Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wow, I Post A Lot! or HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

I can't believe it, but I have had a BLOG for a YEAR!! ONE WHOLE YEAR!! I had planned on a birthday post, but the darned day went and slipped past me! Gosh, there are a lot of exclamation points in this post!! I guess I am just excited!!

So, one year ago...err, yesterday...I posted my first blog entry. Maybe, if I felt I had better posts, I could go back through the year of posts and put up some of my best moments, but, I am not the best judge of my best moments. I guess, I could ask my readers (let me give a shout out to all four of my loyal readers, "Yo all!") to send me their favorites...but, I assume if you re one of the four, you have just as poor taste as I, I won't do it. Nope. Don't get me wrong, I love you guys! ALL FOUR OF YOU!!

So, a whole year blogging! During that time I have made an incredible 392 posts. According to my blogger screen, I have posted 408, but obviously it counts using different numbers than I do. Still, in 366 days, I have created 392 posts. Of course, I am aware that most of them are useless drivvel and merely document everyday moments. But, then again, isn't it those little bits and pieces that make our lives whole?

When I originally started this thing, I thought, "You know, I am such a good writer, I will make great posts and people will flock to my site to see what brilliant thing I have said this time." Then, somewhere in there, I realized I don't really care. I am just me. I need not try very hard to make me sound wonderful, and dammit, this is for me (besides, there are really some bloggers out there that can REALLY WRITE, and I can't honestly compare! I won't tell you who they are, because you'd never come back!).

I also began an airplane site shortly after I began this site. I named it "Aircraft Losses in Washington State"...however, it should probably be called "Jim's Military and History Interests Site." Oh, well. I have posted ship pictures, military base pictures, air show pictures and any number of other things on it...I DO return to aircraft losses every few months. Cora probably thought that having another site might stop me from talking about air planes on this site...ha ha ha! She was wrong.

So, one year. I am still doing it. I don't plan on, all you followers out there, lift a cold one with me and say, "To many more years!!" Oh, and recruit your friends to follow my wonderful blog!


Cora said...

Happy Birthday Planetruth! I am glad you have enjoyed blogging. I do enjoy reading even if I already know what you do all day!
Plus you needed to learn to blog so that when we are in Africa or China you can blog while I am lovin' the babies!
Love you!

gh said...

Cool! Keep it up man!