Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Never Comes Too Soon

Hello Friday! I am so happy to see you. Even if you are a Friday the 13th...

Yes, I have had an interesting week. Problems with the adoption agency and more than normal stresses with kids at the schools, but that is not the reason for my joy of seeing Friday arrive. We all know what follows Friday. Saturday. I get the chance to meet a gentleman I have been in communication with who also likes to hunt down old aircraft wrecks. We are going to go try and find one; he thinks he knows the location. It will also give us a chance to meet and compare notes.

If there is time, I may also drive by Moses Lake and try and have a look at Larson AFB...or what remains of it.

I was about to smck myself in the head last night. I was posting about an airplane wreck and I'd reached the end, but I wanted to look something up in another window...I forgot to change windows! Blogger disappered and the search engine came up as I was realizing my mistake. About 20 minutes later, I stumbled on to it, but I had a little while there where I just knew the stars were against me. So, by way of that, there is a new post up for those of you who enjoy a spot of history written the only way I know how: About Airplnes.

I get to teach at the HS again...strangely I miss the small kids a little. Hopefully this Fridy the 13th does not fulfill any promise of bad luck.


Cora said...

Oh I think the bad luck came on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, just have that feeling that today is not going to be much better.
But at least it is Friday

Edna said...

We had an unplanned fire drill today. I won't tell on the guilty party. Happy Friday the 13th!