Sunday, February 24, 2013

Still Cold

The days are still cold, though sometimes the day time temps range into the fifties, recently those have been accompanied by a significant chill to a potentially warmish day.  The sun shining has made these cold days difficult to deal with, though.  I ache to get out and soak up some small amount of vitamin D, but the wind steals that urge.

Yesterday was a prime example.  The sun was out but it was so damned cold outside that your cheeks would turn pink in just a few minutes.  We wanted to do something.  Something that did NOT include cleaning house or the yard, which has gone for about four months without much care.  Still not warm enough.  We went to town, since a day trip to the Zoo was potentially an over night stay due to the snow in the passes.

We went to the craft store and got some fun paint stuff for the child.  She enjoys painting.  We also went for a walk after dark, partly because the wind had died down and we were still experiencing strong pangs of cabin fever.

I took my camera.  Here is what I got.  These were all long exposures.  Some were handheld, others were on the tripod.  We had some glow sticks, flashlights, and Chloe had here light up shoes.  The shoes, particularly, show up and trace her steps.  Even though there isn't much artistic going on here, it was fun to do with the family.

In this first, if you look, you can see all three of our faces...and Chloe's path through the night.

 Finally, on Friday we attended the funeral of Cora's grandfather, but before we took some pictures of Chloe all dressed up and pretty.  

Hopefully Spring will come quickly.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Ducks and Eagle

 We went to the park for a little while yesterday.  We fed the ducks.  We didn't stay long, since we had forgotten a change of clothes for the smallest one.  I got a few pictures, but not as many as I had hoped.

 This darling daughter of mine loves feeding the ducks.

And geese...

At one point ALL of the ducks and geese (hundreds as far as I could tell) suddenly, and without warning, decided to jump up and fly away.  That is no small amount of noise and it slightly startled Chloe.  We looked around to see if a dog or running child had startled all the ducks and geese, but saw no one.  Then we glanced skyward and this fellow came swooping by.  I didn't have my zoom lens, but as it turns out, really didn't need it since he was really very close.

We recently got a sleep by numbers bed and replaced our old TV that was by modern standards a dinosaur.  It is nice to get some nice things.

Saturday, February 9, 2013


 The weather finally cleared!  The sun is setting later and we are ALL feeling better!!  So, the last couple days saw Chloe at the park!  It's one of her favorite things. Perhaps you can tell?

The next few are from Thursday.

 Stylish, huh?