Friday, October 10, 2008

Price of Fame

So, I taught SPED yesterday. It's kind of embarrassing when the kids in every class you pass yell out "Hi! Mr. Huffman!!" It's worse when you don't recall EVERY name. OK. I have subbed at the elementary several times in the past year, but jeez. Every place I went today, and I sware I am not talking myself up (I was embarrassed) or halucinating, the kids in passing classes would go wild saying, yelling, or chanting "Mr. Huffman!" They would stop watching where they were in line and watch me...I was SO EMBARRASSED! I did not mean that to happen. I was even particularly harsh on Thursday's music classes. I mean WTF?

What really annoys me, and a few kids realize this, is when they call me "Mrs. Huffman." A few of them get extreme joy out of calling me "Mrs. Huffman." Others do it on accident, since all their other teachers are women. I figure I have earned other things, like "Teacher" or "Master"(ok, maybe not master). Mr., on the other hand, I feel I deserve, since, through no fault of my own, I am the proud owner of a penis and balls. I do not have pair of breasts, nor a vagina. I, therefore, prefer to be called Mr. over Mrs., or even Ms..

I was told that was the price of fame. That did not make me feel much better. The teacher who told me that seemed to get more enjoyment out of it then should be expected. I guess I should be happy the kids like me, but I just hope the other teachers don't grow too annoyed by the actions of their kids.

Cora got her Zune last night. It was an anniversary gift. She seems to like it. Neither of us wanted to be part of the Mac-Revolution, so we went with the Windows version... I think it will be ok. I think she will like it. It will also play videos and stuff. Should be good for any long flights we have to take in the near future. Molly came down and visited for awhile last night. It was good to see her and she helped Cora decide on her mp3 player. Then we went back

we have a geocache to celebrate my sister's and brother-in-law's birthdays. Should be a fun afternoon. We need to get something for the two of them.

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