Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Morning Malice, but a Good Day...

I taught at the HS again...finally. I have a certification to teach the older kids, it's nice to get out there and practice teaching that age group. The start of the day was, shall we say, inauspicious.

My first class of the day. A kid comes up and explains he has to have me initial a sheet at the end of the day to prove to whomever that he was good in class. OK...that's not bad, I know him, he'll be fine. I busy myself getting ready. I am talking to kids I know, answering questions, and telling them "NO (they always try to get something out of the sub) ." The bell rings and the kids head for their desks. All of a sudden I see movement where there shouldn't be any, and a binder shoots out into the middle of the floor, trailing loose papers like smoke. There is an angry young man standing over another, issuing, I can only assume, threats to his well-being. As I begin my move toward these two, hoping there will not be any violence, but steeling myself for the event, a larger kid, in front of the abused, stands up and calmly places his hand on the aggressor's chest and gently moves him away. It has such an interesting effect, I almost pause to watch. He does it with no malice, and no obvious effort. The aggressor glances up at him and seems to do the calculations I think all of us are doing. He obviously comes to the same conclusion and goes back to his seat, suddenly less aggressive. I look at him, and simply say the word, "Office." He gathers his books and disappears. I make the call, explaining briefly why he is coming for an office visit, and return to my day.

The rest of the day went well. I endured the screams of my fan club...the kids who call my name out in the hall and want to know who I am teaching for. I answer as I can. Often this is accompanied with one student saying to another, "HAH! I've got him 5th period!" Jeez, it sounds like I am bragging, but I should really take a recording of's a bit embarrassing (inner smile).

After work I went and got groceries. Then we had tacos for dinner. My lovely wife is sitting within reach. Yeah, it's been a good day for me. I can't help but think it's a good day whenever she's around.


Grandma Blog said...

That was an interesting story. At least your day had some excitement in it. It was rather boring around here.

Cora said...

Sounds like an exciting morning I am glad to hear the rest of the day was uneventful. Love you!

Northern said...

I'm glad to hear that that little situation resolved itself so nicely! It is always kind of cool when a big guy reaches
Out and puts his hand on the chest of a kid who is going to regret any action that he would have tried to take! Hmmmm that is kind of awkwardly put, I just hope you get the drift. I also think that the big guy should have some sort of medal for defusing the situation!

Well, considering that, and the fact that you such a great wife, and I have such a great daughter-in-law!
Didya notice I have an identity now? Northern