Sunday, October 19, 2008


So, I noticed that Halloween is just around the corner. I also noted that I haven't been very creative lately. I decided to rectify that between cleaning house (by cleaning, I mean sitting on my ass watching TV) and surfing the net and sitting on my ass. I drew these pumpkins...I thought they had character...and they said the word "Boo-log," which I think is just hilarious!! Who ever heard of a group of black and white pumpkins saying something as crazy as "Boo-log this!!" Hah! I am crazy-mad creative today!
And how bout ths awesome giraffe? I think he looks positively huggable!
Oh, and this reminder of the coming holiday!

Tomorrow I work at the HS. Then I take Cora's car to the shop to have the oil changed. (Yes, I am that awesome) Oh, and the Air Museum called and asked me to come volunteer for them...seems now they have a video! Woo Hoo!! I told the guy I would see him tomorrow afternoon shortly before my oil change...I feel bad that I will only do it once in a blue moon, but Weekends mean a lot to me.
Oh, and why is it that it seems weekends move by so quickly? Especially while the workweek winds so DAMNED slowly by!!! Sucks!


Cora said...

I hate Sunday nights. Where does the time go. I really tired not to be busy but it still flew by.
love your drawings.

Cora said...

I tried, I hate that you can't edit comments

Grandma said...

Those pictures are so cute. I would give anything if I could draw like that.You are so multi-talented.

Erin said...

Boo-Logger sounds like a Halloween Beer or something. It is Boo-Logger night. $1 drinks for the ladies!

Lisa said...

Jim! I finally get to "meet" Cora's Jim!!! Thank you for the wonderful and wonderfully FUNNY comments on the blog. You should know by now, I loves me some funny. LOVE IT. I am completely flattered that you, being of the male variety, would deign to read the blog posts...a little window into the crazy female mind. I will have to give you (and Cora) a shoutout one of these days, since you and My John are possibly the only boys out there willing to read it. Thank you so much! Cora is such an encouragement to got a good girl there. And you are very talented! I'm in agreement with Grandma. Wish I could draw like that! By the way, thanks for the tips on blogging...and also, you might want to check that credit limit on your cards. The clerk at Ann Taylor said I might have maxed 'em out. :)

You're funny, Jim! Great blog. PS What do you fly?

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the drawings..
Great job..
Sounds like a relaxing weekend..
Have a Great Week..
I need my oil changed too..