Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th Good, Thursday the 12th? Bad.

So, my Friday went well. No major problems raised their ugly heads. The day slid by with a minimum of fuss. I was happy.

I also got the opportunity to view one of the science teachers doing a once in a lifetime demonstration. Apparently someone from the state went through their collection of elemental specimens and found some Yellow Phosphorus. They told the science teacher he had to dispose of it. Apparently they did not say how. So, he decided to show his students what happens when Yellow Phosphorus is exposed to oxygen. It was AWESOME. It smoldered at first and then small flames began to unfold from it and then it looked alot like a road flare. I asked him if it was anything like handling Sodium. He said sodium is soft and he has never been afraid of handling anything else...the phosphorus...well, he was extremely cautious. Apparently the Phosphorus is hard, a lot like chert or obsidian I am assuming, partilly from his description and from what it looked like in the little glass jar. Yes, he let ME hold the jar...secretly, I wanted to take it home with me! But, there were 20 or so kids looking at me. Still, it was vastly cool.

Tomorrow I get to go see if we can find a P-38 wreck!!!! I am SO EXCITED! It may be covered with up to an inch of Mt. St. Helens I m taking my metal detector. I may do a little sight seeing, too. There are some Nike Missile Sites in the general area and of course the Titan Missile sites and Larson AFB and further up there are some Atlas sites, but I am not sure how long Cora wants to have me gone...she probably has chores she would like me to do.

So, some idiot served some Arkansas children windshield wiper fluid instead of Kool-aid...what, didn't the little safety cap or the TINFOIL give it away as being NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION????? How stupid do you have to be??? How about the label that probably said "WINDSHIELD WIPER FLUID???????" It isn't like they try to hide the fact that it is WINDSHIELD WIPER FLUID!!!

Oh, well, one of the lst Bttlestar Galacica's is on tonight. Dinner will be pizza and refreshments will be beer. What better way is there to start weekend?


Cora said...

sounds like a cool day! I know you will have fun tomorrow just be safe and don't come home too late.
I can't believe how stupid people are I mean why would you put the wiper fluid in the frig anyway. I bet now they have to put it in a special container or something.

Grandma Blog said...

Now the whole world will will have to do that because of one stupid person. Or maybe they will have to label all the Windshield wiper fluid with a label saying, "do not use for Koolaid"
I am anxious to hear about the exploring expedition.