Thursday, March 26, 2009

Half (Happy Day)

I was back at the El today! It was a half-day with full-pay. Who can despair at that!?

One of the wonderful ladies in there (one of the ones that do the majority of the work) had a laugh at my expense. She seemed to get a kick out of my "health" story from yesterday. So much so that she had to share. Don't you worry(and you know who you are), you might forget your keys in your car again...and there's half-a-chance that someone will be there to get it on film!! I hope it's me!

After school, I got gas...errr...that is, I got gasoline. You know, for the truck. Then I took the wife some coffee. I came home and cleaned a bit, then worked on a couple paintings. I started one, and did a little experimentation. It turned out half-way decent.

Cora came home and made dinner. Which was AWESOME-especially after the last two duds I managed. I suppose she is the better half of the two cooks in this family.

So, my BIRTHDAY!!!! Is coming. I will be thirty-five. That's half of 70.

I feel half-way decent about that.

Bring on FRI !!!!!


Cora said...

That is the downside of sharing your blog with co-workers.
Dinner was awesome and you might have noticed that cooking can be done in the house with out setting off the smoke detectors.

Yea! Tomorrow is Friday!

Edna said...

I'll try to control myself. :-)