Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy First Day of March!

The reason I greet this month with such joy is simple. My birthday is at the end of it. I have, in years past, watched the date approach glumly. This year, for some reason, is different. I don't mind being 35. I am half way to seventy, and, given my determination to live until I am 117 years old, I am less than a third of the way there. I guess, that should be fine. I don't know, it just seems that my birthday can't hurt me this year. Also, I like presents. So, if any of you want to celebrate the big 35 with me, send me some presents and maybe I will let you come to my birthday party...actually, I don't expect a party. I think it's on a Monday this year anyway. Still, send me some presents...airplane parts, ship pieces, historic memorabilia...whatever. Oh, and books. I like books.

So, it is Sunday. Tomorrow I teach at the HS. I have not taught the upper grades for awhile now..which is a little annoying, since that is where I got my cert...oh, well, I enjoy all the grades. I don't think we have any big plans. Yesterday we took it easy and aside from some minor cleaning, did little. It was nice.

I suppose I should go get ready for the rest of the never know, maybe I will happen upon something blog-worthy!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Have a Great Day..
And this is a great month because my Bday is in 11 days..
And I am turning 38..YUCK..
Oh well.. that is still one more year closer to our girls..
Have a great Day...

Cora said...

Birthdays are funny that way, I had alot more trouble turning 31 than I did 30.
and NO you can't use "but its my birthday" all month long.
Love ya

Edna said...

You make me feel really OLD!