first graders today. I enjoyed it. I usually do. I went through the usual complaints about So-and-So doing this or saying that. "So-and-So said a bad word." "So-and-So has a toy in his backpack!" My usual response, as I have mentioned, is usually half-hearted and semi-commatose. Today at lunch, though, I heard a unique complaint. "Mr. H, Kevin is making fun of himself, and its bothering me." Huh? What the? Ahh, they are so sweet, except for the taddle tales, who are frickin' comedians.

It has been a gorgeous day! Summer-like! It is, as I write this, 73.4 degrees out there! I am wearing shorts! I was going to take a picture of our backyard to show you, but it looks like a dung heap. I will, instead, show you picures I took of something growing out of the dung heap I call a backyard.
Cora liked these so much she suggested printing them out...what do you think?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Evening Blues

I have enjoyed this weekend very much. I think it has been the change in the weather. I feel really good. I have a little of my cold still hanging on, but overall, very good! I absolutely love the sunlight!

(that's my ghillie suit, on the fence)

So, today I was extra ambitious (well, for me, I was ambitious). I started by raking some of the mess up in the back yard, dead twigs and stuff. Then I mowed the lawn, fertilized just a smidgin, and watered it. I did some other chores and then painted this.

I am not particularly pleased with it. I was going for a boy's monogram, but I m not certain that the jet works...it seems, as Cora so acurrately put it, that the jet is attacking the tractor... oh, well, back to the drawing board, so to speak.

I am still waiting for a job for tomorrow. I hope it comes along. I like having them ahead of time, then I don't have to worry so much about it...

Cora, on the other hand, has been a dress making fool! She has made a couple good ones tonight. I think I am going to go through my accident reports and fix some of the holes...they are getting tattered...

We continue to wonder about Burundi. What exact size is the little boy in Burundi...Cora bought a few different sizes to be on the safe side. What's the weather there? Turns out it's something like 80 degrees year around. What do we take? Who knows. Hopefully we will soon.