Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Health Struck Hard

I have been subbing at the HS all week. I have been enjoying it. Everyday a new classroom, yet, each time I seem to have the same students. Some of course note this in louder ways than others. "You keep following me, Mr. H, are you a stalker?" They think they are so funny and clever...ah, well, at least they try

So, it was health today. Most of the health classes elected to watch a movie on Sexual class did not. I am not sure of the exact circumstances around this particular class, but it was...less than optimal for me as a sub. I was in there once before and the other substitute teacher had the experience I had today; I was fairly smug that it was not me at the time. Well, I got caught. It was nothing more than the fact that the class was opening the book to chapter 18...the Human Reproductive System. Ah, yes. That's it. The class was mostly girls, though there were a few guys...each one of the students seemed to enjoy being able to say Penis or Vagina in the context of the paper they were filling out with complete impunity. Of course they said it louder than they needed, I am sure. I swear my neck was sore by the end of class, as my ears are sensitive to such things and ferreting out the source of comments is a handy ability...but it was system overload today.

To make matters worse was my poor choice of words. I walked back to a group of girls who were working on the male genetalia portion of the handout. (In any other situation, thischoice of words would be no problem) They had had a few questions on this earlier, I had done my best to help. I walked up and asked, "Did you girls get it straight?" As the last words were coming out of my mouth my brain processed the multiple ways this could be interpreted, then it moved to the uncomfortable and inappropraite ways those words could be interpreted. A few of the students beat me and giggled, explaining to their slower classmtes what was funny...I could not respond but to stutter and try to leave the area was suddenly warm in there, at least my face was hot.

So, I have the rest of the week in the Elementary SPED room! I am certain I won't be too embarrassed by my mouth in least I can always hope.

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Grandma Blog said...

Maybe you should call it subbing and sobbing. You seem to have your moments at times. LOL

Keep on keeping on.It could get worse.