Saturday, March 7, 2009

Welcome Guests, Unwelcome Pain

Saturday dawned beautiful and sunny. We got moving slowly, but we had great visions for the day. I went over and helped my father-in-law move a large piece of furniture. When I returned, I decided to go out and work on the shed and change the tire on the Buick (it had flattened over the winter). I began with the tire, even planning to charge the battery and drive it around a little. I changed the tire, thankful that one of the four extra tires I have for it holds air. After that, I decided to start on the shed. I had shifted a few items when Cora called from the back door that we had company.

I quickly put things right and locked the shed. I went back in the gate and shut it. As I struggled to shut it and latch it, I felt like it was more effort than it should be, but I ignored it and went inside.

Our guests it turns out, were none other than my sister's in-laws...I am not sure how to better put that. Geneology is written in an ancient language as far as I am concerned. Nevertheless, Dan and Betty were here to visit! I finally got the chance to show Dan our fish tanks...and he really appreciated my trinkets.

I thought I was the only one who got excited about airplane instruments. Oh, and we won't even mention how much he liked my pieces of ships and airplanes! He thought my piece ofthe YB-49 was interesting. He thought the piece of Teak Decking from the USS North Crolina was cool, then I showed him the chunk of flight deck from the USS Hornet. And when he looked on the chips of paint I took from the USS Mariano G.Vallejo, he actually appreciated it! No one else has seen in those chips of anechoic paint any value, or, if they have, they have not shown it. I really enjoyed showing him my map of aircraft wrecks, but what I think he really appreciated was our photo book from our Arizona trip. He seemed to really like the pictures of Pima Air Museum, and he understood the significance of the NB-52 that is usually called "Balls 3." Cora and Betty...well, I am going to assume they spoke on similar subjects, but perhaps with fewer ships and airplanes...they are girls, afterall.

It was so nice to have visitors! So, Dan and Betty, if you are reading this, thanks for stopping by, it was great seeing you! You are welcome any time.

So, it was while I was talking to Dan that I turned to grab a book with my accident reports in it, and I felt a twinge jolt through my back. After they had left, I noticed that peculiar pain of a pulled or strained muscle in my back. It grew worse. Cora popped my back and gave me a masage. I have been icing it and heating it alternately...still it hurts, but it is better.
I rented a couple movies, since I was sitting in my chair...Meet Dave and Narnia, Prince Caspian...both pretty good.
Oh, and because I am like the rest of you, I like pictures, too. So, here are a couple pictures of the animals swarming Cora after she got home from work the other night. Look at moment she was leaning against Cora the next she was rolling on the floor, like she was a puppy...I never get a reaction like that from them!


Cora said...

Yes it was nice and surprising to have visitors! I am glad they were able to stop in! I love how the animals smother me when I get home but sometimes it it nice to breathe.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Sorry to hear about you back.. hope it feels better soon..
Love the photos of the furbabies..
Have a great Sunday..
LEave your wife alone she is sewing

Edna said...

I hope your back is feeling better! (Don't tell me that you're not our sub for tomorrow...please....)