Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ansel Adams Eat Your Heart Out!

Yeah, I am the cool sub. I spent my first part of the day at the middle school and taught all of two classes...actually, I gave them assignment and then read a book. I sent one little bastard to talk to the appropriate person in the office as he was a.) disrupting class b.) disrespecting me ad the class and c.) cutting into my reading time. Also, he would just not shut up. These are the JROTC classes...they play army...well, the way it goes is the chosen child calls "A-ten-shun!" and the whole class stands up. He takes role, and I have very little to do for the rest of the period.

Beyond that, it was an uneventful day. I drove over to the High School after taking a short break and checking my e-mail at home, and checking our snail mail at the post office. I got there, signed in, and went to my room. I checked the schedule and still had an hour before my first class! I read, made a couple calls, and then had lunch with the teachers. I came back to the room, then read a little more. Finally the bell rang and I began work...for less than two hours. WOW. I had a very hard day!

I dropped a few things off at the in-laws and picked up our camera (Cora had left it there yesterday) this morning. After work, all four hours (for which I was paid for an entire day), I dropped by the shop to say hi to the guys in maintenance, then I took a short drive and took some pictures.

Yes, these are untouched by human hands(and editing programs). It's all in the digital lab baby! although, I was a bit of a natural in the photo lab, too...NO, REALLY! Ask Cora. I love the smell of developer and fixer!

Yes, Ansel Adams would have been asking me for pointers, but I would have just told him to go find a National Park or something. "Jeez, Ansel, again? Why don't you just go find some natural rock formations and see what you can do under different environmental conditions?" And there was Ansel's career making photos for calendars...I just gave it to him.


Erin said...

I just discovered my phone will take pictures like that and in several different colors. Black and White even. Cool. Why are they called cell phones still and not multi functional devices? MFD's. Hmmm I shall ponder that for a bit.

Grandma said...

I always love your pictures, whether you draw them or get them with your camera. Thank you for sharing.

Grandma said...

I'm sorry you have to work so hard.

Cora said...

yes I am sure you inspire great photographers every where.