Thursday, March 19, 2009

Short Day

I had the best day. What more could you ask for? Start about 9:30AM, go until 11:10AM and take over an hour for lunch. Next class I had began at 12:37pm. Less than two hours later I had my coat and sunglasses on and was walking out the door. Ahh, these are the days I live for.

Oh, I wanted to post a couple pictures. First you see the cat, Sully, in the way he is supposed to be...white and black.

Next, well, apart from the shorn fur, check out the color. Dost mine eyes deceive me, or tis that a white, brown, and black(gray?) cat? I hate giving cats baths.

Oh, and because I had so much time today, my lovely wife asked me to take her dresses (the ones she has finished) in to the elementary, where dwell many new mothers and friends of new moms. (practically a breeding ground for kids...and least in my experience) We thought it might be a place where Cora could drum up a few is. Here are a couple fabrics that she has that I did not take with me. In the next few weeks Cora will begin putting new stuff on her blanket the mean time, e-mail her if you'd like to know more, or see pictures of her dresses.

I think these are cute.
Oh, we had Chicken Quasadillas for dinner...not bad...


Cora said...

glad you had a good day. Thanks for being my photographer and supporting my crazy fundraising venture

E said...

You gave an adult cat a bath?! Holy crap! I would not dare that with mine at all! I can use that stuff that I do not have to rinse, but to submerge them in water is like playing with death. My hat is off to you. You D MAN!

Grandma Blog said...

The fabric is great. That is a good idea taking them to school. Selling something works a lot better if they can see the real Mccoy.

Maybe if Sully didn't think he was a dog, he wouldn't get so dirty. He needs a phychiatrist.