Sunday, March 22, 2009

Finished Product, Spiff Lives!

I grew up in the eighties and the nineties. I read the comics whenever I visited my grand-dad's, which was everyday. My favorite comic strip was Calvin and Hobbes. The boy and his tiger. I loved the commentary and I loved the mix of comedic childishness and adult pessimism. Calvin and Hobbes made me laugh. I still have the last strip they ran...what was it? 1995? Anyway, a few of them stick with me. I remember the snowmen...Calvin's snowmen almost always met some horrific end. I remember the "Aliens Welcome!" sign in his dad's lawn that he dug with a shovel...the impending spanking was only implied, but Calvin's satisfaction at a job well done was evident. Calvin's imagination was the fuel for the comic. One of the imaginary characters he became was Spaceman Spiff. He had a red space ship. This painting was inspired by that ship. It is entitled "The Red One."
Thank you Bill Watterson for that wonderful part of my childhood.
So, now, even though I am becomming quite fond of this painting I will offer it up for sale on Cora's site. Does anyone have a suggestion for pricing?
Sorry these are sideways...but these are some other ideas for long canvasses...any preferences? Oh and I am a boy, so airplanes is gonna have to happen. Thats a hippo by the way...above the airplanes.


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the painting..
But I don't have a little boy.. so you are going to have to make some girly girl things also..
Can't wait to see all the paintings you do..
Have a great evening..
Now help your wifey with her blog so you guys can get some money for BB and LM..
I am ready to

Grandma Blog said...

I wish you much success. I think the painting is great. What little boy wouldn't like it.
I have no clue what it would be worth. I know you must have put a lot of work into it. I hope people will realize that when they consider buying it.

PS. I think these word verifications are down right spooky sometimes. As you know I would absolutely love to be able to draw and paint as you do. The word verification is meelern

Cora said...

Love your painting. I agree with Kim you need a girly one next. I think it is worth about a million dollars but I don't think it would sell.

Anonymous said...

As your mother, I think I will up Cora's bid of 1 million to 1 million and 1 dollar. But if you want to really sell it try a little lower. It is a very cool painting and you could see it go... Now go take care of your wife's cold and rub her feet. I think it's in the Doctor's book of good suggestions. Love you momh

Anonymous said...

Love the giraffe...but you know who would want the plane...Work out the details with Jacob and you've made a pre-sale! :)


BTW, the spaceship looks great!