Monday, March 2, 2009

Things To Do...

Well, Sunday was spent not doing much. Well, that's not true, I watched Cora do stuff. I had an extreme case of the lazies. I think there are drugs for that, but, I opted out of the program. I think Ambition should be stomped out of others because it makes me look bad.

I got an e-mail from a friend that indicated he was interested in going to see a P-38 wreck that is about 28 miles from here, but there are no motor vehicles allowed for the last 4 miles...He suggested bikes for the mountainous terrain. I know I will regret this...or, well, all my muscles will regret it...but I said yes. I am not sure when we will do this crazy thing. I assume he is interested in doing it in March. It sounds like e is not a fan of snakes. I honestly have never seen any but angry Bull Snakes chase you, so I doubt we will have any problems... Still, I look forward to finding my first wreck, even if someone has to show me where it is.

I did some drawings this weekend. Only a few of which will make good coloring pages for the kids I sub for. Alas, I got caught up in the details...always do. I drew a steam locomotive and showed every rivet...that was actully fun. I did manage a passable clownfish that kids should enjoy. That can join the angel fish. I HAD to draw this weekend, since I actually bought some pencils to draw with.

Well, I work at the HS and that is a good thing. I have not worked at the ALL in February.

Spring is rain this weekend. That's a sure sign, right? I posted at my other site about the USS Turner Joy, if anyone is interested in more ship pictures.

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