Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March Marches On Once Again...

Good bye March. Why is it such a short month now? It always seemed long when I was a kid. Of course my grandmother seemed intent on torturing me. One year she took wrapped gifts for me and put them on the wall. One every day or so. I don't remember exctly how long she did it, probably over just a couple weeks, but it seemed to take forever. She ended up using the shapes of the packages to make a picture. First there was a house, complete with roof. Then a sidewalk. My memory is foggy these days, so details are eratic, but the main idea is still there. It was a good birthday.

I have had more good brithdays than bad ones...so that must be good.

Today was windy. I am not particularly taking to this physical labor thing...I am tired. I hope tomorrow comes easier and not as harsh on my poor old 35 year old body.

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