Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Can Feel It Coming In The Air Tonight

Oh, I remember. I remember a time when the chill wind blew across the back of your neck and you could feel things were not right.
I remember when the dark was something to be avoided. I remember cold evenings and running to make it home before whatever waited in the shadows came out. I dreaded the cold claws, dark capes, sharp talons, cool blood, slashing teeth, and warm saliva. I knew it was only a matter of time before it came out and got me.

Halloween is near...and I feel the hair on the back of my neck rising. It is near...

It is time to dress up for Halloween!


Cora said...

Happy Early Halloween! Great photos!

Erin said...

What is a Macro? I will let you in on my secret to my video. I used my cell phone and the itty bitty spider was on the outside of my car window. When I got out of the car I went over there and flicked the litttle bastard off my car. Happy Halloween. Looked kinda real though.