Saturday, October 4, 2008

Blending In

(Blogger isn't putting spaces between my pragraphs! * means it's a new one. or it puts gigantic spaces beteen them!AAARRGGH!!!!)

*There is time to blend in and there is a time to shine. Cora tells me I am a good schmoozer, ok, what she really says is "CHARMER." I sometimes can get what I want with sheer charm. I don't know much about that, but that's what she says. Last night we went to Borders. It is an Educator Appreciation Weekend. They are giving 25% off to educators, both former and present. I did not have any school ID on me, so I did not think I would be able to take advantage of it. Until I ran into another teacher. She said I should go check and see. So, I walked up and had a downright nice conversation about kids and teaching and got my teacher sticker and went back and got the books and stuff I wanted. Saved us 15$, I guess I can't complain!

*We had intended to go out to a movie, but, I think we will save that for our Anniversary. We went to Mongolian BBQ and then the bookstore. Too bad it isn't a Barnes & Noble. Borders military and history section is more than a bit dull(and it isn't because of the subject of the section...CORA!).

*I taught at the high school yesterday. Had several of my kids...well, being childless, I don't technically have any...but these were my students during my long term subbing last fall. I consider them MINE. most of them don't know don't spread the word. There were several who had never had me sub for them before and I heard one boy say, "you were right, he is cool." Well, for someone who was never quite "in" a day in his life...that made me smile inside...I knew it was only a matter of time before I got cool...just, it happens to be about 20 years too frickin' late! Well, better late than never.

*Saturday Morning...I think I shall start makin' bacon and surprise Cora when she gets up with a little victuals and some coffee! Cora, if you are reading this...SURPRISE! I made bacon and coffee!

*I charged the video camera's battery last night and we have about 2 hours worth of space on the hard drive. That should be good for today's geocaching adventure. We got an externl hard drive(EHD) last holds 320GB...that should be plenty of extra space for awhile. Also, we need to practice a bit ahead of time to figure out how to save it to the EHD. Maybe I will put up tht video of Cora and I finding that first Geocache that my Dad and Mom left for was my first ever edited movie. It even has background cool is that?

*We have some brown polyps that came on a piece of live rock in our fish tank. They have survived for two and a half years. When I rearranged the tank, I put them out front where we could see them for the first time...I have been feeding them specifically. They seem to love pieces of brine shrimp...I am hoping to fatten them up enough that they will split and make more polyps. They must think they are in heaven...they are really getting plump.

*Well, I suppose that is enough of me jabbering on. I need to go check the bacon...


Cora said...

Thanks for the bacon it was yummy, but I could use more coffee, Love ya.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Don't burn the bacon...
Hope you had fun findings yesterday..
Have a Great Sunday..
I am cleaning today.. then John and Colton will be home..