Saturday, March 7, 2009

Everybody Look Down, It's All In Your Mind!

I don't sing very well. I do sing...everywhere. I sing in the shower, at school, in the car, in the store, and at home. I don't ave the voice for it, but that has never really stopped me. If Cora is along, she only lets me sing in the car. I have songs for all occasions stuffed in my head. I might be a little like that billy goat on the movie Hoodwinked. One day, several years ago, I was moving furniture at the EL, back when it was in the old building and I was maintenance. The Principal said something smart alecky and I began a singing a slave tune..."Swing Low"...that didn't work well enough, so on the way back through for the next piece of furniture, I began singing "That's the sound of the men working on the chain ga-ee-ang..." that set her to laughing. There is a more recent song that I sometimes hum quietly to myself in the halls of the HS..."Teenagers scare the livin' shit outa me." (Yes, that's a real song) Lately, however, I have had a song stuck in my head.

I like the group The Killers. They have a beat that often seems to get caught in my head. Their vocalist has a nice voice, and I realy enjoy their lyrics. The latest song that has stuck in my brain is "Spaceman"...

The Killers - Spaceman - The Killers

So, here it is. Let me know what you think. It makes me remember that time aliens abducted's just a catchy little tune.

So, I taught third graders yesterday. I enjoy them...they offer so much trust. Of course, I don't think they trust everyone. They just know me from all the times I have subbed. Also, I must be somewhat entertaining...well, I know I am. Apparently when a student borrows a pencil from the teacher in the class I taught yesterday, they must give her a shoe in trade. Well, I had seven shoes on the board at one point...I know that a couple of the kids didn't need a pencil that badly, but, sometimes I need some distraction, too.

Cora came home early so she could be there when the cable guy hooked up the phone. We now have a cable phone. We will be saving $30 a month, and we will be able to call throughout the state, while before, when we were through Quest it was simply local...go figure.

Anyway, when I got home, Cora wanted to go to the fabric store. So we did. I walked around with her and even offered my opinion, such that it is (often my opinion is "I don't care which fabric you choose, can we go home?"), and she got some fabric for some dresses she is making for a friend. I think they will be pretty neat...She will be working on them this weekend, so if you are interested (or bored) head on over to her site about Sunday night and see what she has done.

we went to Red Robin for dinner...mistake, since the entire parking lot was full and it had to have been a potential firehazard with the number of people in the entryway. We got take out. So, we came home and enjoyed a dinner someone else cooked.

Today, I think Cora is going to sew. I might go out and work in the yard if I get ambitious. Then I am going to try and find some information about some more Cold War crashes so I can get something more on my other site...I kow there was an F-102 that went missing over the Olympic Mountains in the 1960s and has never been'll be nice to have a couple days off.


Edna said...

Hey, that is a catchy tune..didn't think I was going to like it...guess you can't judge a song by the Hey, I don't know how to just post a tune. Wanta give lessons?

Cora said...

Great job embedding the song, I guess a year of Blogging gives you some Mad blogin' skillz. So far today has been pretty good look forward to that Chili you are making for dinner.

Grandma Blog said...

I kind of like that music. So you are making Chili. That reminds me did you notice how chili it was outside today? The last time I went to the Red Robin was with my neighbor and it was so crowded we had to sit at those tables by the windows and was elbow to elbow with total strangers. I haven't been back. Not a good experience.