Friday, March 6, 2009

Thursday's Late

Drums keep pounding rythm in my head...I woke up about three AM with a pounding headache...I got up and took some tylenol. It didn't work. I tossed nd turned, but finally got up a little after four to find our internet what do you do at four in the morning without internet? I turned on a light and read a book. Forgot we had those.

So, I did not work yesterday, but I did work. I got my resume put together and a cover letter written and I even cleaned out the back bedroom so the elusive cable guy can get into the spot where the phone jack is...I also spent over an hour working at removing a mysterious blue spot from the carpet. It wasn't there until I used the carpet shampooer, then it got bigger...water soluable but it just would not go away!

Oh, and the resume is for Wapato School District...I am going to try and sub there when I don't have a job here. Of course, the moment I do that, I won't have any time that I am not busy...but, that is the hope, so I guess that would be a good thing.

Odd weather yesterday. Sunny, cloudy, windy, snowy, rainy, weird.

Today, I teach 3rd graders at the El. Hurray! a JOB!


Cora said...

Well I wanted to get the room cleaned out but Wow cleaned carpets! Hope the Cable guy shows up early so I can go fabric shopping!

Grandma Blog said...

The weather sure is weird and then I nearly fell off my chair tonight when they announced that it is time to turn our clocks forward again. I think that means spring is near.