Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Night Blues

Sunday night has arrived. We have to work tomorrow, hence the blues. I work at TH as the PE teacher, which will no doubt find me sore in afternoon. Cora has to go back to the same old same old. Ah, if only weekends were longer.

Speaking of weekends, I have spent a pretty good one! I found a wreck on Saturday. Today...we went shopping and came home and did a little work and then we both puttered on a bit with our own chosen hobbies. Cora dress designing pictures to paint. Cora has a few she picked out that she thinks will be good. I am envisioning children's walls. The one I am excited to get on with is longer than it is wide and will be of a Calvin nd Hobbes flavor spaceship (candy-apple red, "yeah, he took the red one.") and a planet or two in the background. The other, so far, will be a Chinese dragon looking over his shoulder...except Chinese dragons are pretty, probably not accurate to call it a shoulder...maybe more like craning his neck...anyway, yeah. I am also thinking about a panda and a soon as I perfect my tiger. Maybe a giraffe as soon as I get one by Cora's quality control.

We also watched Serenity the movie. It was on the Sci-Fi channel a few weeks back, but we had not seen the show it was based on, so it didn't really make sense. Now we have...and it does. Well, it makes MORE sense than it did.

Well, I am ready to hit the hay and go teach tomorrow...nah...that's a lie. I am wide awake and I don't want to work tomorrow!


Edna said...

Why do weekends go by so quickly??

Cora said...

I had a good weekend but I am always looking forward to the next. I need to learn to live for each day but I have not been taught that one yet. I still yearn for the weekends.
Oh and my quality contol approves of the space ship!!